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If 6th March, 2005 is Monday, what was the day of the week on 6th March, 2004?
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The year 2004 is a leap year. So, it has 2 odd days.

But, Feb 2004 not included because we are calculating from March 2004 to March 2005. So it has 1 odd day only.

The day on 6th March, 2005 will be 1 day beyond the day on 6th March, 2004.

Given that, 6th March, 2005 is Monday.

6th March, 2004 is Sunday (1 day before to 6th March, 2005).

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Tushar said:   2 years ago
The Correct answer is Saturday.

Allu Ganapathi rao said:   1 year ago
Agree, the answer should be Saturday.

Nkoyooyo Dauglas said:   5 months ago
Saturday is the correct answer.

The year 2004 was a leap year

2000years correspond to 0odd days.
3years have 3odd days.

From first Jan to 6th march 2004: there are 66 days which implies 3odd days.

Total odd days is 6 days.

Therefore, 6th March 2004 was a Saturday even the calendar shows.

Evanjalin said:   2 years ago
It should be a Saturday.
= (D+M+Y+LP)/7.
= (6+3+104+26)/7,
= 139/7.
= 6 that is Saturday.

Gautam dewasi said:   2 years ago

Note : Their is "if" Written in question,
Means we need to assume that in
6th march, 2005 is Monday.

Points to remember:-

5th march, 2004 --- 6th march 2005 is
Equivalent to 1 year.
Means starting day and ending day is
Same for basic year.

5th march 2004=6th march 2005= Monday.
For basic year;
6th march 2004 = Monday -1= Sunday.
Here, 1 means one day back.

2) For leap year.

Read question carefully,
If it is written in question that 2000 is not a leap year,
Then we need to assume it.

Hope it will help you.

Krushna Badakh said:   6 months ago
Yes, Saturday is the correct answer.

Sunan Panja said:   11 months ago
The right answer is Saturday.

Prathap S said:   3 years ago
This is an easy way to solve that all problems:

It is used to solve all problems. I have given below.

2004>>>is a leap year 366days ,feb-29-1 odd day
100 years>>> 5odd day.
200years>>>3 odd day.
300 years>>> 1odd day.
400 years>>> 0 odd day.

Month of total 31 days means>>>3 odd day.
Month of total 30 days means>>>2odd day.
Month of total 28 days means>>>0 odd day.
we go to solve that problem>>>>>>


6th march 2004
>>>>we seperated to add year.

1. 1600+400+3yr+(jan+feb)+6days.
400=0,4*400=1600,3yr we check how many leap year& ordinary year 3/4=not divisible So take 3 are odd.

3.14 /7.
4.2 weeks 0 odd day.
5.we know 0 odd day is sunday.

So the answer is SUNDAY.

Potti Sai Ganesh said:   10 months ago
Yes, the correct answer is Saturday.

Assume that, if 6th March 2004 is Saturday then only 6th March 2005 will be Monday. 2004 is a leap year so it adds 2 more days.

Swapna said:   2 years ago
Agree, Saturday is the correct answer.

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