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If the diameter of the hole is subject to considerable variation, then for locating in jigs and fixtures, the pressure type of locator used is
conical locator
cylindrical locator
diamond pin locator
vee locator
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Rahul said:   1 decade ago
Conical locator shape in triangle in round shape as diameter variation locating adjustable in the hole.

Jiauddin said:   10 years ago
The diameter of a Conical locator is gradually decrease towards the bottom side so it is easy to fix an object in considerable variation.

Dilute said:   10 years ago
The conical locator has a wide range of variation in diameter which can be held on so for this case it is suitable.

Krushna.phuke said:   9 years ago
Conical locator is locate the proffer.

Rahul sharma said:   9 years ago
Conical pins provides line contact and recommended for work pieces with varying hole size.

Sanjeev said:   8 years ago
Conical locators are used TP center work piece and are used for rough bore location.

Onkar said:   7 years ago
What is the difference between conical and diamond locator?

Why diamond locator not use? I think it's also usable in this situation.

Gokul said:   7 years ago
Why Diamond locator cannot be used? Please explain it.

Vikash Sindhania said:   7 years ago
Diamond is also a hard material and good strength but at any situation it breaks then it become too costly to purchase. As compared to another tool.

Narri said:   6 years ago
Why vee locator doesn't used, can anyone explain?

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