Tell me about a situation when your work was criticized.

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Unknown said:   3 years ago
Firstly I will feel happy for that because it's the place where we learn from our mistakes.

Maniyar said:   3 years ago
Well, I was never criticised for my work but for my priorities, I would deliver some amounts of production within stipulated time with "first in first out" methodology which basically indicates that dates are to be taken to concern but sometimes a customer would require a part of production on priority basis.

Sachiv said:   4 years ago
I accept my mistake and I pay focus on it and I'll try not to repeat.

RobertRaj. S said:   4 years ago
According to me, When you're being criticized by others, is the place where you are growing in your life. Because those who criticize today, definitely they will congratulate us for our success with a guilty feel.

Aishwarya abhyankar said:   4 years ago
No one is perfect in this word. Even if I will be in a top position of a company in the future or may a famous person or senior of any department, people can criticize me for my work. They have to right to critcize because no one can stop all such criticized people. And, I would rather say that their criticizing for my work inspire me to do more and more hard and smart work. So criticizing my work will not get affect on my work.

Jiten said:   4 years ago
I also insulted many times in front of staff but I never repeat the same mistake again and I learned many things these type of situation. Always think big and focus on your way not other.

Manoj said:   4 years ago
Success and failure keep comes until unless I am not realized what I have done. Because I am not 100% perfect but I can be reached in my goal with full focus without wasting time to think what other think about me.

Tania basak said:   4 years ago
Yes, of course, my work was criticized in front of my seniors and also juniors. I felt very embarrassed. Hearing such an insulting words and very harsh language about my work make me feel insulted that day. If I wanted I could easily answered them but I supposed to be clam in that situation. Because I know that in every place where ever you go I'll fine some people who'll criticize your work as well as you. And frankly speaking we don't have to give the attention to the criticizers. The only thing is we should focus on our work not in others.

Pooja AS said:   4 years ago
It happens many times as whenever we try to do something new or challenging we have to face such things. But that criticism gives me the opportunity to use my intellect and I get more energetic or feel enthusiastic to give my best.

Jhe dimano villareal said:   4 years ago
No humans are perfect everyone learns from mistakes. If someone criticized we have to take positive and proof yourself we are perfect.

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