Tell me about a situation when your work was criticized.

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Bisu said:   5 years ago

Firstly, Nothing is perfect in this world. So whenever someone criticized my work I never feel bad because they are telling me the mistake and it give me to improve my knowledge.

Actually, I learned a lot from the mistake.

Ankit said:   7 years ago
Firstly I will find out where I am making mistake. Then I will improve my self. Prove them by my work not by tongue.

Alka said:   8 years ago
I did not remember any high criticism on my work, however I have made some mistakes, and mistakes make us perfect. Also, I like to take feedbacks positively and try to improve myself and not to repeat the mistakes again in future.

SARFARAZ said:   8 years ago
Criticism always gives you an opportunity to correct your faults because if their is no critics you will work wrong for long without knowing it.

Arpit said:   6 years ago
Please learn to read the question: it was asked to tell a situation when your work was criticized, and you (many others) answered by defining constructive criticism. I interview grad students, if someone answer me this, I would reject and comment the candidate do not understand simple English and hence will not be able to understand project requirement.

An answer should be something like following:

I was working in pure research (or academia) prior to my joining a new role in product development team for enterprise solution. As I had no experience in implementing enterprise solution, team was not satisfied to wot my work. I understand that the criticism is to improve my skills, so I took the initiate and learned continuously, the team saw my commitment and helped me in improving.

GAURAV KR said:   3 years ago
YES, it happens many times when I try something new many people criticize but ones the task is completed successfully then the same person congratulate us for our success basically when people criticize its time to prove yourself that you are the best and you can do it.

Shaista said:   6 years ago
To be very honest I accept that many times my work was criticised but after every criticization, I learned something new. Somewhere criticization is important for growth and new learning.

Ravi Sharma said:   5 years ago
Each and every mistake gives you chance to learn something. My father always ask me, don't feel nervousness from the problems but just try to find the solution from the problems because each and every problem has the solution like math. Thanks.

Jhe dimano villareal said:   4 years ago
No humans are perfect everyone learns from mistakes. If someone criticized we have to take positive and proof yourself we are perfect.

Prince said:   7 years ago
I have criticized by my colleague and company rarely in my past career. Whenever I criticized I take it as a positive and improve myself and make me prepared for the future challenges.

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