Tell me about a situation when your work was criticized.

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Nitesh said:   5 years ago
I was new on a project and once I was alone in a shift. Suddenly one of Linux production server got on high load and there were no logs on the server for same. Checked all the logs even tried to check whatever solutions I can but when I have observed then I found that there was an issue with swap memory. One parameter is designed for this swap memory which was wrong on the server. Due to this server was running swap memory than physical memory and then lots of zombie process getting generating.

There was only one way to solve this issue we need to reboot that server. But I was alone and even there was no more access then shell. Finally, I decided to reboot server and fire command to reboot the server. My luck was good, the server comes online without issue and all server become normal. I have update same to client and client was happy with this solutions. From that day server is working fine now.

Game said:   8 years ago
Criticized is the way for success. As a fresher I have join the organization, which is totally a different culture from the college environment.

My boss criticize me on the daily basis, that you are not a suitable candidate from this role and you will not able to do the business, with in 5th month he has shifted me from his team to another team. The next month I have perform well in team handling.

Increasing productivity and all for which I have received the elite performance award, and the award was given by that person who has through me out from his team. All my team member are happy with this performance (it is a real life story).

So in brief criticized help the person/individual to hence the hidden potential. So take the criticism as feedback and work into it that will help to hence your personality.

Arpit said:   6 years ago
Please learn to read the question: it was asked to tell a situation when your work was criticized, and you (many others) answered by defining constructive criticism. I interview grad students, if someone answer me this, I would reject and comment the candidate do not understand simple English and hence will not be able to understand project requirement.

An answer should be something like following:

I was working in pure research (or academia) prior to my joining a new role in product development team for enterprise solution. As I had no experience in implementing enterprise solution, team was not satisfied to wot my work. I understand that the criticism is to improve my skills, so I took the initiate and learned continuously, the team saw my commitment and helped me in improving.

Nivedita said:   7 years ago
Criticism to me is an opportunity to improve your shortcomings. The criticism gives us the chance to polish yourself more in terms of skills, expertise, and competencies. If we have gut nature to accept the criticism we can face any challenge easily because we keep on improving our self, putting more efforts to deliver the quality. I was criticized for quality with quantity. But with time I kept on improving myself, started processing hefty work daily without listening anything. Because I changed my belief system on it that I can't to it. To do anything you have to be assertive, destroy any belief system about you. With the gut feeling just keep on doing work with confidence and an honesty. With that, you will be noticed definitely.

Joice George said:   8 years ago
I am an optimistic person. There was situations where in the earlier stages of my career I was criticized for the mistakes I made. But I took it as a constructive feedback, learnt to do the job better the next time. When I joined as a customer service executive in Cochin International Airport fresh from college, I found my job a bit confusing.

Because there was different system for different airline. So while checking the documents of the passengers I sometimes failed to check the documents properly before the went it the immigration I was criticized for the mistake. But I quickly learnt and perfected the job. Later I became the team leader and gave training to the new comers.

LEILA BLAZE PAGANAO said:   7 years ago
Criticism to me is one way to improve myself from a mistake, this gives lesson for us to correct things. I try to see criticism as an opportunity to improve my work.

Constructive criticism is an important part of professional growth, and this is a good chance to show your employer you are striving to be the best and are open to improvement. Even though receiving criticism is going to feel lousy, show the interviewer that you are happy to put your ego to one side, and that you listen to and act upon feedback and advice.

If you don't use criticism as an agent for change when it happens, then those vicious teeth of criticism will just keep biting and biting into perfection.

Puja said:   6 years ago
There was a time time when my work was criticized in my last job. There was a team of 15-20 agents under my manager's supervision and I was included in the team. We as a team had a target to meet at the end of the month. And my manager used to check every day's data of each agent. One day during the course of checking the datas he found me average while the other agents were doing better than me. This was the time when my work was criticized by my manager. I tool the criticism in positive way. It did not shake my self-confidence. I respected his criticism and kept working more efficiently and at the end of the month I was standing on the top the list.

Vikash said:   6 years ago
There were a couple of times when my work was criticised but criticism always motivates to improve and perform well further and overcome our mistakes. My work was criticised due to the small mistakes that I committed sometimes due to lack of knowledge but there wasn't a big mistake by me that led to the major issue or blunder. One instance I remember there was a requirement by the client to share the report in their desired format but there was a delay from my side which led to the delay in payment by the client and I was criticised a lot that time. I took this criticism in a positive note and never committed this mistake again.

Tania basak said:   4 years ago
Yes, of course, my work was criticized in front of my seniors and also juniors. I felt very embarrassed. Hearing such an insulting words and very harsh language about my work make me feel insulted that day. If I wanted I could easily answered them but I supposed to be clam in that situation. Because I know that in every place where ever you go I'll fine some people who'll criticize your work as well as you. And frankly speaking we don't have to give the attention to the criticizers. The only thing is we should focus on our work not in others.

Shubham Chandra said:   8 years ago
Criticism always gives you an opportunity to correct or improve yourself because if there is no critics, you will work wrong for long without knowing it. I also would like to replace a word criticism to coach. If you are doing something wrong, coach will always correct you, but without the coach, might be you may wrong somewhere & you will not be corrected.

However I might have done small mistakes but mistakes make us perfect, I like getting feedback's and take it positively, always try to improve and not to repeat a mistake again.

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