Tell me about a situation when your work was criticized.

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Mohamed ismail said:   8 years ago
I was not displeased that constructive criticism is a positive critic so I always just what was critical to improve myself.

Chelly said:   8 years ago
Since my previous job is my first job, I expected criticisms from my seniors, and I treat it as learning. I am also thankful they corrected my work, I believe there is always room for improvement.

Joydeep Halder said:   8 years ago
I faced that before. I think criticize made by those persons who are in wrong. I don't care.

Sai said:   8 years ago
Yeah, I Faced it and corrected it as well and felt it as a Stepping stone.

Apart from that let me describe the situation, I like to be independent in taking decisions and that was not supported by my colleagues and later I came to Realize independency itself has it's dependency in Some cases.

Abhijit said:   9 years ago
I have been criticized couple of times from my manager when I got promoted from Analyst to FLM level. It was a part of normal business to improve my skills for handling team in effective manner.

The situation was about to refraining team for taking unscheduled leaves which was not manageable at that time. But all it was about the leave management on which I worked better by discussion with team and in individual.

CHIN2 said:   9 years ago
As a fresher I joined my previous organization and after spending my two months over there I start working in my own way which I learnt during my training period, but my senior didn't like this he start criticizing me, for at least one week he always rejected my work which I was doing.

After this when I get one project by my these efforts then he stop criticizing me an appreciate me. Through this I learnt my biggest experience in my professional field that how we can overcome with criticism.

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