On a scale of one to ten, rate me as an interviewer.

HR Interview
Points to remember before you answer this interview question:
  • Imagine that you are right now seated in front of the HR manager.
  • Kindly answer this question as best you can.
  • Post your answer now.
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Shiva said:   2 days ago
Sir, I am not able to judge you, I am a fresher it was totally new experience for me but the overall interview goes smoothly so I give you a 9/10.

Danish malik said:   2 months ago
On a scale of 1 -10, how would you rate the recruitment process?

Shakthi shetty said:   3 months ago
First of all,

I am not able to rate you because you are more responsible and knowledgeable than me. But if you give me this opportunity I will do it.

So, I will rate you 9 out of 10. I deducted one point because I believe there is always room for betterment.

Anusha said:   7 months ago
Sir, I am not able to judge you. I am a fresher but overall interview goes smoothly & it was a totally new experience for me. So, I give you a 9/10.

Arjun said:   7 months ago
As a fresher, I don't have much experience to rate you. But after my interview, I get some information and knowledge about you. Sir, you're the best interviewer in terms of quality questions and communication with fresher like me. I rate you 9/10, the one deducted for you don't communicate in my native language.

Ramandeep kaur said:   8 months ago
I am sorry sir, I am no one to rate you. I'm here to be rated by you.

Soumyadeep Chatterjee said:   1 year ago
I'm no one to rate you because you a more knowledgeable person. But as you give me this task, I'll definitely do that. I will rate you 9 out of 10 because I believe there is always a room to improve ourselves.

Shruti Shinde said:   1 year ago
I'm sorry Sir! I'm not in the position to rate you as you're an higher authority and you are much great in knowledge and experience.

But if this is a part of my interview, I'll rate you 9/10 because no one on this earth is perfect.

Esuru Somanath said:   1 year ago
Sir, I am not in a position to rate an interviewer because your experience and knowledge are much higher than mine.

As it is a part of my interview, I would like to rate you 9/10 and I deduct 1 mark because no one is perfect.

There is always be a scope to interview.

Mansi Ksheersagar said:   1 year ago
I want to give 8 on 10 on my written and oral communication because I think everybody needs training during the work.

Why? different companies have different rules and policies also the way they deal with their customers and clients they have their tricks in a different industry. Because their products and services are varied.

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