How do you feel about reporting to a younger person?

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Shivdas said:   9 years ago
No sir I don't have problem to do work under which person is smaller than me as age. I respect to his knowledge. Like as a inspector chair we respect to his chair not a particular man. Same type I respect to his talent, his post, his knowledge and his ability.

Abya said:   9 years ago
Does matter that reporting boss is elder or younger. Knowledge should be the first preference and experience. But if after sometime the person who is reporting to younger boss perform better more then expectation then the organization should do something for him/her.

ANKIT said:   9 years ago

Its challenging for me because I think that he/she is reached that position at this age then why I could not?

Vibha said:   9 years ago
I take it sportively as I respect every body may be elder/ younger, we have to look at the talent and knowledge of the person not his age. So reporting to younger boss is not an issue for me.

Saroj Gautam said:   9 years ago
I would take it positively as I believe your credibility make you senior from your colleague not your age. If he/She have that skills and ability then I should learn and respect the same.

Mohd Majid Bhat Kupwara said:   9 years ago
I will feel positive reporting to a younger person and learn how to gain those skills which I don't have. It does not matter whether the boss is young or old one should follow the track.

Mohamed said:   9 years ago
There is no difference between a small or large age but reporting depends on delivery of the intended person to staff the right way without prejudice to age or age.

Karan singh said:   9 years ago
Peoples are not judges by their ages, they are judges according to their virtues, values, hierarchy & knowledge. I will never hesitate or feel down whenever reporting to a person younger than me.

Mark Jonel P. Jarabe said:   9 years ago

There's no problem working under a person younger than me. People are not judge base on their age but rather on their skills and capabilities. Since he got that position what we need to do is to respect them and works with them harmoniously without any hesitation just like you have one goal in the company. That's it.

Prashant said:   9 years ago
Till now I have not experienced such scenario but honestly it does not matters until and unless the younger person deserves his/her position based on ability.

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