How do you feel about reporting to a younger person?

HR Interview
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Nikita said:   10 years ago
No matter what the age is, but for sure while thinking about getting hired in the company my main aim will be to increase and improve the efficiency, by contributing corporation and unity where it will lead me to a positive goal of the company. So keeping this policy in mind. It would be my pleasure to create a friendly environment, by reporting a young age employee.

Neeraj Pandey said:   9 years ago
Thanks to Ask me Sir,

Age does not a matter I feel well, I will give more importance to the Post. Because he has lot of Skill Power, & lot things which I don't have, I will learn more things from him.

Sudheer said:   9 years ago
Whether he is younger or elder we need to fulfill all our duties efficiently then we can report to anyone very confidently without any ego.

Krishna(kk) said:   9 years ago
It doesn't matter he may be a elder are younger than us. We just need to see him as a boss. Then it will not be a problem.

Swapnil Kadlag said:   9 years ago
Everything has its own unique beauty because everything has its own unique experience. So working under a young person will have its own unique beauty.

Talent is never more or less but different. So never underestimate or boost yourself about having less or more talent than others as everyone is different with different talent, different lifestyle, different opinions, different emotions, different thinking etc. Thus having a different life.

Akshay said:   9 years ago
Sir, I don't have any problem to work under a younger person because I don't have ego on top of my head to push me down instead I put that ego under my feet so that it can push me up.

K.kalyan kumar said:   9 years ago
It doesn't mater younger/older I give the respect to their designation and their talents.

Vimal said:   9 years ago
I doesn't matter of his age. I respect to his ability, skills and talent and I am not hesitate to learn from him/her. My work is very important and I am reporting to that designation.

Sapna said:   9 years ago
I will feel normal to report a younger boss. I have nothing to do with his/her age.

Knowledge is the only thing which matters to me.

Zyshan said:   9 years ago
As far as that youngster he is a human, I don't have any issue to report.

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