How do you feel about reporting to a younger person?

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Desmond said:   5 years ago
Company's policies must have strictly adhered too.

Besides, there is a difference between younger/Junior and elder/senior.

As an avid and relentless learner, reporting to a younger person, who on the other hand happens to be my senior with relevant experience.

There is no big deal because whatever attitude I portray will either make or mar the reputation of the department.

Therefore, I will ensure I provide the maximum support and cooperation needed and also respect the individual based base on what he/she represents.


Swapnil Kadlag said:   10 years ago
Everything has its own unique beauty because everything has its own unique experience. So working under a young person will have its own unique beauty.

Talent is never more or less but different. So never underestimate or boost yourself about having less or more talent than others as everyone is different with different talent, different lifestyle, different opinions, different emotions, different thinking etc. Thus having a different life.

Abhishek rathore said:   5 years ago
If I have to report somebody, my attitude towards the person is not going to change on the basis of the age of the person. Age is just a number for me as it can not be regarded as a parameter to access one's calibre and intelligence. The other being younger to me hold the same respect as somebody older to me. So, here in this situation, I feel motivated while reporting to somebody younger to me and appreciate the achievement.

Doesnt Matter said:   7 years ago
In my personal experience. It does matters and I will feel bad. Why? Because that younger person learned everything from me and now try to be smart and bossy because of his/her filthy talent of back kisser of my main boss and has SYMPATHY of my boss. I will leave such job immediately. It is not ego but truth, if you ask this hard question to yourself, Do you deserve this?

Nikita said:   10 years ago
No matter what the age is, but for sure while thinking about getting hired in the company my main aim will be to increase and improve the efficiency, by contributing corporation and unity where it will lead me to a positive goal of the company. So keeping this policy in mind. It would be my pleasure to create a friendly environment, by reporting a young age employee.

Mark Jonel P. Jarabe said:   9 years ago

There's no problem working under a person younger than me. People are not judge base on their age but rather on their skills and capabilities. Since he got that position what we need to do is to respect them and works with them harmoniously without any hesitation just like you have one goal in the company. That's it.

Riya said:   6 years ago
Actually, in an organizational set up it doesn't matter whether your manager is younger or older than you. In my previous organization, I have seen people who are working there for 5 years is reporting to a 25-year-old manager who has just joined. I feel that's completely okay one shouldn't bring the age factor there.

Nandhu said:   6 years ago
I personally feel age is just a number. It is the hard work and smart work along with determination which amplifies one's range. So, instead of feeling shamed or depressed of reporting to younger ones I will tend to gain knowledge from him and learn the possible ways to move ahead professionally.

Ranbir said:   8 years ago
Actually, in professional work, we do not report a younger or older age person but we report to a position that he has grabbed with his talent, abilities, and knowledge. So we should not feel any shame or something else by reporting to younger age person and of course, I will do my work.

Abhishek said:   8 years ago
At workplace, age doesn't matter what matters experience. It could be possible that person younger than me in terms of age but has got much more practical knowledge & goal oriented skills, hence it will be my duty to understand those things first & give up all egos.

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