How do you feel about reporting to a younger person?

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Meera said:   4 years ago
I personally feel age is just a number. How good is he as a leader to lead the team too. Knowledge is the only thing.

Suman Saha said:   4 years ago
Actually, I would report to my Senior. Senior not by age, I would report who is more knowledgeable and powerful person from me. I should respect his definition.

Suraj said:   4 years ago
I don't have any issue, in my previous organization I have to report a younger person and I appreciate his talent, skills, ability to leading a team, I took him as a role model. And again I am applying for this perticular post so I don't care about the age of my boss.

Padade raju said:   4 years ago
Yes of course. Age does not matter because he is talented so that he is in that position without any feeling I will report that person. I will take him as my inspiration to grow thoroughly and work hard for it.

Aaron Royale said:   4 years ago
Seniority at work is not about the age, but rather about the knowledge, experience and good works, reporting to a younger person than me is nice because I gain more from him/her.

Prachi Bais said:   5 years ago
Being an employee, I have report higher authority. Higher position depending on skill, talent, ability and knowledge etc. Not dependent on age so sincerely I will report.

Sandeep kumar jha said:   5 years ago
Even An out of order wall clock or wrist watch also shows correct time two times a day. Earlier he/she had also worked on that same post/position as a responsible employee he/she must be given a chance to perform his/her duty whether she/he has the ability or not.

Desmond said:   5 years ago
Company's policies must have strictly adhered too.

Besides, there is a difference between younger/Junior and elder/senior.

As an avid and relentless learner, reporting to a younger person, who on the other hand happens to be my senior with relevant experience.

There is no big deal because whatever attitude I portray will either make or mar the reputation of the department.

Therefore, I will ensure I provide the maximum support and cooperation needed and also respect the individual based base on what he/she represents.


Abhishek rathore said:   5 years ago
If I have to report somebody, my attitude towards the person is not going to change on the basis of the age of the person. Age is just a number for me as it can not be regarded as a parameter to access one's calibre and intelligence. The other being younger to me hold the same respect as somebody older to me. So, here in this situation, I feel motivated while reporting to somebody younger to me and appreciate the achievement.

Gudivada Madhavi said:   5 years ago
I have got nothing to do with the age of the person I am reporting to. His/Her qualifications, experience, knowledge and efforts might have lead to achieve good designation. As of me, it is reporting to my higher up and it is part of my job.

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