Who says MNCs are superior to Indian companies?

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Neha said:   1 decade ago
Indian MNCs such as infosys, Reliance, Airtel, Tata group, Birla group etc are not less than any of the foreign MNCs. These companies not only provided employment to lots of Indian people but also gave them chance to show their talents beyond Indian boundaries by giving them opportunity to develop business outside. These companies have not only set themselves successfully but also got a prestigious position in other companies. They are the examples of Indian success in industrialization and globalization as well as they have set the examples in front of other Indians also that their can be another Narayan Murthy or Ratan Tata or birla. Not only this, these companies are rivals of Foreign MNCs in their respective market which is changing attitude of western people and most of them want to make business with Indians.

Shaikh saddam said:   5 years ago
Before making any judgement on the betterment of between two, firstly, we need to go through which kind of facilities and environment allows by MNC and local companies. First and foremost, people attract to MNC owing to high salary packages and opportunities to work in different countries and important is that People get benefited from this companies because all activities in MNC operates in the English language, which is badly missing in local companies. MNC has attractive incentives, CAB facilities and 2 Days off Saturday and Sunday. Apart from these basic rules are not too much rigid, working hours as per rule. In other hands in local companies, there are least facilities and salary packages are not too much attractive. Some local companies observed 9 hours per day work and some time payment deducted on abscent.

Satya prabha said:   8 years ago
As the employees are from various places in our country and also from different nations, our colleagues will be of different regions. Thus, we can learn many traditions and can also enjoy in many ways as per others traditions also. Coming to our development, we can have different minds in MNC's thus our practical and experimental knowledge will be improved. And our logical ability and other skills can also be improved. But coming to our Indian companies, working in our country's companies shows our love towards our India. Why not we can start our companies to get developed. Why should we neglect of those only just because of its inabilities? So in my perspective both have their pros and cons. So as we are Indians, we should be with our country!

Pradeep bhati said:   1 decade ago
As My point of view this world is very tough dog eat dog. To survive in this sophisticated world we should work with MNC strategy. Because every one know about our government that they decide some project and they not able to complete task in particular time for example:-.

Day after tomorrow rail as well as financial budget is announce what we see is "budget is very disappointing" because they not complete the task that they announce 4 year before.

BY this fact MNC is Superior so we should work with them and got skill and strategy to accomplish the task. By doing this we Enhance our knowledge as well as Our country.

I do not understand why people talking about they have no time to spend with family. Here is matter of MNC not HOMESICKNESS.

Tarun singhal said:   1 decade ago
Hi, I think MNC are far better than the gov companies. As they providing huge employment to youngsters, giving proper technology, and good salary and it is not about the salary or else but MNC provides the overall development of an individual. Whereas in gov companies we all know how there employers are treated and always underestimated by other and there are very rare chance of promotions and if we talk about the infrastructures, you all know how bad the gov companies whereas MNC provides world class infrastructure which directly or indirectly motivates the employees of the organisation and we don't forget one thing that while working in the MNC, we are recognized by the brand name where we work which gives a good image in the society to.

Murugesh said:   1 decade ago
Let me share some points towards MNC's are doing better than Indians.

First think, Employment. Lets think practically. If you don't find a job after your studies. , will you able to survive?

Second think about relaxation. Ya People may seek 'relaxation'. I am sure if you do the work within the time, MNCs are the best one to give more fun & engagement.

Third one is about Security. I agree the Govt Indian jobs are more secure than MNC however if you have sufficient knowledge, you don't loose your jobs.

And finally Job satisfaction. Doing the same thing for a quiet period of time will lead to bore and mental pressure. We can't learn anything. Curiosity and invention should be there to get motivation ourself which lead to work more.

DILBAG SINGH DEHMIWAL said:   1 decade ago
Hello guys I thinks the mnc's are better than the Indian companies becuse when we are talking about the Indian companies then always arises a question about the Indian companies that how to equilize the budgte. Also we can compare both of them on the basis of salary and infrastructre which the mnc's have better than the Indian companies.

I wants refer a negative point of mnc's that always arises on the time of ression. When ression is comes than its directly afftects to the mnc's and Indian companies remain sustainable. Its not mean that I am going in the favor of Indian companies because how much time a ression comes and how much its remain. After ression the mnc, s again get in their role. SO MNC'S ARE BETTER THAN INDIAN COMPANIES.

Santosh said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends, I feel Govt companies are much better than the MNCs as the work will be undergone with certain standards & under fixed work timings. Most of them had a wrong impression that one cannot enhance in his skills in govt sector but it is not the case for all govt companies. For example, govt companies namely BHEL, NTPC, ONGC, NHPC etc are well known for their excellent work environment & one can obviously improve the skills avoiding physical & mental pressure. The facilities provided by them are beyond the boundaries of any MNC company. MNCs are well unknown for their double work than their payment. So, after some days of work his health will be affected much and he cannot put his effort in improving his skills much.

Pradeep said:   1 decade ago
I believe that we are drifting from the topic because mnc are not only good in recruitment and labour welfare they are also providing better quality of produt, their r&d is really very good, in mncs they have better financial stability, they have their brand and they don't want to dilute them merely because of some sort of problem. One of my friend said that they fired the staff in recesion then give me answer that will Indian companies not fire the staff in recession. I think you just believe in fact but you forgot the level of operation while interpreting fact for exp. In recession a mnc fired 10000 employees out of 100000 employees which is 10% and a Indian company fires 100 out of 1000 empoyees than tell me whats the diff.

Hrishikesh kumar said:   1 decade ago
Hi I agree with the statement that MNC is superior than the Indian companies. They are generating more number of jobs in compare of the Indian companies. Because they have more superior quality of there employee and there technology are well developed. Another important is that they are operating in many country so in the age of globalization they are providing more superior environment for working and giving the class environment to there worker. They also contributing good amount of profit in Indian economy. They spend huge amount of money on the research and develop the well technology which help in beating competition. In Indian company are not more aware about there customer and they are not use up to date technology.

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