Who says MNCs are superior to Indian companies?

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Murugesh said:   1 decade ago
Let me share some points towards MNC's are doing better than Indians.

First think, Employment. Lets think practically. If you don't find a job after your studies. , will you able to survive?

Second think about relaxation. Ya People may seek 'relaxation'. I am sure if you do the work within the time, MNCs are the best one to give more fun & engagement.

Third one is about Security. I agree the Govt Indian jobs are more secure than MNC however if you have sufficient knowledge, you don't loose your jobs.

And finally Job satisfaction. Doing the same thing for a quiet period of time will lead to bore and mental pressure. We can't learn anything. Curiosity and invention should be there to get motivation ourself which lead to work more.

Bhanu said:   1 decade ago
But my dear friends,let me tell you the true situation of MNCs in 3 points:
1.) When you get to relax on weekends, the pressure of your work aches your body and your mind.
2.) The tension that follows every recession.
3.) The insecurity and lacking the opprtunities to enjoy with your own family because we can't get that many holidays as we are working for them and they are paying for it without any second thought of our comfort and relaxation.
What is the fun of getting so much money and not having the time to enjoy it? What is the fun of getting such big status and not being able to share and enjoy that with you family?

Nishant said:   1 decade ago
After listening to all, irrespective of all views I have my own what I feel is that MNCs are better than govt sector in the sense that we get exposed to great competition and face it. It expose us to international market and person is payed for his knowledge and many said that there is too pressure but if one does everything without stopping he can complete it in time. MNC also provide high wages. We try to innovate and invent new thing as compared to government job where person gets limited in his knowledge as he thinks it is secure job and therefore growth is minimum. In MNC's qualification exams are free from reservations hence everyone has equal opportunity hence I feel MNC's are better.

Avinash said:   1 decade ago
Hello everyone. I appreciate your ideas but some of you are little bit confused with the MNC. MNC's are those companies who have their base in more than one country, now coming to the topic I would like to add that MNC's are better than Indian companies because they have better work environment and better training programs as it is beneficiary for us to start our carrier. In MNC's we have better exposure to the new technologies and IT ethics. Big revenue make them capable of investing in new researches as well as employees.

Neha said:   1 decade ago
Indian MNCs such as infosys, Reliance, Airtel, Tata group, Birla group etc are not less than any of the foreign MNCs. These companies not only provided employment to lots of Indian people but also gave them chance to show their talents beyond Indian boundaries by giving them opportunity to develop business outside. These companies have not only set themselves successfully but also got a prestigious position in other companies. They are the examples of Indian success in industrialization and globalization as well as they have set the examples in front of other Indians also that their can be another Narayan Murthy or Ratan Tata or birla. Not only this, these companies are rivals of Foreign MNCs in their respective market which is changing attitude of western people and most of them want to make business with Indians.

Inderjit panjrath said:   1 decade ago
Helo friends.

I m agree with all of you. But if MNC company now try to business in our country then why we go there. They see money and manpower in India but it is un utilized. So the only problem is there is every thing available in our country we have to find.

Chandrima said:   1 decade ago
Hi, I'm a person who has the work experience in both the sectors. Previously I used to work in a renowned IT company as a software engineer, now I work in a PSU as a specialist-officer (engineer). I must say, both sectors have its pros and cons, and neither of them can has the power to claim itself as "superior" than the other. In a way, MNCs open the channel for globalization, but the situation was quite serious when the world economy was hit by the recession-culprit.

The bottomline is: jobs in private sector lacks security, and there lies the main worry. On the contrary, public sector jobs are both secure and easy-to-do. Even if the economy goes down, your salary won't get affected. Also, after 6th pay commission, Government wages have gone through a massive hike, and is no less than any private sector job. Even people from standard-A B-schools don't hesitate to take an entry into Govt. Sectos jobs after getting an MBA. Still it's true that getting a job in public sector is not that easy, competition is high. And it's true that public sector lacks the dynamicity of MNCs.

Everything goes in slow pace in PSUs, but if anyone has genuine interest to get into the depth, he/she can do detailed study on that, since there's ample of spare time to invest for some good purpose. There's time to take a breath, the environment is not quite like a breathless one as in MNCs.

Mustafa Mamula said:   1 decade ago
Hi, friends !

I m AGAINST the topic; I think Indian peoples do not support Indian companies so, how they are going to survive. All majority of Indian peoples are running towards MNC's like children running in playground, without any sense. We can assure that MNC's pays high salary but they use our efficiency just double of the salary.

So, friends think properly choose the correct way as you think.

Saranya said:   1 decade ago
Hi, I would like to share my opinion with you all. AS far as govt job likely secure more then MNC. In MNC no job guarantee as well. It has more stressful environment, people forget their laughs, happiness due to their overload environment. Then If it is Govt job, office timings are fixed because of this people who work there have more relax than MNC people. In MNC shift jobs, rotational shifts, night shift, weekend work sucking the people blood completely, they only lost their entire life about salary packages, this is not fair. Living regular life remains the world more alive.

Anu said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends!

In my opinion, the selection and suitability of MNC varies person to person according to his needs. No doubt that MNC are superior to Indian companies and it gives a lot of support to the Indian economy and its development as well but it has some flaws also. New Indian blood wants to be a part of MNC as it provides a lot of facility, package and exposure to international market. MNCs are only good for young people not for old age because they have night shifts too.

Overall MNCs are much much better than the Indian companies. India is suffering from the major problem i.e. unemployment. MNCs give us hope to deal with this problem by employing lacks of people of India. Also, it helps to maintain a good relationship with other countries.

MNC are superior because of we people. Indian companies can too become superior than MNCs if the best brains of India works in Indian companies rather then MNC.

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