Who says MNCs are superior to Indian companies?

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Chandrima said:   1 decade ago
Hi, I'm a person who has the work experience in both the sectors. Previously I used to work in a renowned IT company as a software engineer, now I work in a PSU as a specialist-officer (engineer). I must say, both sectors have its pros and cons, and neither of them can has the power to claim itself as "superior" than the other. In a way, MNCs open the channel for globalization, but the situation was quite serious when the world economy was hit by the recession-culprit.

The bottomline is: jobs in private sector lacks security, and there lies the main worry. On the contrary, public sector jobs are both secure and easy-to-do. Even if the economy goes down, your salary won't get affected. Also, after 6th pay commission, Government wages have gone through a massive hike, and is no less than any private sector job. Even people from standard-A B-schools don't hesitate to take an entry into Govt. Sectos jobs after getting an MBA. Still it's true that getting a job in public sector is not that easy, competition is high. And it's true that public sector lacks the dynamicity of MNCs.

Everything goes in slow pace in PSUs, but if anyone has genuine interest to get into the depth, he/she can do detailed study on that, since there's ample of spare time to invest for some good purpose. There's time to take a breath, the environment is not quite like a breathless one as in MNCs.

Remya said:   1 decade ago
Everyone's points are surely appreciated and some extent I am agreeing with that too. What I would like to tell you is that all work whether it is government or corporate job, the employees need job satisfaction.

Some are likely to work in MNCs for getting more challenging work and enhance their skills and talents. They are not much worried of continuing on that same job in the same company. Such type of employees wants to improve their career skills and they will spend much time in the company if they get on satisfaction. Some MNC employees are looking for high paid jobs, that corporate's only can provide that. For getting high payment they are also interested to do take up any timings the company's wish. Others who are willing to work in MNCs are promotion-oriented. They want to get in to senior levels very rapidly, so that they will try to show their employability to get attention of the Seniors.

But if we are considering the government employees most of them wants to continue on the same company and it is there itself. They are not much worried about to update their skills because it won't take them to get high salaries or promotion. But some of the employees are still showing interest to enhance their skill. The government should provide salary hike and promotion for good employees rather than seniority is the only remedy to get the employability.

Isha said:   1 decade ago
Hello people. I listened to all and would really respect each one's personal perspective. From this I came to a conclusion that every individual has his/her own views and opinions, according to personal needs and requirements they look for a particular domain which suites them in the job. As for say a person who has more inclination towards a job which requires less pressure, sparing more time for family and kids, job security, directly contributing to our Indian economy etc would prefer a govt job rather than a individual who likes to work in competitive environment, who can compromise on work shifts. Whose priority is to stay abreast and innovative, who likes exposure, good environment, globally connected, . Etc. Would definitely choose MNC's. But we should not forget the various opportunities these govt as well as MNC's are providing in today's world where still the unemployment rate is 9.4 percent according to 2010 census. They are acting as a boon for our developing nation by providing employment opportunities, giving us exposure in international markets, good salaries, high perks and lucrativeness. etc. Thereby helping directly and indirectly in building up our economy.

Deekshit said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends, I dnt have a great knowledge about these companies but in my opinion Indian companies are best than the MNC's. Ratan Tata, Narayana murthy and many more Industrialists are the role models for many people not only in India but abroad also. All these personalities have become popular because of their sincere effort and knowledge. So, why can't we say that these jobs are good regarding gaining knowledge? Even though the salaries are not so good as mnc's but one can get self satisfaction with these kind of jobs.

There will not be any pressure on us and can concentrate on what we do and can feel comfortable. In mnc's the salaries are high but i've seen many people who always feel tensed every time for doing the work in time. If we don't submit the work in time we had to face many serious consequences from our higher authorities. Even though weekends are holidays we can't enjoy with our family because of thinking about what would happen if monday comes again. So, I here by conclude that Indian companies are the BEST and secure than the mnc's until and unless we work hard with interest. India is a great country and always will be.

Varun singh said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends, I agree with you all because everybody's opinion matters but I would like to add on my view point. As per the comments most of us were like we want to have less pressure, security. Is these kind of words suits well to our young generation. ? if the youth will think like this then where our India head towards. We should be quite enthusiastic, challenging toward our work. So I think those companies which give exposure to your talent just go for it. So MNC's are far better. Not MNC's even some Indian companies are doing well.

It has been analysed that most of youngsters work well in high pressure as it has also been said that one will not work untill there will be a sword hanging over their head.

If you go into that environment where people have no innovative ideas you find your mind growth becomes stagnant.

Moreover if you work with enthusiasm there will be no such kind of pressure. Your job will get insecure when you stop giving dedication to your work. So at last I would say MNC'S has got better opportunities.

Hema said:   1 decade ago
Hai MNCS are superior to Indian companies definitely I agree with this why because MNCS providing more opportunities to compare with Indian companies they encourage globalization also trough this only they establish subsidiaries in different countries then only they are able to provide goods and services to the people MNCS recruit different countries people they are having different type of cultures also MNCS establish their subsidiaries in low wage countries by using this strategy they recruit high skilled employees and also they are establishing their subsidiaries in developing countries why because developing the poor country nations not only developing the poor countries through this they develop their businesses also, in some countries surplus natural resources are also available mncs establish their subsidiaries in that countries to gain the competitive advantage, in case of Indian companies they are not using this type of strategies so MNCS are superior to Indian companies.

Anu said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends!

In my opinion, the selection and suitability of MNC varies person to person according to his needs. No doubt that MNC are superior to Indian companies and it gives a lot of support to the Indian economy and its development as well but it has some flaws also. New Indian blood wants to be a part of MNC as it provides a lot of facility, package and exposure to international market. MNCs are only good for young people not for old age because they have night shifts too.

Overall MNCs are much much better than the Indian companies. India is suffering from the major problem i.e. unemployment. MNCs give us hope to deal with this problem by employing lacks of people of India. Also, it helps to maintain a good relationship with other countries.

MNC are superior because of we people. Indian companies can too become superior than MNCs if the best brains of India works in Indian companies rather then MNC.

Sakshi said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends, i dont have any kind of experience of working in MNC's or in public sector..but yes m going to work in there after completing my studies..MNC's are not devils in disguise m fully agreed with this but what about the happiness of that person? each nd every person likes to share his/her happiness or sorrow with his family.it could be becoz of any thing..people do not have time to spend with their family..

even some times it happens that there is worst situation for an employee but after requesting thousands tyms he is not able to get leave.why so???
What is the use of this money which is not giving us natural and real happiness??

I think that instead of working in MNC's and getting a large amount of salary but not having tym even for themself to work in public sector is good.atleast we have tym for ourself and for our family..its ok that now we are not having sam amount of family..

Jaga said:   1 decade ago
MNCs provide better platform to learn as the employees have to work judiciously as they have to perform as per the planned stucture. The employees in MNCs get exposure to improved technology and latest trends to work efficiently. The team achievement in MNCs clearly reflects the individual effort and their fair team spirit. Besides it also offers its employees a handsome salary hence a improved lifestyle!

While in the later case of Indian Company, they are limited in using latest technology. Indian companies find it too hard to invest, expand and flourish when the face stiff competition from MNCs.

When it comes to govt jobs 'CORRUPTION' comes to play its role which not only degrades the economy but also declines the spirit to work and progress. Employees do not involve actively to learn in govt jobs.

So MNCs provide a better work experience.

Nimesh said:   1 decade ago
Actually I am all supporting to the Indian companies. Actually I m willing to tell you is of course Indian companies are good to work in than in MNC because indirectly working in MNC is like kicking our nation's economic system. Because when Indian intelligent people work in MNCs, then they increase their annual income and also make research very well and Indian company have to take work with less people than its capacity and can't make progress. So why we don't work in Indian companies. And also by working in MNCs he can not enjoy some Indian festivals as well as culture because they give holidays according to their norms. MNC employer after coming home can't take care for children as well as family because MNC gives so much mental stress. There are so much companies in India better than MNC but still employers like to take job in MNCs.

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