Who says MNCs are superior to Indian companies?

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Sriram said:   3 years ago
Hi, I am Sriram, In my point of view, MNCs companies is superior greater than local companies, because local companies are no more facility and not sure to get the salary through the work like more than 9 hours, but MNC is more facilities and makes my self improve and get the opportunity for Overseas job when my performance is improving but the local companies not provide this kind of opportunity. I sure to say MNC is superior in India.

Thank you all.

Shaikh saddam said:   5 years ago
Before making any judgement on the betterment of between two, firstly, we need to go through which kind of facilities and environment allows by MNC and local companies. First and foremost, people attract to MNC owing to high salary packages and opportunities to work in different countries and important is that People get benefited from this companies because all activities in MNC operates in the English language, which is badly missing in local companies. MNC has attractive incentives, CAB facilities and 2 Days off Saturday and Sunday. Apart from these basic rules are not too much rigid, working hours as per rule. In other hands in local companies, there are least facilities and salary packages are not too much attractive. Some local companies observed 9 hours per day work and some time payment deducted on abscent.

Yogikumar said:   6 years ago
MNC company are high facillty in our country. But Indian company are invited criminal activities. Because they our company are gave corruption. Is very dangers in Indian enconmy. So, please stop the corruption.

Rahul said:   7 years ago
Hello, Friends. I think MNC's are Superior to Indian Companies in some ways bUt in some ways, Indian Companies are far better than MNC's. For Example, China, India imports very Large amount of products from China. China is selling their products at Low rates. There is no doubt in this. But they are not providing the quality products. We can not tell the Age of a China product. It can Last for years or a day. So according to me. Not all the MNC's are superior to India.

Thank you.

Thangaselvam said:   7 years ago
In my opinion, it all depends name as well the product that they delivering to the customer, every people search for quality of the product and the cost of the product every time there is a trade-off between the quality and the price, the company that could able to balance this both price and quality any company in the world would able to reach on top it might either MNC or else Indian company it doesn't matter a lot.

Aniket said:   8 years ago
I think its all depend on name of a company if the name is familiar to English countries mostly youngsters gets attracted to these companies which are famous for their brands. For eg. Louis Philippe an Indian company brand of a Madurai fashion. Actually, Indian brand names not attract the people compare to international brands. Also it's quality. So Name/brand of company also matters a lot.

Satya prabha said:   8 years ago
As the employees are from various places in our country and also from different nations, our colleagues will be of different regions. Thus, we can learn many traditions and can also enjoy in many ways as per others traditions also. Coming to our development, we can have different minds in MNC's thus our practical and experimental knowledge will be improved. And our logical ability and other skills can also be improved. But coming to our Indian companies, working in our country's companies shows our love towards our India. Why not we can start our companies to get developed. Why should we neglect of those only just because of its inabilities? So in my perspective both have their pros and cons. So as we are Indians, we should be with our country!

Neha said:   8 years ago
Hi there.

We can't compare MNC's with Indian companies. Because MNC's can also be an Indian company whose branches are in more than one country.

Monika Prasad said:   8 years ago
Hello friends,

According to me, MNCs are better than Indian companies because they provide us many facilities, introduce new technologies and also provide a better environment. We all know that environment plays a very important role in our life to get any achievement. Our character, communication skills and imagination power depends mostly on our environment which these companies provide us.

And they make us more knowledgeable and get a lot of things every day for communicating with our co-workers.

Shainkey jain said:   8 years ago
According to my perspectives MNCs are better than Indian companies in some factors like they provide better facilities, introduce the new technologies, providing a way to go abroad and learn a lot of things from there, and they are also better if you talk about the salary, that's why people generally focus on MNCs rather than Indian companies.

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