Who says MNCs are superior to Indian companies?

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Sriram said: (May 14, 2021)  
Hi, I am Sriram, In my point of view, MNCs companies is superior greater than local companies, because local companies are no more facility and not sure to get the salary through the work like more than 9 hours, but MNC is more facilities and makes my self improve and get the opportunity for Overseas job when my performance is improving but the local companies not provide this kind of opportunity. I sure to say MNC is superior in India.

Thank you all.

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Shaikh Saddam said: (Feb 16, 2019)  
Before making any judgement on the betterment of between two, firstly, we need to go through which kind of facilities and environment allows by MNC and local companies. First and foremost, people attract to MNC owing to high salary packages and opportunities to work in different countries and important is that People get benefited from this companies because all activities in MNC operates in the English language, which is badly missing in local companies. MNC has attractive incentives, CAB facilities and 2 Days off Saturday and Sunday. Apart from these basic rules are not too much rigid, working hours as per rule. In other hands in local companies, there are least facilities and salary packages are not too much attractive. Some local companies observed 9 hours per day work and some time payment deducted on abscent.

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Yogikumar said: (Sep 7, 2018)  
MNC company are high facillty in our country. But Indian company are invited criminal activities. Because they our company are gave corruption. Is very dangers in Indian enconmy. So, please stop the corruption.

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Rahul said: (May 25, 2017)  
Hello, Friends. I think MNC's are Superior to Indian Companies in some ways bUt in some ways, Indian Companies are far better than MNC's. For Example, China, India imports very Large amount of products from China. China is selling their products at Low rates. There is no doubt in this. But they are not providing the quality products. We can not tell the Age of a China product. It can Last for years or a day. So according to me. Not all the MNC's are superior to India.

Thank you.

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Thangaselvam said: (Feb 10, 2017)  
In my opinion, it all depends name as well the product that they delivering to the customer, every people search for quality of the product and the cost of the product every time there is a trade-off between the quality and the price, the company that could able to balance this both price and quality any company in the world would able to reach on top it might either MNC or else Indian company it doesn't matter a lot.

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Aniket said: (Dec 13, 2016)  
I think its all depend on name of a company if the name is familiar to English countries mostly youngsters gets attracted to these companies which are famous for their brands. For eg. Louis Philippe an Indian company brand of a Madurai fashion. Actually, Indian brand names not attract the people compare to international brands. Also it's quality. So Name/brand of company also matters a lot.

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Satya Prabha said: (Dec 12, 2016)  
As the employees are from various places in our country and also from different nations, our colleagues will be of different regions. Thus, we can learn many traditions and can also enjoy in many ways as per others traditions also. Coming to our development, we can have different minds in MNC's thus our practical and experimental knowledge will be improved. And our logical ability and other skills can also be improved. But coming to our Indian companies, working in our country's companies shows our love towards our India. Why not we can start our companies to get developed. Why should we neglect of those only just because of its inabilities? So in my perspective both have their pros and cons. So as we are Indians, we should be with our country!

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Neha said: (Dec 11, 2016)  
Hi there.

We can't compare MNC's with Indian companies. Because MNC's can also be an Indian company whose branches are in more than one country.

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Monika Prasad said: (Nov 27, 2016)  
Hello friends,

According to me, MNCs are better than Indian companies because they provide us many facilities, introduce new technologies and also provide a better environment. We all know that environment plays a very important role in our life to get any achievement. Our character, communication skills and imagination power depends mostly on our environment which these companies provide us.

And they make us more knowledgeable and get a lot of things every day for communicating with our co-workers.

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Shainkey Jain said: (Nov 24, 2016)  
According to my perspectives MNCs are better than Indian companies in some factors like they provide better facilities, introduce the new technologies, providing a way to go abroad and learn a lot of things from there, and they are also better if you talk about the salary, that's why people generally focus on MNCs rather than Indian companies.

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Nikita Kumawat said: (Nov 12, 2016)  
MNCs are better than Indian companies. They are providing better environment to employees to learn more new things, technologies, new way of working and a good competition with co- workers as they have set good criteria for selecting employees. So I think MNCs are superior to Indian companies.

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Siddharth said: (Oct 22, 2016)  
According to Me, Indian companies are also giving enough competition to MNCs but Yes, they are still lacking at some point. MNC's provide good opportunities, as well as they, introduce us with new tech in the industry whereas Indian Companies are not enough to do that but we can see they are improving day by day like Flipkart, Snapdeal and so on.

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Nik said: (Oct 16, 2016)  
Hello my dear friends,

I think MNC company are better than Indian company because they will give better platform and new technology and give great opportunity to show your talent to whole world.

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Bidisha said: (Aug 9, 2016)  
Hello friends, speaking about MNCs and Indian companies, I would say MNCs are better. Apart from day to day challenges and working hard, we can to enjoy in MNCs, monthly or weekly parties are always organised in MNCs and also we get opportunities of visiting multiple places being in MNCs only, whereas Indian companies have no such scope for employees.

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Zainab said: (Jul 27, 2016)  
Hello, everyone, I would like to say that MNC are better than Indian companies because they have new technologies.

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Krishna said: (Jul 7, 2016)  
Hi, friend, as employment point of view MNC is better but MNC company use our brain is not good for Indian development.

So we should take initiative make in India to develop so I conclude Indian company is superior.

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Raghav said: (Jun 29, 2016)  
Most of you are comparing MNC's with Indian companies which are wrong. I would like to correct you all that there are MNCs which are Indian companies. MNC is any company (either Indian/foreigner) which has its operations in more than one country.

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Abhishek Kumar said: (Oct 7, 2015)  
I agree with all the points but I like to add just one point in it. MNC company have people from different country so it is chance to know about all the country that's why we say that MNC is better than Indian company.

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Keerti Singh said: (Mar 11, 2015)  
I think MNC's are good because in our country unemployment is very common and MNC help in reducing unemployment by providing jobs opportunity. Now a days competition is very high and getting government jobs is not easy task.

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Vyshnavi said: (Feb 3, 2015)  
Hi friends,

I agree to this statement MNC's are better than Indian companies, MNC's have new technologies, because of this companies unemployment rate has gone down, it gives better strategics, moreover it is important for developing countries.

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Chithra said: (Mar 11, 2014)  
I agree with all your points. Here I like to add my point, I think MNC's are better than Indian company because we can able to develop our communication skill, provide opportunity to interact with many different people. Also more salary, our economic level get increased.

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Avinash said: (Feb 11, 2014)  
Hello everyone. I appreciate your ideas but some of you are little bit confused with the MNC. MNC's are those companies who have their base in more than one country, now coming to the topic I would like to add that MNC's are better than Indian companies because they have better work environment and better training programs as it is beneficiary for us to start our carrier. In MNC's we have better exposure to the new technologies and IT ethics. Big revenue make them capable of investing in new researches as well as employees.

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Naveena said: (Jan 30, 2014)  
Hello everyone. As of my knowledge MNC is the best one. In this we can improve good communication skills as well as better knowledge on computer hardware and software. Nowadays we can't do any work without computer. SO if we work for any MNC we can improve more technical skills. Even though I support govt jobs also but the thing is no one can do their work properly it totally depends up on corruption.

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D Sridhar Rao said: (Jan 30, 2014)  
Hi, what is MNC? a company which is having their presence in many countries. So it is tuned to multiple people mind sets. But a company in India is having our own mind set. We are very much tuned to our Indian mindset. For us we feel it is very difficult to work in MNC's. We have to be open and very broad minded to understand the task. When, an MNC is having their operational presence across the globe, obviously our Indian timing's 9 am to 6 pm will not work. We have to give service for 24 hours basis only. That's way the salary difference so high. If we tuned to the MNC and it's work culture then definitely the MNC is the best place to work. Thanks.

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Megha said: (Jan 30, 2014)  
Hi friends, according to me, MNC's are better than Indian companies because of their sound environment, because of the challenges that they provide to their employees that help them in their development and in increasing their knowledge of the current technology. Moreover, there is no such point of reservation in these companies, hence they provide equal opportunities to each and every employee. Moreover, there is no point of corruption there. Every person is selected on the basis of their knowledge, confidence, hard work etc.

So, all these points point towards the importance of MNC's over Indian companies.


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Varun Singh said: (Jan 29, 2014)  
Hi friends, I agree with you all because everybody's opinion matters but I would like to add on my view point. As per the comments most of us were like we want to have less pressure, security. Is these kind of words suits well to our young generation. ? if the youth will think like this then where our India head towards. We should be quite enthusiastic, challenging toward our work. So I think those companies which give exposure to your talent just go for it. So MNC's are far better. Not MNC's even some Indian companies are doing well.

It has been analysed that most of youngsters work well in high pressure as it has also been said that one will not work untill there will be a sword hanging over their head.

If you go into that environment where people have no innovative ideas you find your mind growth becomes stagnant.

Moreover if you work with enthusiasm there will be no such kind of pressure. Your job will get insecure when you stop giving dedication to your work. So at last I would say MNC'S has got better opportunities.

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Sunny Bhatia said: (Jan 20, 2014)  
Hi friends. I think MNC is better than INDIAN company because a MNC company employee live life without corruption every day. And Now a day Salary Package also matter. In MNC company haven't reservation so everyone have a equal stage specially for gen. And aMNC Companies have a lot of pressure but its all are depend on employee how he/she manage it because this pressure extend your mind limits and you also see your abilities and capacity. Government Jobs is a part of corruption and corruption is totally change human mindset. Thanks.

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Neha said: (Jan 20, 2014)  
HI. In my opinion I feel MNC's are not at all bad. Though they give high work load we can be active unless like Indian companies. Working in Indian companies though give you peace of mind it doesn't actually make you eager to learn new things. Hard work is what India is expecting from youths. MNC's also provide many facilities to cheer up employees like gyms etc. Rather than only concentrating on work people can take some leisure time and make their work more simple than blaming about the work load. Only fruits obtained from hard work makes life good.

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Rohit Jain said: (Jan 15, 2014)  
Hi friends, MNC's provides much better facilities like home, car, etc facilities then government sector with higher earnings, updating knowledge on regular basis, and by providing holiday accommodation. Not only this when we leave one MNC co. And join other one then it just doubled our earning with well working experience. MNC'S people's earning of few year is more then lifetime earning of government employees.

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Saranya said: (Dec 24, 2013)  
Hi, I would like to share my opinion with you all. AS far as govt job likely secure more then MNC. In MNC no job guarantee as well. It has more stressful environment, people forget their laughs, happiness due to their overload environment. Then If it is Govt job, office timings are fixed because of this people who work there have more relax than MNC people. In MNC shift jobs, rotational shifts, night shift, weekend work sucking the people blood completely, they only lost their entire life about salary packages, this is not fair. Living regular life remains the world more alive.

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Remya said: (Nov 25, 2013)  
Everyone's points are surely appreciated and some extent I am agreeing with that too. What I would like to tell you is that all work whether it is government or corporate job, the employees need job satisfaction.

Some are likely to work in MNCs for getting more challenging work and enhance their skills and talents. They are not much worried of continuing on that same job in the same company. Such type of employees wants to improve their career skills and they will spend much time in the company if they get on satisfaction. Some MNC employees are looking for high paid jobs, that corporate's only can provide that. For getting high payment they are also interested to do take up any timings the company's wish. Others who are willing to work in MNCs are promotion-oriented. They want to get in to senior levels very rapidly, so that they will try to show their employability to get attention of the Seniors.

But if we are considering the government employees most of them wants to continue on the same company and it is there itself. They are not much worried about to update their skills because it won't take them to get high salaries or promotion. But some of the employees are still showing interest to enhance their skill. The government should provide salary hike and promotion for good employees rather than seniority is the only remedy to get the employability.

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Tej said: (Nov 18, 2013)  
Nowadays only people who fall in reservation category can get Govt Jobs & others who can give bribe & take bribe. Talking about health, MNCs provide all the needed facilities like good food, good atmosphere, GYM etc to maintain the same. Even some MNCs provide entertainment facilities too. There are lot of people who have quit Govt jobs & gone to work in MNCs. The quality of work done in Govt companies is Zero. 90% of people working in Govt jobs are just dead weight on land.

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ANUPRIYA said: (Oct 22, 2013)  
Hi friends.

I agree with you all. But I would also like to add that government sector is the most comfortable place to work. Where both our present and future is guaranteed but whereas in MNCS workload is more which increases our stress and health problems. As it is said if wealth is lost nothing is lost but if health is lost everything is lost. So I support government sector though it is difficult to get in.


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S.Divyashree said: (Oct 14, 2013)  
Hi friends, I have point to discuss with you people no matter where we work, it all depends on ones passion, every person has a chance to show out his talent, only thing that they has to do is to work with there interest and to utilize there surrounding resources effectively and there by giving an amazing output.

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Santosh said: (Oct 4, 2013)  
Hi friends, I feel Govt companies are much better than the MNCs as the work will be undergone with certain standards & under fixed work timings. Most of them had a wrong impression that one cannot enhance in his skills in govt sector but it is not the case for all govt companies. For example, govt companies namely BHEL, NTPC, ONGC, NHPC etc are well known for their excellent work environment & one can obviously improve the skills avoiding physical & mental pressure. The facilities provided by them are beyond the boundaries of any MNC company. MNCs are well unknown for their double work than their payment. So, after some days of work his health will be affected much and he cannot put his effort in improving his skills much.

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Swapna said: (Sep 24, 2013)  
Good morning everyone. In my opinion govt jobs are better than MNCs. We can't make our mind think more under pressure and also we need relief from the work to maintain our health properly. All these are done in govt jobs only. In MNCs even though the packages are good we have to work under pressure. Every person in the starting of their career look for the salaries but after sometime they try to get work satisfaction which can we get in govt jobs.

At last I want to say one thing Health and Mental Peace is important than Money.

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Ranjit Chouhan said: (Sep 22, 2013)  
According to my opinion MNCs are far better than Indian companies. Most important thing here is job satisfaction which we cannot have in Indian companies. Also MNC provide good facilities for the workers. If you compare the standard of the employees of two companies you can find the difference.

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Revathy said: (Aug 2, 2013)  
Hi friends, good morning to everybody. I agree the topic. Let me here to share some of my points what are running in my mind. Ya absolutely now a days, for this generation MNC is best one than Indian sector. Because now a days our government stopped pension plan. Everyone wants to work in Indian sector because they want to work in fixed time as well as secure jobs till end of their life with pension.

But unfortunately now we cannot get pension.

So my opinion is MNC is best for earning money and improve our knowledge as well as go ahead in our life ASAP.

Thank you guyz.

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Hussain Raja said: (Aug 1, 2013)  
Hi Friends, I want to tell you my own experience as I have worked for Infosys an MNC.

First thing working in Software Company has lot of work pressures, Mental Stress, You won't be able to find some relaxed time with your family for fun (Have worked even on many weekends) , long working hours, Job is not at all secure.

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Amruta said: (Jul 27, 2013)  
Hi I think though there is much work load in MNC than the govt sector but they indeed have really good packages. In MNC youngsters could get a great platform to explore their talent. It helps to get interact with all over the world. So I conclude that MNC are much superior than govt sector.

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Jaga said: (Jul 12, 2013)  
MNCs provide better platform to learn as the employees have to work judiciously as they have to perform as per the planned stucture. The employees in MNCs get exposure to improved technology and latest trends to work efficiently. The team achievement in MNCs clearly reflects the individual effort and their fair team spirit. Besides it also offers its employees a handsome salary hence a improved lifestyle!

While in the later case of Indian Company, they are limited in using latest technology. Indian companies find it too hard to invest, expand and flourish when the face stiff competition from MNCs.

When it comes to govt jobs 'CORRUPTION' comes to play its role which not only degrades the economy but also declines the spirit to work and progress. Employees do not involve actively to learn in govt jobs.

So MNCs provide a better work experience.

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Harshit said: (Jul 10, 2013)  
MNC's are better in the sense that they are unbiased in giving job opportunities. You are given a job based purely on your talent and capabilities. The problem with government sector jobs is that they often fall in the hands of the person who is most "influential" rather than falling into the hands of the person who is more "capable".

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Tarun Singhal said: (Jul 2, 2013)  
Hi, I think MNC are far better than the gov companies. As they providing huge employment to youngsters, giving proper technology, and good salary and it is not about the salary or else but MNC provides the overall development of an individual. Whereas in gov companies we all know how there employers are treated and always underestimated by other and there are very rare chance of promotions and if we talk about the infrastructures, you all know how bad the gov companies whereas MNC provides world class infrastructure which directly or indirectly motivates the employees of the organisation and we don't forget one thing that while working in the MNC, we are recognized by the brand name where we work which gives a good image in the society to.

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Meena said: (Jun 24, 2013)  
Hi. I think that the Indian companies are better than the MNCs. People those who are placed in MNCs may like and enjoy that life for a few years, even there is stress. But surely they will suffer from some health hazards due to the fast foods during night shifts. Even we earn more in that companies, we can't satisfies with our life after some years. So I just conclude that the to be placed in Indian companies is lead to a life without pressure even they provide a salary less than MNCs. Thank you.

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Mohanraj said: (Jun 8, 2013)  
Hi. When compared to government jobs MNC companies providing high salary, if we develop our Skills based on the profession, we can get higher priorities to lead a team but in government sector. We are always been underestimated and can't even one can get a promotion. ;).

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Akhileshwar Singh said: (May 6, 2013)  
According to my point of view, in today globalization market Indian company are far superior than MNC meanwhile they provide employment to backward and uneducated people but MNC always want a good qualified person for their worker. On the counter part MNC provide the excellent work culture, lesser load on employee, healthy environment and good salary. While if you look up some Indian company like tata steel who take over corus (world fifth biggest steel company) & tata motors who take over jaguar and range rover also. So we can say that Indian company are also emerging and approaching towards globalization.

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Nancy Dhiman said: (May 2, 2013)  
Hey I think MNC'S are better than the government sector as in MNC's one can attain the highest position on which he/she wants himself/herself to be more easily in a very less time. If he/she is having the capability. As in mnc's promotions are much faster than the government Sector. And likewise in mnc's the job is not monotonous rather it is enjoyable and one can shift to whichever sector he/she wants to. So in my opinion, mnc's are far better!

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Soumya said: (Apr 22, 2013)  
Hi, I prefer govt jobs than MNC, even though MNC's are providing more employment to youngsters. MNC job is not stable. Where as govt jobs are more secure, after a fixed period we will get benefits like pension and all.

Moreover in MNC jobs we have to work night shifts, which will affect our health. Although we are earning money for working shifts and all. Is there any value if we are not getting time spend it and enjoy the same with our family?

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Gaurav said: (Mar 18, 2013)  
As there are two sides of coin, in these topic also it depends on the industry we consider, if you look at the electronic gadgets industry than certainly MNC's have a technology edge there, but if you look at Tata steel or L&T than they are at par with their counterpart MNC's.

And generally in any industry MNC have benefits like more available liquidity, better technology, qualified employee. And domestic industry know the customers well, have govt backing. So both have their strength and weakness.

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Abhilashp said: (Mar 14, 2013)  
Hi all,I think Indian company are more better than MNC company. Because Indian company will select a fresh graduate. But MNC ask for experience person. Mainly Indian companies provide leaves without any strategy.

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Anu said: (Mar 10, 2013)  
HI, I Think MNC are better then Indian company, but it depend on people how they work both the company has its quality and this qualities as well MNC provide better employment and gave high salary they don't have there reservation system all men are equal for them but Indian company have there reservation system. So, I think MNC are better the Indian company thank you.

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Pradeep Bhati said: (Mar 3, 2013)  
As My point of view this world is very tough dog eat dog. To survive in this sophisticated world we should work with MNC strategy. Because every one know about our government that they decide some project and they not able to complete task in particular time for example:-.

Day after tomorrow rail as well as financial budget is announce what we see is "budget is very disappointing" because they not complete the task that they announce 4 year before.

BY this fact MNC is Superior so we should work with them and got skill and strategy to accomplish the task. By doing this we Enhance our knowledge as well as Our country.

I do not understand why people talking about they have no time to spend with family. Here is matter of MNC not HOMESICKNESS.

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Vikash said: (Feb 13, 2013)  
Hi friends, as In My Aspect MNC is the right choice when compare to government Sectors because the exposure will be differ from MNC and govt sector. We can learn and get skilled through working in MNC but In govt sector we can enjoy the beneficial allowances but priorities will be low.

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Baby said: (Jan 27, 2013)  
Hello friends in my point of view both job have equal values in their own place. If we see the government sector then we see that the money is limited but after a fixed time we have freedom to spend time with our family and the weekend with full of enjoyment but in MNC'S we have the money more than govt sector but we don't have time to spend the money on itself.

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Nishant said: (Nov 5, 2012)  
After listening to all, irrespective of all views I have my own what I feel is that MNCs are better than govt sector in the sense that we get exposed to great competition and face it. It expose us to international market and person is payed for his knowledge and many said that there is too pressure but if one does everything without stopping he can complete it in time. MNC also provide high wages. We try to innovate and invent new thing as compared to government job where person gets limited in his knowledge as he thinks it is secure job and therefore growth is minimum. In MNC's qualification exams are free from reservations hence everyone has equal opportunity hence I feel MNC's are better.

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Viveknath R said: (Oct 21, 2012)  
Now a days MNC companies are more and more popular in all country. Its has lined with government and developing companies through out the world and they are manufacturing many products and exporting and importing the goods from one places to another. So MNC companies are very popular and developing companies now days.

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Dhanasree said: (Oct 19, 2012)  
Hi friends, I'm agree with you all, but in my point of view, majority of our youngsters are capable to do their own business by investing their money, but our people are doing only earning money by, they are not willing to promote their own contribution to this word if they have more than enough money.

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Inderjit Panjrath said: (Sep 27, 2012)  
Helo friends.

I m agree with all of you. But if MNC company now try to business in our country then why we go there. They see money and manpower in India but it is un utilized. So the only problem is there is every thing available in our country we have to find.

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Vijay said: (Sep 23, 2012)  
Dear Friends we can not run away from this fact that in India the so many MNC,s which are leading in different different sectors e.g.,FMCG,communication, Electrnics and many others, and there is no doubt in this also that Reliance, Tata, Birla, Bharti, Dabur are leaders in their field. So along with good quality if there is good management is there one can can rech on the top. So i Am dening the statement the MNC,s are better.

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Nivedit Kumar said: (Jul 31, 2012)  
HI FRIENDS, In mine opinion MNC are far better than Indian companies. As we think level of competitions are more in MNC rather than Indian companies. If a person just getting govt job letter of it's life he doesn't grow as his thought become limited. (making corruption, bribes). As we think we can establish and grow in MNC's are there is transparency. I better to take MNC.

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Harsha Konagalla said: (Jul 17, 2012)  
In my view, Indians are eager to do service oriented jobs rather than thinking of a manufacturing or creative company. That is the main reason for dependence of Indian economy on MNCs. Even today we don't have a own manufacturing unit for a domestic aeroplane. So if today's engineers think to establish manufacturing companies, then we need not depend on any MNC and Indian companies will become superior. The import and exports ratio play a major role to make the value of rupee to withstand.

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Arpit Nagaich said: (Jun 25, 2012)  
Hello friends, everyone has their own way of thinking. But the most important think is that all of us know our capabilities and interest. So according to our capabilities we can choose the job. I would prefer to get a job in MNC's rather than government job because here the growth is very fast and I can get an huge exposure that leads to my personal development also.

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Anu said: (Jun 16, 2012)  
Hello friends!

In my opinion, the selection and suitability of MNC varies person to person according to his needs. No doubt that MNC are superior to Indian companies and it gives a lot of support to the Indian economy and its development as well but it has some flaws also. New Indian blood wants to be a part of MNC as it provides a lot of facility, package and exposure to international market. MNCs are only good for young people not for old age because they have night shifts too.

Overall MNCs are much much better than the Indian companies. India is suffering from the major problem i.e. unemployment. MNCs give us hope to deal with this problem by employing lacks of people of India. Also, it helps to maintain a good relationship with other countries.

MNC are superior because of we people. Indian companies can too become superior than MNCs if the best brains of India works in Indian companies rather then MNC.

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Isha said: (May 27, 2012)  
Hello people. I listened to all and would really respect each one's personal perspective. From this I came to a conclusion that every individual has his/her own views and opinions, according to personal needs and requirements they look for a particular domain which suites them in the job. As for say a person who has more inclination towards a job which requires less pressure, sparing more time for family and kids, job security, directly contributing to our Indian economy etc would prefer a govt job rather than a individual who likes to work in competitive environment, who can compromise on work shifts. Whose priority is to stay abreast and innovative, who likes exposure, good environment, globally connected, . Etc. Would definitely choose MNC's. But we should not forget the various opportunities these govt as well as MNC's are providing in today's world where still the unemployment rate is 9.4 percent according to 2010 census. They are acting as a boon for our developing nation by providing employment opportunities, giving us exposure in international markets, good salaries, high perks and lucrativeness. etc. Thereby helping directly and indirectly in building up our economy.

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VIJAY KANSAL said: (May 24, 2012)  
My dear friend.

I would like to tell that MNC is better than India companies because there we get good salary, good atmosphere, educated people. They have good knowledge about the globalization. We learn lots of new things from the other country by the help of MNC. Now a days Indian companies are also following same things. And if we talk about the Indian companies there is not more job. There is only few job. If you have any person who is working in any organization then you can get the job. Otherwise you cannot get the job. But in MNC near about 50 lacs people are working. But in private sector there is no job.

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Pranati Das said: (Apr 21, 2012)  
Hello friends, I am not telling that Indian companies are better than MNC or vice versa.

But I prefer Indian companies. In MNC heavy work pressure are their. Any time mental pressure. We are not give time to our family. But now a days many students prefer MNC as MNC can give high salary than Indian companies. Though they join in Indian companies but after some days they can go to MNC. But I think in Indian companies job satisfaction are their and the job is secure. But in MNC job are not secure. So in my point of view Indian companies are good for us.

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Purushoth said: (Apr 17, 2012)  
Hi friends, Indian companies are supporting to Indian govt, both well as state govt. Its given to no taxes for employees. MNC companies deduct to more taxes for employee salaries. Not only salary, its going to mind pressure, more than hours of working, no bonus, night shift etc. Lot of disadvantages to MNC companies. But consider to employment basis good growth. Indian companies are developing. Their didn't give any chances of Indian companies. So, end of conclusion for Indian companies are very strong. Peoples will believe Indian companies. Its a permanent. But MNC, if project not give to future and no job of MNC. So, first think, then join.

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Nimesh said: (Apr 16, 2012)  
Actually I am all supporting to the Indian companies. Actually I m willing to tell you is of course Indian companies are good to work in than in MNC because indirectly working in MNC is like kicking our nation's economic system. Because when Indian intelligent people work in MNCs, then they increase their annual income and also make research very well and Indian company have to take work with less people than its capacity and can't make progress. So why we don't work in Indian companies. And also by working in MNCs he can not enjoy some Indian festivals as well as culture because they give holidays according to their norms. MNC employer after coming home can't take care for children as well as family because MNC gives so much mental stress. There are so much companies in India better than MNC but still employers like to take job in MNCs.

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Manash said: (Apr 5, 2012)  
Hi friends.
I am neither against MNC or Indian companies nor I am in support of such business machine. They are not here to think about our satisfaction, to provide us a happy go lucky life or to boost a marvellous impact on our country's economy. They are here for their own interest and it depends on each individual how to grab their fruit from such companies as everything as its pros and cons so they are of no exception.

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Aditi said: (Apr 5, 2012)  
Hi! In my opinion both MNC's and Indian companies are sustainable in one and another reason but, one is always better than another. I'am in favour of Indian companies as it gives us time, less pressure, comfort by which we can work by full enthusiasm whereas MNC's provides high salary, more facilities and along with it lots of burden. So, in the end I would like to say that Indian companies are more stable and fruitful and almost every Indian are in favour of that. Isn't it.

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Devi said: (Mar 30, 2012)  
Hi I think Indian companies are better than MNC companies. Indians have more knowldege. All of them must think to develop nation. But some knowledge people getting more money want to stay in MNC company. They giving some free delivery produsts such as phone, ipad, laptop these ways of things to give to attract the people.

Peoples are not having thinking. They are accepted to ready for going MNC companyies.

Friends are aware of knowledge to place the company.

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Deekshit said: (Mar 29, 2012)  
Hi friends, I dnt have a great knowledge about these companies but in my opinion Indian companies are best than the MNC's. Ratan Tata, Narayana murthy and many more Industrialists are the role models for many people not only in India but abroad also. All these personalities have become popular because of their sincere effort and knowledge. So, why can't we say that these jobs are good regarding gaining knowledge? Even though the salaries are not so good as mnc's but one can get self satisfaction with these kind of jobs.

There will not be any pressure on us and can concentrate on what we do and can feel comfortable. In mnc's the salaries are high but i've seen many people who always feel tensed every time for doing the work in time. If we don't submit the work in time we had to face many serious consequences from our higher authorities. Even though weekends are holidays we can't enjoy with our family because of thinking about what would happen if monday comes again. So, I here by conclude that Indian companies are the BEST and secure than the mnc's until and unless we work hard with interest. India is a great country and always will be.

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DILBAG SINGH DEHMIWAL said: (Mar 21, 2012)  
Hello guys I thinks the mnc's are better than the Indian companies becuse when we are talking about the Indian companies then always arises a question about the Indian companies that how to equilize the budgte. Also we can compare both of them on the basis of salary and infrastructre which the mnc's have better than the Indian companies.

I wants refer a negative point of mnc's that always arises on the time of ression. When ression is comes than its directly afftects to the mnc's and Indian companies remain sustainable. Its not mean that I am going in the favor of Indian companies because how much time a ression comes and how much its remain. After ression the mnc, s again get in their role. SO MNC'S ARE BETTER THAN INDIAN COMPANIES.

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Radha said: (Mar 16, 2012)  
In my opinion Indian company is better than MNCs. If you work in indian company Fruit and profit in India. We all know India is a cultural country if mnc is in India hampering the culture. Indian MNCs such as infosys, Reliance, Airtel, Tata group, Birla group etc are not less than any of the foreign MNCs. They are also top most company in the world. Higher employe. so Indian company is Far Better than MNC.

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Raj said: (Feb 21, 2012)  
Hi our people want to earn lot of money. so they find job in MNC only. Suppose they got job in indian company they have been working for few months then they jump to MNC company because they expect value of company and money...

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Neha said: (Feb 16, 2012)  
Indian MNCs such as infosys, Reliance, Airtel, Tata group, Birla group etc are not less than any of the foreign MNCs. These companies not only provided employment to lots of Indian people but also gave them chance to show their talents beyond Indian boundaries by giving them opportunity to develop business outside. These companies have not only set themselves successfully but also got a prestigious position in other companies. They are the examples of Indian success in industrialization and globalization as well as they have set the examples in front of other Indians also that their can be another Narayan Murthy or Ratan Tata or birla. Not only this, these companies are rivals of Foreign MNCs in their respective market which is changing attitude of western people and most of them want to make business with Indians.

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Thaniya said: (Feb 13, 2012)  
I do't think so MNCs Superior to Indian Companies because TCS, Infosys Technologies, Reliance Industries, Hero Honda, L&T etc are the top most companies they have huge fiances Power, huge human resources & every thing. But think in the practical way MNC sometime wind up on urgent basis so that time people are in insecure position. The biggest example is recession that time most of MNC company comes down in fiance condition & human resources also.

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Pradeep said: (Feb 3, 2012)  
I believe that we are drifting from the topic because mnc are not only good in recruitment and labour welfare they are also providing better quality of produt, their r&d is really very good, in mncs they have better financial stability, they have their brand and they don't want to dilute them merely because of some sort of problem. One of my friend said that they fired the staff in recesion then give me answer that will Indian companies not fire the staff in recession. I think you just believe in fact but you forgot the level of operation while interpreting fact for exp. In recession a mnc fired 10000 employees out of 100000 employees which is 10% and a Indian company fires 100 out of 1000 empoyees than tell me whats the diff.

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Deepika said: (Jan 31, 2012)  
I agree that MNCs are superior than Indian companies.
In a govt. job it seems like we are in a state of hibernation while in MNCs we are living in a competitive world and we are quite active, contributing to the growth of Indian economy as well as exposing ourselves to new things that are not observed otherwise in an Indian company.

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Mustafa Mamula said: (Jan 5, 2012)  
Hi, friends !

I m AGAINST the topic; I think Indian peoples do not support Indian companies so, how they are going to survive. All majority of Indian peoples are running towards MNC's like children running in playground, without any sense. We can assure that MNC's pays high salary but they use our efficiency just double of the salary.

So, friends think properly choose the correct way as you think.

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Shiv Tiwari said: (Dec 28, 2011)  
I personally feel indian sectors are much better than MNC's.It is true that we get high salay paid for our work in an MNC but what scurity do we have for the job.It all depends on how competitive you are if you are a slow learner MNC's would kick you out.Whre in once you enter a govt organisation you can atleast take your own time and learn.Though the MNC's have developed a lot people still prefer indian companies

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Murugesh said: (Dec 25, 2011)  
Let me share some points towards MNC's are doing better than Indians.

First think, Employment. Lets think practically. If you don't find a job after your studies. , will you able to survive?

Second think about relaxation. Ya People may seek 'relaxation'. I am sure if you do the work within the time, MNCs are the best one to give more fun & engagement.

Third one is about Security. I agree the Govt Indian jobs are more secure than MNC however if you have sufficient knowledge, you don't loose your jobs.

And finally Job satisfaction. Doing the same thing for a quiet period of time will lead to bore and mental pressure. We can't learn anything. Curiosity and invention should be there to get motivation ourself which lead to work more.

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Swathi said: (Dec 12, 2011)  
HI FRIENDS I agree with most of your opinios and in opinion I also agree that mnc companies are the best companies than the Indian companies. Because most of Indian people have the theoratical knowldge as compare to the mnc companies. Most of the indians can't dare to invest more money so that this may be one reason to be a back word and mnc companies dare to invest more money so they get success when compared to Indian companies. The main thing is the mnc's provide the superior qulity and they invest the huge amount for the research nd development in this compitation world.

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Revathi said: (Dec 12, 2011)  
Hi MNCs are playing a very important role for the devolopement of Indian echonomy, in this structure they providing jobs to thre people who have pool of talent, the MNC s giving the oppertunity to them, n also they giving expected salaries to the employees.

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Hrishikesh Kumar said: (Nov 12, 2011)  
Hi I agree with the statement that MNC is superior than the Indian companies. They are generating more number of jobs in compare of the Indian companies. Because they have more superior quality of there employee and there technology are well developed. Another important is that they are operating in many country so in the age of globalization they are providing more superior environment for working and giving the class environment to there worker. They also contributing good amount of profit in Indian economy. They spend huge amount of money on the research and develop the well technology which help in beating competition. In Indian company are not more aware about there customer and they are not use up to date technology.

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Seema said: (Nov 4, 2011)  
MNCs playing a high role in indian economy. it gives such ammount of money for the nation. MNCs increasing the power of many people working in MNCs it gives experience to do work after in other sector. generally people of India liking to work in MNC. its the best chance to develope the ideas and thought till international level and good way to find own place in the world.

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Swaraj Mahapatra said: (Oct 28, 2011)  
We are preferring public sector the reason is it is giving holidays, flexibility in work and paying the same wages even after the recession how ridiculous! this is the reason why our public sector company are facing corruption because everybody are concerned with their profit. In this aspect mncs' ethics are good enough in my point of view.

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Vignesh said: (Oct 24, 2011)  
In India mnc's are not so better, we are far better thn them. In this year we have contributed so much for thhe Indian economy. Lack of job security is the quesion markin mnc?but in public sector your job is full secure. Recently after the US double dip recession, both companies were not doing well for a while. But after a few days our IT companies have performed in the share market and also BHEL and ONGC. After then within a week foreign investment came to flow for the Indian company and not for mnc's. This shows mnc's will suffer for the recession.

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Anirban said: (Oct 12, 2011)  
I think every thing has the gray line. In todays market Indian companies also doing very well for our economy as well as MNC. There is nothing about superior to one another but yes, in the race of market Indian company pulled back by the corruption that it has to suffer and MNCs don't. Indian companies are less tex payee which seems more attractive to employees. Of course mnc give a handsome salary with hifi life style but here I am totaly agree with bhanu, that.

What is the fun of getting so much money and not having the time to enjoy it? What is the fun of getting such big status and not being able to share and enjoy that with your family?

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Sumathi said: (Sep 24, 2011)  
Mnc sector in my opinion are devils only. They may pay large some money but the work tension and conditions they used to dump on us are lot they even have the power of taking the life's of the persons. So to a short term they may give us satisfaction but after looking a while in our journey through life we would missed many happy moments that can't be given by the money that they give.

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Gayatri said: (Sep 22, 2011)  
Hi MNCs are superior to Indian economy. MNCs company have more opportunities freshers, experienced person. and they give more facility. Eventhough some may feel work load in MNC's are more but the salary is high. So i conclude that MNC's are not devils in disguise.What is the fun of getting so much money and not having the time to enjoy it? What is the fun of getting such big status and not being able to share and enjoy that with you family

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SENTHA said: (Sep 19, 2011)  
HI MNC s an building block of youth we can live a colourful life when we get settle through life, I agree the point of ashu that it pays our life turning point eventhough we have to work hard but later we pay an rainbow life so I conclude that MNC S ONE OF THE DEVELOPMNT ORANGNISATION OF INDIA.

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Mohit said: (Sep 5, 2011)  
Hi MNCs are superior to Indian economy. MNCs company have more opportunities freshers, experienced person. and they give more facility. If I talk about myself i am working in it company i was fresher indian company didn't hire me ibm hire me on a good salary. as well as they provide me many facility. But it is also correct in a private the lack of security. But There are many company like ibm, tcs in these company job is secure. If you will do work hard definitely you will get good opportunities

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Rita said: (Aug 28, 2011)  
As i think mncs have both aspects that is good or bad,on one side mncs are providing employees the opportunity to earn more for them and on another side it is not having a validity of our work .WE may suffer from recession also whereas in public sector there is not such a lot dependency on these terms

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DIVYA said: (Jul 22, 2011)  
I personally feel indian sectors are much better than MNC's.It is true that we get high salay paid for our work in an MNC but what scurity do we have for the job.It all depends on how competitive you are if you are a slow learner MNC's would kick you out.Whre in once you enter a govt organisation you can atleast take your own time and learn.Though the MNC's have developed a lot people still prefer indian companies

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Hema said: (Jul 16, 2011)  
Hai MNCS are superior to Indian companies definitely I agree with this why because MNCS providing more opportunities to compare with Indian companies they encourage globalization also trough this only they establish subsidiaries in different countries then only they are able to provide goods and services to the people MNCS recruit different countries people they are having different type of cultures also MNCS establish their subsidiaries in low wage countries by using this strategy they recruit high skilled employees and also they are establishing their subsidiaries in developing countries why because developing the poor country nations not only developing the poor countries through this they develop their businesses also, in some countries surplus natural resources are also available mncs establish their subsidiaries in that countries to gain the competitive advantage, in case of Indian companies they are not using this type of strategies so MNCS are superior to Indian companies.

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J.Parthasaradhi Reddy said: (Jul 16, 2011)  
Hai to compare mncs with Indian companies, both are having their own qualities but in mncs we have a chance to work with persons having different cultures, different fashions and explore our ideas in international level. Through this mncs the relationship among different countries will be developed. In mncs we compete with people in global level. So mncs having this good qualities to compare with Indian companies.

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Sakshi said: (Jul 3, 2011)  
Hi friends, i dont have any kind of experience of working in MNC's or in public sector..but yes m going to work in there after completing my studies..MNC's are not devils in disguise m fully agreed with this but what about the happiness of that person? each nd every person likes to share his/her happiness or sorrow with his family.it could be becoz of any thing..people do not have time to spend with their family..

even some times it happens that there is worst situation for an employee but after requesting thousands tyms he is not able to get leave.why so???
What is the use of this money which is not giving us natural and real happiness??

I think that instead of working in MNC's and getting a large amount of salary but not having tym even for themself to work in public sector is good.atleast we have tym for ourself and for our family..its ok that now we are not having sam amount of family..

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Sumit Behal said: (Jun 18, 2011)  
It is true that MNCs provide high salary packages but there is no job security. On the other hand public sector offers several types of benefits like free telephones, free driver, car, domestic helper. These types of services are not provided by pvt ltd companies.

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Bhanu said: (Apr 13, 2011)  
But my dear friends,let me tell you the true situation of MNCs in 3 points:
1.) When you get to relax on weekends, the pressure of your work aches your body and your mind.
2.) The tension that follows every recession.
3.) The insecurity and lacking the opprtunities to enjoy with your own family because we can't get that many holidays as we are working for them and they are paying for it without any second thought of our comfort and relaxation.
What is the fun of getting so much money and not having the time to enjoy it? What is the fun of getting such big status and not being able to share and enjoy that with you family?

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