Who says MNCs are superior to Indian companies?

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Mohit said:   1 decade ago
Hi MNCs are superior to Indian economy. MNCs company have more opportunities freshers, experienced person. and they give more facility. If I talk about myself i am working in it company i was fresher indian company didn't hire me ibm hire me on a good salary. as well as they provide me many facility. But it is also correct in a private the lack of security. But There are many company like ibm, tcs in these company job is secure. If you will do work hard definitely you will get good opportunities

SENTHA said:   1 decade ago
HI MNC s an building block of youth we can live a colourful life when we get settle through life, I agree the point of ashu that it pays our life turning point eventhough we have to work hard but later we pay an rainbow life so I conclude that MNC S ONE OF THE DEVELOPMNT ORANGNISATION OF INDIA.

Pradeep bhati said:   1 decade ago
As My point of view this world is very tough dog eat dog. To survive in this sophisticated world we should work with MNC strategy. Because every one know about our government that they decide some project and they not able to complete task in particular time for example:-.

Day after tomorrow rail as well as financial budget is announce what we see is "budget is very disappointing" because they not complete the task that they announce 4 year before.

BY this fact MNC is Superior so we should work with them and got skill and strategy to accomplish the task. By doing this we Enhance our knowledge as well as Our country.

I do not understand why people talking about they have no time to spend with family. Here is matter of MNC not HOMESICKNESS.

Rohit jain said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends, MNC's provides much better facilities like home, car, etc facilities then government sector with higher earnings, updating knowledge on regular basis, and by providing holiday accommodation. Not only this when we leave one MNC co. And join other one then it just doubled our earning with well working experience. MNC'S people's earning of few year is more then lifetime earning of government employees.

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