Who says MNCs are superior to Indian companies?

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Anu said:   1 decade ago
HI, I Think MNC are better then Indian company, but it depend on people how they work both the company has its quality and this qualities as well MNC provide better employment and gave high salary they don't have there reservation system all men are equal for them but Indian company have there reservation system. So, I think MNC are better the Indian company thank you.

Sriram said:   3 years ago
Hi, I am Sriram, In my point of view, MNCs companies is superior greater than local companies, because local companies are no more facility and not sure to get the salary through the work like more than 9 hours, but MNC is more facilities and makes my self improve and get the opportunity for Overseas job when my performance is improving but the local companies not provide this kind of opportunity. I sure to say MNC is superior in India.

Thank you all.

Sumit behal said:   1 decade ago
It is true that MNCs provide high salary packages but there is no job security. On the other hand public sector offers several types of benefits like free telephones, free driver, car, domestic helper. These types of services are not provided by pvt ltd companies.

Deekshit said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends, I dnt have a great knowledge about these companies but in my opinion Indian companies are best than the MNC's. Ratan Tata, Narayana murthy and many more Industrialists are the role models for many people not only in India but abroad also. All these personalities have become popular because of their sincere effort and knowledge. So, why can't we say that these jobs are good regarding gaining knowledge? Even though the salaries are not so good as mnc's but one can get self satisfaction with these kind of jobs.

There will not be any pressure on us and can concentrate on what we do and can feel comfortable. In mnc's the salaries are high but i've seen many people who always feel tensed every time for doing the work in time. If we don't submit the work in time we had to face many serious consequences from our higher authorities. Even though weekends are holidays we can't enjoy with our family because of thinking about what would happen if monday comes again. So, I here by conclude that Indian companies are the BEST and secure than the mnc's until and unless we work hard with interest. India is a great country and always will be.

Devi said:   1 decade ago
Hi I think Indian companies are better than MNC companies. Indians have more knowldege. All of them must think to develop nation. But some knowledge people getting more money want to stay in MNC company. They giving some free delivery produsts such as phone, ipad, laptop these ways of things to give to attract the people.

Peoples are not having thinking. They are accepted to ready for going MNC companyies.

Friends are aware of knowledge to place the company.

Purushoth said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends, Indian companies are supporting to Indian govt, both well as state govt. Its given to no taxes for employees. MNC companies deduct to more taxes for employee salaries. Not only salary, its going to mind pressure, more than hours of working, no bonus, night shift etc. Lot of disadvantages to MNC companies. But consider to employment basis good growth. Indian companies are developing. Their didn't give any chances of Indian companies. So, end of conclusion for Indian companies are very strong. Peoples will believe Indian companies. Its a permanent. But MNC, if project not give to future and no job of MNC. So, first think, then join.

Viveknath R said:   1 decade ago
Now a days MNC companies are more and more popular in all country. Its has lined with government and developing companies through out the world and they are manufacturing many products and exporting and importing the goods from one places to another. So MNC companies are very popular and developing companies now days.

Nancy dhiman said:   1 decade ago
Hey I think MNC'S are better than the government sector as in MNC's one can attain the highest position on which he/she wants himself/herself to be more easily in a very less time. If he/she is having the capability. As in mnc's promotions are much faster than the government Sector. And likewise in mnc's the job is not monotonous rather it is enjoyable and one can shift to whichever sector he/she wants to. So in my opinion, mnc's are far better!

Mohanraj said:   1 decade ago
Hi. When compared to government jobs MNC companies providing high salary, if we develop our Skills based on the profession, we can get higher priorities to lead a team but in government sector. We are always been underestimated and can't even one can get a promotion. ;).

Revathi said:   1 decade ago
Hi MNCs are playing a very important role for the devolopement of Indian echonomy, in this structure they providing jobs to thre people who have pool of talent, the MNC s giving the oppertunity to them, n also they giving expected salaries to the employees.

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