What India needs is a Dictatorship?

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Akshai Pal said:   9 years ago
I think India need a dictator having good qualities of Hitler, Saddam Hussain etc. There are many points TO SUPPORT THE MOTION. Some of them are:

I. The higher or richer sections of the society exposed the common people in all ways before independence of India and now after independence of India the so called politicians are very well know for their corruption and how these politicians protest against bills, laws and amendments which are in favor of the common people as they don't won't the central or state government to work. And then blame the government for not working properly.

II. Even during crisis the political parties don't support each other.

III. Innocent people trapped by these politicians are suppressed and they are voices are never been heard. If poor people are not able to repay their debt of a certain amount of money including the interest the either take all their money and property but still if it is insufficient they take away their women and children and force them to do work or force them to commit crime.

IV. These politicians have so much of power that after been elected by the common people misuse their power. They are provided with so many facilities that they just want more and more.

V. A politician gets away from any scandal and scam by bribing or using other methods as the JUDICIARY OF INDIA IS WEAK, THE POLICE CORRUPT AND THE MEDIA WHO STRUGGLES FOR THEIR NEWS CHANNEL OR NEWSPAPERS GLORY.

VI. If there is a protest for increment of salaries of politicians then within days the act would be passed and there would be a war of words that be a major one within those days but if farmers and labors want an increase in their salary then either the politicians keep quiet or make funny remarks.

VII. When a man gets thrashed up abroad who is any Indian citizen then politicians blame the the government of that country but when a foreign women gets raped then they keep quiet.

VIII. Its not only politicians but the government officials that are lazy and get easily bribed and are always insufficient with there work.

IX. Politicians get so much of money and facilities that if you divide all the money and facilities given to all politicians the state of poverty in India would get much better.

X. "CORRUPTION SWEEPS THROUGH EVERY CORNER" This statement I find is very true because India has such a weak constitution that the laws are of no use as they are not implemented properly, also, too much of leniency that makes it easy for corrupt people to expand corruption in every field.

As you can see its is the fault of politicians mostly. There is no point of marching with candlesticks or doing a hunger strike. Like the French Revolution and The Russian Revolution India needs and Indian Revolution to show how strong and furious the common people are if anyone crosses there limit. Yes, there would be demerits but the merits need to be seen also.

The only thing is that the dictator is successful in maintaining the economy of the society, and maintain peace and harmony.

Mohit said:   1 decade ago
Dictatorship will breed development though straightforward decision making: A dictator being the all powerful head of the state will face no opposition from other parties as in a democracy. He will thus have complete freedom to execute his decisions which might breed development.

- Better control the variables of human development: One of the biggest examples is China (a Communist country) where the population has been brought under control by the government, through the one-child norm policy which is virtually impossible in the Indian democracy.

- Dictatorship is a more economic institution: In a country like India where poverty is a lingering problem, it is but a luxury to spend lakhs on a single election. Dictatorship is thus a far more economic institution.

- Dictatorships regimes can be a path for countries to move on from civil wars and focus on development: China can be used as an example yet again, as the country has been almost absolutely insulated from wars and terrorist attacks.

- Dictatorships have flexibility in economic policy that breeds growth: Democracy can often stagnate economic development. An example is West Bengal where the Tata group could not establish their factory in Singur due to stiff resistance from the opposition party in the government.

- Dictatorship helps achieve social stability: Yes it does.

- The longer lasting and biggest economic miracles have occurred under dictatorships : An example is Hitler's reign in Germany. "The Nazis came to power in Germany in 1933, at a time when its economy was in total collapse, with ruinous war-reparation obligations and zero prospects for foreign investment or credit. Yet through an independent monetary policy of sovereign credit and a full-employment public-works program, the Third Reich was able to turn a bankrupt Germany, stripped of overseas colonies it could exploit, into the strongest economy in Europe within four years, even before armament spending began".

- Dictatorship breeds order: In a country like India where law and order is disrupted time and again, dictatorship is definitely going to help out. Even in the 21st century Indian women are vulnerable and rape and molestation cases are reported throughout the country from upscale Delhi to the remote villages of Burdwan. India needs a really strong leader who can make the country safe enough for our women to move around fearlessly, with their heads held high.

- Dictators have incentives to promote development and diminish social differences: A lot of readers might still be optimistic enough to feel that democracy will spell better days for India, but as a youth frustrated with the current situation of my country I feel that we really need a change and dictatorship may just be the way out for a better, brighter India.

Pranay Dutta said:   10 years ago
As of what India needs today, it is nothing other than a strong dictator; who can take decisions instantly.

Today, we live in a society full of anti-social elements. Even if some of us dare and speak against it, our voice is oppressed by the powerful. But, who are these powerful people and where do they come from ?

Well, they are nothing but ordinary people who are very clever. They use the weakness of the common masses cleverly against others in a very efficient manner. In doing so, they "ROB" the rightfully earned money of others, through which this whole system runs.

It is a common practice in human behaviour that people respect and follow the orders those whom they fear, like we all fear The Almighty. If this rule is applied to our society, then there is no law or person, as such, today whom the people are afraid of. Robbers, culprits, dacoits and many other anti-social elements are today roaming free, causing harm to others. Had they been afraid of 'LAW and ORDER', our country would not have been where we are today. The law making body our country also doesn't want to make strict laws because if someone from their side is accused, then they would also have to face charges.

The Judiciary of our country is also very lenient. If someone accused of a very serious crime, like murder, is about to be hanged, The Supreme Court or The High Court of the respective place put a stay order on it. This is the reason why the family of the victim of 16/12 rape case is still awaiting justice. The assassinators of Shri Rajiv Gandhi should have been given death by now, but still they were let off and their punishment changed to Life Sentence. Tourists are also not spared many times in our country. This would not only lead to the degradation of our country's reputation, but our Tourism sector would be worst hit. Very shameful for our country.

Now, coming to "Dictatorship". Yes, dictatorship is the worst form of government, but still the need of time for India is dictatorship. A dictator, who can make strong laws; who can revolutionize our country, is much required. Adolf Hitler has said in his autobiography Mein Kampf - "I am thankful to that period of life (when he was in Vienna) because it hardened me and enabled me to be as tough as I am now. I am grateful that I was thrown into a world of misery and poverty and thus came to know the people for whom I was afterwards to fight. " The laws made by the dictator would be very strict, thereby creating fear in the mind of culprits and help in decreasing the crime level of our country.

We should always hope that one day, our this dream shall come true. The youth of India has the capability to accomplish this feat.

DEVASHIS said:   1 decade ago

While we talk of dictatorship we always tend to think and give examples of nazis and fascists etc but think of this, if we talk about voting a right candidate to power why can't a honest person come to power by himself and lead by example now thats a possibility. Democracy is new to India and its just few decades old and look at its condition, people have lost faith on the government entirely. We are a deadly mix of people who were never meant to remain together But all we need is a cohesive force, a force so powerful that will not only bind us with fear but peace, stability and development. The dictatorship in India should be like as follows:

1. The revised constitution will be the only holy book of law.

2. A party with nationalistic programmes and no hidden agenda.

3. No reservations but instead robust facilities and talent development.

4. Governmental participation based on education, experience and likeness of public.

5. No appeasement politics but yes the hinduism should be taught to the world as this is the only land for hindus.

6. A uniform civil code and cooperative participation from grassroot levels.

7. Everything that is anti-national should be banned.

8. Sanskrit should be made compulsory at schools.

9. A single party in which anyone can participate.

10. 5 year elections will still be conducted but with revised and best election procedures.

11. Revision of authority and simpler governance mechanisms in place.

12. Growth, prosperity and city hygiene should be first on agenda.

13. Religious and cultural organisations should be monitored and any hate propaganda should be met with strict punishment.

14. The glory days of India should be brought back with efficient and honest governance and full public participation.

I can write many such points but at the end of the day its our necessity and our desperation and frustration with the current state of affairs that has led us to find the best way to drive our nation. And last but not the least isn't it that our so called 5 year governance is actually TEMPORARY DICTATORSHIP. THINK ABOUT THAT. AND YES IF YOU HAVEN'T FIGURED OUT YET AS TO WHO DICTATES YOU NOW FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CRITICIZE.

. .PEACE. .

Deep Patel said:   8 years ago
Yes. India needs a dictatorship but history has many examples to prove this wrong. Giving the thought of the present day India and the mindset with which we live.

1. Walking along the road you find TRASH everywhere, cattle roaming everywhere in the place where I live. They must be placed where they are supposed to in the bin and the cattle in their area. The mindset of the people has to be changed for this if we want to want to make a Swacch Bharat. (the attitude of "CHALEGA" has to be removed).

2. The POPULATION of India is also the major factor affecting the growth rate at which we are developing. A stringent population policy must be introduced.

3. Also, the KASHMIR issue along with TERRORISM has to be dealt with seriously which can end a major part of our budget being spent on the defense also the claiming of lives of many soldiers.

4. CORRUPTION has to be dealt with seriously if we want a developed India.

5. The people have to think about the caste, creed, race, sex, color and the morale of India as a whole with each person contributing to the growth of the country.

6. We being the largest democracy in the world spend a lot in the elections and other related activities to the elections which can be used for any other development work.

7. The gap between the rich and the poor.

8. Equal laws for all. Respect for WOMEN.

9. MOST importantly the issue of RESERVATION, we need to get over this as soon as we can and make an ECONOMIC criteria for reservation. (which Modi will play once the whole system is converted to white economy after this demonetization move).

10. The traffic in our country is very unorganized and needs a revolution to curb the pollution.

All the above issues can be dealt with by moving from democracy to a new system (need not necessarily a dictatorship) but a system in which we all treat each other as equal and change our mindset of "CHALEGA". Also, stringent laws with respect to molestation, rape, traffic, population control must be in place.

Till then let's do best with this system in place and make the best out of this for INDIA being good responsible citizens.

Abhimanyu said:   9 years ago
Sisters and brothers of India, let me please make understand the importance of dictatorship and clear your conscience of influential impressions formed over decades of misleading facts provided by the subjugated intellectual authorities.

Considering the long history of India (some of it not recorded) India lost its importance and glory when it lost its brutality. The Indian civilization as we all know began and advanced well before any other known civilization. Hence as it is evident in the recent history that the more advancements and growth a country makes the less brutal it becomes and the more it comes under diplomatic foreign influences.

Therefore being established long before the Indian empire after completing its quota of (annexations, attack, division of kingdoms, establishment of dynasties, killings in the name of king) brutality, it became a stable militarily weakened and a moral and intellectual and peace loving empire. Taking advantage of this weakened brutality the foreign invaders ruled India for over 800 years. So after finally getting independence and recognition in 1947.

India should have re established its brutality and firmness to tackle the newly reformed world that is India needed a strong dictator to dictate terms instead of professing a new concept of democracy at that time.

Due to Indians lack of knowledge about the western idea of democracy India became a victim of unawareness and constituted a system of government divided on religious lines just to overcome its tendency to get exposed globally on how tough it was for India to sustain its diverse culture.

Hence I strongly believe that just one term of dictatorial or authoritarian government would have lifted India morally as well as economically as is the case of china. India would have been a more respected nation by the western world.

Elina said:   10 years ago
Hi, I would like to express my opinion too about this topic.

When too much of power is concentrated in one hand, it generally leads to misuse of such power. Dictatorship is exactly that. One person can initiate a change but unless everyone 'willingly' follows it, the change is just a dormant one or futile. And forcing a person is not an option. Dictatorship represents all that. Moreover, it is not necessary that the dictator whose gonna come up has a completely pure intention. Thus, the solution of India's increasing crimes and corruption is not dictatorship.

Democracy, without a doubt, is the best form of government but just selecting a person and handing them some power and hoping that they would change or end the entire nation's grief is just pathetic. They could just formulate laws to build a dream nation but without the cooperation of citizens living in it, it is an impossible task. If the citizens refuse to follow their duty then I doubt the political leader (with no matter how much a clear intention) couldn't bring about any change. The task of betterment of nation lies in our (citizen's) hand and not some random person we select to hand over the duty of handling the nation. They are doing their duty and we should do ours.

And dictatorship is definitely not the answer to the challenges the nation is facing. A tyrannical dictator could do as much as the political leader albeit with much more force. But it will ultimately do as much good as the present govt is because ultimately the change more in citizen's hand than in leaders. Leaders can guide us but unless the citizens take it upon themselves to follow the guidance it is as good as a candle without matches.

Raj said:   1 decade ago
No, all that India needs to be a superpower is that the educated people like you and me should understand our responsibility well and contribute to its prosperity by our deeds. Had we been realising this since we got freedom the scenario would have been quite different. We call names to the politicians and say damn things about them and escape even the most important role to be played as a citizen of a democracy - VOTING - just on the pretext that all the politicians are the same and we will not vote to any.

While saying so we do not realise that this is our vote which could make the difference because we will always be choosing a lesser evil, even if the assumption of all the politicians being evil is correct.

If we would be choosing the least evil since our independence the best evil would have come out by now to rule the country. This is we who waste most of the precious resources of the country which are not in abundance and leave the weaker section deprived of, for instance, drinking water, electricity, cooking gas, fuel etc. Etc. The bold and clear question in front of we the intellect and educated people is WHO GETS DIRTY TO CLEAN THE HOUSE OF OUR OWN. In fact the weaker and uneducated section of our society is not even aware of the responsibilities of a responsible citizen.

So how can we expect him to have less children and not increase the already burgeoning population of the country. Again this is we who can educate them at least as much as it is necessary to read and write. Do we not encounter in our everyday life at least one such illiterate person who comes across our routine life and we can educate him/her?

Partha Jois said:   8 years ago
This a subject way out of today's Agenda. That does not mean that it has lost its importance. YES, India needs dictatorship. Leaving democracy may appear a dangerous step towards the development, but hey we know what the speed of development of this nation is. We all know India is a spectacular place, but it could be even better, with all good people. For this we need a strong autocracy, this may appear menacing, this leads to people raging against the person who has the opinion of dictatorship, but if it is given a deep thought, it appears that dictating works in India far better than what democracy does.

Contestants in elections use money and liquor as a means to tempt people to vote for them. This happens where I live. And people are attracted to them, this is not right. This happens not in front of a responsible citizen's eye, but behind him. In order to remove this, we should teach lessons not only for those contestants but also those who accepted the money or anything it might be. Punishments do not work because people who reinforce those punishments are also indulging themselves in these nasty practices For this people must be empowered. These complicated things can never be ruled out until and unless the whole system is ruled out. And yes that is the only solution for this country.

Dictatorship also has some boundaries, what the country needs is not Hitler-Dictatorship but A good dictatorship. If this does not happen, this leads to the even bad government. But, we can conclude that a Dictatorship can be the best to India, but it can also be a danger.

Akash pandit said:   6 years ago
Absolutely, It is been 71 years parties come and go but what they do scam scam scam rich is getting richer and poor is becoming poorer plus disbalance in natural resource a major population has no idea what the hell is going on plus middle class make everything except they live like they don't belong to nation they do protest sometimes what happens nothing good to country plus religion is also disbalanced do you guys know there is not a single Hindi country in whole damn world there are Islamic, Christian, Buddhism and also Jew nation which is only 60lakh people and 100 crores Hindi don't have their motherland fuck secularism India should become Israel the best country in dictatorship nowadays Islamic people don't sing national anthem what the hell they keep their religion above country it should be terminated under dictatorship plus everybody should join and taught the love to motherland in force like Israel plus there should be disabandoning of people who come to West Bengal from Bangladesh they account to 2 to 5 crores India should be made available as a gem to our future family sons daughter etc they should live here peacefully with every resource basic which provide real happiness. Plus this things from the practice of constitutional right are never gonna happen so we need dictatorship. Everybody hate Hitler for what he did as Holocaust yeah that's fucking absurd but he also develops Germany at a pace never seen before so we need dictatorship who also love humanity with doing the right development for country and world.

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