What India needs is a Dictatorship?

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Yash Tiwari said:   3 months ago

In my opinion, India definitely needs a dictatorship if it wants to become a developed country and overtake China. Most of the people in India don't respect the laws of India and our laws and judicial system are outdated it is provided by Britishers with the intent to have control over India even after providing independence. Also, the executive sector is totally messed up where officers don't respect common citizens and they feel like they are not answerable to them. Sometimes it feels like our IAS/IPS have just replaced the white people and they consider themselves superior and are totally corrupt. There is a need for discipline only then our country can progress.

Corporations fear creating industries in India because of the lack of infrastructure and an outdated, corrupt, slow system where you have to provide bribes from top to bottom and even after that there is no guarantee that they will get full cooperation.

Most of the MNCs prefer to create industries in countries where democracy is not present because of the support they get from the government and stability.

Ramesh Mishra said:   8 months ago
India is a dictatorship in the guise of Democracy. India needs similar to the Nuremberg trial to prosecute the home-grown dictators. IAS, IPS and PCS, most of them do not recognise domestic, international and moral laws.

Ishaan Kaur said:   1 year ago
I don't get it. Why would you want a dictatorship?

Remember how Indira Gandhi was? She was responsible for shutting down people's civil liberties, imprisoning journalists, and other heinous activities. We the people can still choose an efficient leader. A dictatorship would crackdown on our freedom.

Nitish Kumar said:   3 years ago
India is a democratic country. Democracy means of the people, for the people, by the people. India has always followed a culture of discipline. India carries the principle of diversity. India can not dictatorship country because of many religions, caste system different language. India and china same time freedom but china twenty times progress than India because China is dictatorship country and strict rules or regulations and education system is the best and same religion but India is democracy country and education system not good, many leaders are corrupt.

Sparsh Agarwal said:   3 years ago
Greetings Guys.

I really think that a country like India that possess a lot of diversity in every aspect should go in hands of patriotic and straightforward dictator for a particular period. The current situation is where everyone is having a lot of freedom in different terms and they are misusing it in exploiting other social and religious issues. People with their vibrant thoughts are actually taking the priorities of misguiding others and taking them on an irregular path of rebellion and at last controversies. The main problem that needs serious attention is not the economy or power but is religious diversity and those people who are promoting it for their penny sake. Democracy is a really good option when the freedom is concerned but in the present scene, our country seriously needs an objective single men to rule who should think above religion and can sort the basic issues that are going on in the area after which the secondary issues like economy and trade can be corrected.

Mankesh Shah said:   3 years ago
Hello, This is Mankesh Shah.

In my opinion Country like India doesn't need dictatorship because this country has many religions, caste people speaking different languages so if one becomes Dictator he may only look after focused side or may behave partially in taking decisions towards common people.

Rather than having Dictatorship India needs a good leader/Party to take the whole country towards overall development.

A good leader is enough for any country to take common people towards life's success path.

India needs strong rules and regulations and they must be followed by every single citizen of the country.

Kaushik Ghosh said:   3 years ago
I think India needs a benevolent and patriotic dictator for a 15 year period. One who can stop the propaganda run by each media outlets in India which gives rise to communal tension in our society. I believe the press shouldn't be allowed to run their propaganda in defaming a particular religion or culture. Development, economy and foreign relation should be the issues emphasised in our country. India needs a dictator who can keep the people of our country united. Nationalism should be enforced and one should always view themselves as an Indian before anything.

Only when we the people of India are united and proud of our country, we can take India to New heights and I believe this is not possible in a democracy run by corrupt politicians and a worthless opposition.

Aman said:   3 years ago
India needs dictatorship because one person's control can solve many problems like overpopulation, terrorism, and then there I'll be one focus on developing this great nation. Democracy can survive where people are civilized and believe in law and order here people wear a helmet because they don't want to pay for penalty rather than it is a safety for themself. It's been 70 years to our independence still we are stuck in the old system of work like a tortoise. When there is a terrorist attack on India some section of society celebrates as their success and no action taken by government There will be clarity in decision making and overall implementation of policies. A dictatorship can solve many of India's long going issues.

YaswanthM said:   4 years ago
No, India only needs a powerful leader. Besides democracy, our constitution provides basic powers to amend strict rules to make a change. An only powerful leader can do this.

Shikhar Pratap Singh said:   4 years ago
Hi, this is Shikhar.

India has always been a country, which follows the culture of self-discipline in ruling other nations. It carries the principle of diversity. All were given the rights. But in the present scenario, we as a whole seemingly have failed to attain this motive. The people are making propaganda of even smaller things. The healthy social media objective is a long-gone thing. Frivolous issues are trending and are becoming a big hit.

In this kind of a situation when the country is heading towards a complete disorder (anarchy) and people are making a mockery of almost every agenda, the idea of dictatorship comes as a sudden flash to mind of a few conscientious people. Besides, this rule will help people learn self discipline and understand the values of what India was.

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