What India needs is a Dictatorship?

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S. Kumar said:   6 years ago
Hello Everyone,

I strongly feel that India needs a patriotic dictatorship. As some of you are saying that there risk of the wrong person getting the power. My dear people, we are still taking that risk in democracy & we are getting failed every time.

I just want to ask "is this democracy doing any good to you?, can your children go out in the night? Etc. I have lots of questions regarding that but I don't want to take so much of time.

Actually, we are the hurdles in full development, because we take everything for granted, Just one example, Like breaking the traffic rules. We know that it can be very much damageable for us or anybody else but we just do it. We are becoming very stubborn in not following the law & we are not going to follow the law unless of until we are afraid for our own life. For that, I think we need a dictatorship.

There is the old saying "If You want something good, you will have to lose something" & I totally believe in this.

If we want a good future than we will have to take this risk. I know it will create lots of chaos, but it will surely change for good.

MEENAKSHI said:   8 years ago
India need a mix of both democracy and dictatorship. India need an honest, patriot, responsible, educated, straight-forward and strict leader. The problem will not get solved with democracy or dictatorship, it will get solved by changing our mentality. We need to change our mindset. India boasts of highest population of youth in the world. Everyone dreams of becoming a doctor, engineer, accountant, managers, professors, teachers, lawyers. Does anyone want to become a politician? Why?

India have a lots of educational institutes for doctors and engineers. But do we have any single educational institute where the people who rule us are being taught? There is no qualification to be a politician. That is the reason why we are being ruled by foolish, uneducated people in the name of democracy. Problem is with common people, who first elect the foolish, uneducated people and criminals to rule our country, and then cry of corruption and scams.

The youth needs to come up and lead the country from the front. Its high time now, more honest people need to enter politics. We need to grow up from the petty politics in the name of caste, creed and religion. We should have a feeling "COUNTRY COMES FIRST".

NEHA said:   9 years ago
Hi friends,

I want to ask a question: How would you feel if government order you to leave your all your belonging ? You will be looted in a moment. Thats what a dictator does. They only think of development of country in materialistic term not of common people. Can you live without freedom? of course not. So for a country like India which is having diversity in language, religion etc Dictatorship is not a right choice. Instead the existing government should undergoes some reforms. Some of them are as follows:.

1. Decision making process should be accelerated.
2. Effective laws should be made fast.
3. Judgement should be made less time consuming.
4. Feeling of Patriotism should come in every Indian heart.
5. Everyone should try to do reform at grass level.

This series is endless. If I continue this it will look like existing law of Indian government. So stop suggesting and start implementing.

Kunjal chawhan said:   8 years ago
Dictatorship is on its own is very bad for any nation, if history has taught us anything about dictatorship then its the bad consequences that it faces because of it. What India needs is both dictatorship and democracy because in a democratic nation people lives happily. Dictatorship should be applies in areas like.

CLEANLINESS - People not following cleanliness should be penalized compulsorily. If this rule is followed then roads will be clean. Regular diseases will be decreased caused by Bactria and other agents caused by not following cleanliness.

PROHIBITION ON BRIBE - Whichever sector may it be public or private. Taking and giving of bribe should be compulsorily prohibited anyone not following this rule should be sent to prison for at least a month. Among both the parties giver/receiver.

PENALTY ON DELAY - May it be private sector or government sector in either case they should be penalized if work is not done in given time if thus rule is followed there would not come any chance of bribe, because people pay bribe to speed up the system and understanding people urgency they deliberately complete task late so that they can score bribe.

In such a way if dictatorship is used in such areas a lot of development could be brought in. Because people would only follow when they are penalized under dictatorship otherwise they would pay bribe and speed up the system.

Rakesh said:   10 years ago
Before speaking about democracy or dictatorship. I would like to highlight few hypocritical mentality of we indians.

1. Who does not give their tax on time?
2. Who abuses women?
3. Who is responsible for child marriages?
4. Who buys black sims and movie dvds etc. ?
5. Who over drinks alcohol and smokes and take drugs?
6. Who gives money under-table?
7. Who becomes district officers, police officers, and officers of various public service department?
8. Who employs children in hotel or at home as servant?

To all these questions the answer is the same "it is we common people are the one who do it" and not the "government".

From where does the MLA's and MP's come from ? of course they don't come from hell but once they use to be common people like us!

And in future we will be the one who will rule the government.

Blaming or changing the government may not be a solution to our problem but changing ourselves and by giving a bit extra time for our country can develop India within 5 years! yes !I m not kidding!

The only solution to our problem is 1. Change in mentality of our people, 2. And become a bit less selfish.

THAT'S ALL IS ENOUGH TO CHANGE OUR COUNTRY!(my speech was quite long. Sorry if you all got bored).

Akshai Pal said:   8 years ago
I think India need a dictator having good qualities of Hitler, Saddam Hussain etc. There are many points TO SUPPORT THE MOTION. Some of them are:

I. The higher or richer sections of the society exposed the common people in all ways before independence of India and now after independence of India the so called politicians are very well know for their corruption and how these politicians protest against bills, laws and amendments which are in favor of the common people as they don't won't the central or state government to work. And then blame the government for not working properly.

II. Even during crisis the political parties don't support each other.

III. Innocent people trapped by these politicians are suppressed and they are voices are never been heard. If poor people are not able to repay their debt of a certain amount of money including the interest the either take all their money and property but still if it is insufficient they take away their women and children and force them to do work or force them to commit crime.

IV. These politicians have so much of power that after been elected by the common people misuse their power. They are provided with so many facilities that they just want more and more.

V. A politician gets away from any scandal and scam by bribing or using other methods as the JUDICIARY OF INDIA IS WEAK, THE POLICE CORRUPT AND THE MEDIA WHO STRUGGLES FOR THEIR NEWS CHANNEL OR NEWSPAPERS GLORY.

VI. If there is a protest for increment of salaries of politicians then within days the act would be passed and there would be a war of words that be a major one within those days but if farmers and labors want an increase in their salary then either the politicians keep quiet or make funny remarks.

VII. When a man gets thrashed up abroad who is any Indian citizen then politicians blame the the government of that country but when a foreign women gets raped then they keep quiet.

VIII. Its not only politicians but the government officials that are lazy and get easily bribed and are always insufficient with there work.

IX. Politicians get so much of money and facilities that if you divide all the money and facilities given to all politicians the state of poverty in India would get much better.

X. "CORRUPTION SWEEPS THROUGH EVERY CORNER" This statement I find is very true because India has such a weak constitution that the laws are of no use as they are not implemented properly, also, too much of leniency that makes it easy for corrupt people to expand corruption in every field.

As you can see its is the fault of politicians mostly. There is no point of marching with candlesticks or doing a hunger strike. Like the French Revolution and The Russian Revolution India needs and Indian Revolution to show how strong and furious the common people are if anyone crosses there limit. Yes, there would be demerits but the merits need to be seen also.

The only thing is that the dictator is successful in maintaining the economy of the society, and maintain peace and harmony.

Ritika Sharma said:   9 years ago
To all those who feel that there should be dictatorship in INDIA, friends, if there would be dictatorship, you would not be even able to express this view of yours. We can debate here only because there is FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.

And how can we forget the efforts of all the freedom fighters who fought for our freedom and not for the rule of one. If dictatorship would have been a better option, than there was no need of struggle for freedom because there was the dictatorship of the English people.

Another point is that everything takes its own time and charity begins at home. No development can take place until unless WE make collective efforts and don't just blame the government. There has been evident growth in India. So, in my opinion, we should be proud to be a citizen of the world's largest democracy.

Yet, there are some ill- effects of democracy as well and they can be removed by the laws and our own conscience. Spitting on roads can not be fined in this largely populated country. We have to think that it is our home and we only have to keep it clean.

Mohit said:   1 decade ago
Dictatorship will breed development though straightforward decision making: A dictator being the all powerful head of the state will face no opposition from other parties as in a democracy. He will thus have complete freedom to execute his decisions which might breed development.

- Better control the variables of human development: One of the biggest examples is China (a Communist country) where the population has been brought under control by the government, through the one-child norm policy which is virtually impossible in the Indian democracy.

- Dictatorship is a more economic institution: In a country like India where poverty is a lingering problem, it is but a luxury to spend lakhs on a single election. Dictatorship is thus a far more economic institution.

- Dictatorships regimes can be a path for countries to move on from civil wars and focus on development: China can be used as an example yet again, as the country has been almost absolutely insulated from wars and terrorist attacks.

- Dictatorships have flexibility in economic policy that breeds growth: Democracy can often stagnate economic development. An example is West Bengal where the Tata group could not establish their factory in Singur due to stiff resistance from the opposition party in the government.

- Dictatorship helps achieve social stability: Yes it does.

- The longer lasting and biggest economic miracles have occurred under dictatorships : An example is Hitler's reign in Germany. "The Nazis came to power in Germany in 1933, at a time when its economy was in total collapse, with ruinous war-reparation obligations and zero prospects for foreign investment or credit. Yet through an independent monetary policy of sovereign credit and a full-employment public-works program, the Third Reich was able to turn a bankrupt Germany, stripped of overseas colonies it could exploit, into the strongest economy in Europe within four years, even before armament spending began".

- Dictatorship breeds order: In a country like India where law and order is disrupted time and again, dictatorship is definitely going to help out. Even in the 21st century Indian women are vulnerable and rape and molestation cases are reported throughout the country from upscale Delhi to the remote villages of Burdwan. India needs a really strong leader who can make the country safe enough for our women to move around fearlessly, with their heads held high.

- Dictators have incentives to promote development and diminish social differences: A lot of readers might still be optimistic enough to feel that democracy will spell better days for India, but as a youth frustrated with the current situation of my country I feel that we really need a change and dictatorship may just be the way out for a better, brighter India.

Krishna said:   7 years ago
Hello friends.

Does India needs the dictatorship? I say it need not have any changes in way of ruling. The country needs is the change of mindset of people Why I was saying this. Democracy means rule by the people. We are indirectly involved thats it. We are responsible for the loss of moral values in the society at times. Let us go with few examples.

1. Suppose if we want to go to a movie and if there are no tickets we try to get them in black market. Or get a piracy CD to watch the film. We are indirectly encouraging the Piracy market and the black market.

2. No one wants to wait. Everyone wants to get their work get completed as soon as possible. So they try approaching by giving bribes.

3. Then coming to the illiterate. They take the money and vote for a specific party. Few people with caste and religion feeling they elect a wrong person.

Keep all those aside. If we try keeping ourselves and our surroundings. Clean we need not spend lots of money to clean that waste and implement plans like swatch Bharat and collect swach cess for it. Its like we feel why should I care if its not affecting me. But the thing we are the one who are suffering again. Therefore its highly enough if every one of us develops wisdom before doing any action. Sorry Friends if I have hurt anyone's feelings.

Thank you.

Ravali said:   6 years ago
Yes, of course, India needs dictatorship. It's because till we Indians are under the British rule we had things that were far better from now. Now, we see things that are losing its true nature. Corruption is having its hand on the higher level. The democracy is having nothing to do because it's busy on its way making money out of everything. And if the governance is that of a dictatorship India will work wonders. Because then at least with the fear at least people may change their attitude towards society and at least then a kind of communalism can then occur. Shakespeare has once quoted spare the rod spoil the child. This means till the governance is not strict at its part, change can NVR be expected. So India is in need of strict discipline for It DICTATORSHIP is the best governance.

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