What India needs is a Dictatorship?

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Mohit said:   1 decade ago
Dictatorship will breed development though straightforward decision making: A dictator being the all powerful head of the state will face no opposition from other parties as in a democracy. He will thus have complete freedom to execute his decisions which might breed development.

- Better control the variables of human development: One of the biggest examples is China (a Communist country) where the population has been brought under control by the government, through the one-child norm policy which is virtually impossible in the Indian democracy.

- Dictatorship is a more economic institution: In a country like India where poverty is a lingering problem, it is but a luxury to spend lakhs on a single election. Dictatorship is thus a far more economic institution.

- Dictatorships regimes can be a path for countries to move on from civil wars and focus on development: China can be used as an example yet again, as the country has been almost absolutely insulated from wars and terrorist attacks.

- Dictatorships have flexibility in economic policy that breeds growth: Democracy can often stagnate economic development. An example is West Bengal where the Tata group could not establish their factory in Singur due to stiff resistance from the opposition party in the government.

- Dictatorship helps achieve social stability: Yes it does.

- The longer lasting and biggest economic miracles have occurred under dictatorships : An example is Hitler's reign in Germany. "The Nazis came to power in Germany in 1933, at a time when its economy was in total collapse, with ruinous war-reparation obligations and zero prospects for foreign investment or credit. Yet through an independent monetary policy of sovereign credit and a full-employment public-works program, the Third Reich was able to turn a bankrupt Germany, stripped of overseas colonies it could exploit, into the strongest economy in Europe within four years, even before armament spending began".

- Dictatorship breeds order: In a country like India where law and order is disrupted time and again, dictatorship is definitely going to help out. Even in the 21st century Indian women are vulnerable and rape and molestation cases are reported throughout the country from upscale Delhi to the remote villages of Burdwan. India needs a really strong leader who can make the country safe enough for our women to move around fearlessly, with their heads held high.

- Dictators have incentives to promote development and diminish social differences: A lot of readers might still be optimistic enough to feel that democracy will spell better days for India, but as a youth frustrated with the current situation of my country I feel that we really need a change and dictatorship may just be the way out for a better, brighter India.

KARAN BALAJI said:   10 years ago
Hello guys I am karan dictatorship is actually horrible but it can be used in India to solve our economic problem by a selfless leader who should allow referendum process and if he got a non confidence vote he must be replaced. Of course we got a we got a lot of good dictators in our country. Our bharat mata helped to achieve what any country have not. I am sure dictatorship can be used in good way only for a particular term till our country become a developed country. Then again we can switch over to democracy.

Shourya Sodhani said:   10 years ago
A democracy is literally defined as by the people and for the people. A democracy helps the citizens of a nation stay involved in the happenings of their nation and elect the government that they feel will be the best for them and also gives them a sense of responsibility. The ones who are for dictatorships might say that the government, like in India may turn out to be corrupt and disastrous.

But there will always be someone, someone like Arvind Kejriwal for India who will attempt to solve our problems. In a dictatorship, if the ruler is corrupt, the citizens wouldn't even have any choice to re-elect another leader. Even if they attempt any rebel, they will only face severe punishment, maybe even death. So, I strongly feel that India needs a strong and intelligent leader rather than an oppressive dictator.

Binu said:   10 years ago

I just want to say that after some 65 years of democracy in our country.

Are we satisfied?

Have we stop fighting on the name of religion, caste, creed etc?

Is there any growth in economy?

Is the gdp is growing?

Are we able to have a control over crime rate in our country?

Are we able to save our people from being beheaded by pakistan army?


Might possible we will have the solution for our problems. As we are bearing the repercussions of this democracy, so we can bear of the dictatorship also.


Rakesh said:   10 years ago
Before speaking about democracy or dictatorship. I would like to highlight few hypocritical mentality of we indians.

1. Who does not give their tax on time?
2. Who abuses women?
3. Who is responsible for child marriages?
4. Who buys black sims and movie dvds etc. ?
5. Who over drinks alcohol and smokes and take drugs?
6. Who gives money under-table?
7. Who becomes district officers, police officers, and officers of various public service department?
8. Who employs children in hotel or at home as servant?

To all these questions the answer is the same "it is we common people are the one who do it" and not the "government".

From where does the MLA's and MP's come from ? of course they don't come from hell but once they use to be common people like us!

And in future we will be the one who will rule the government.

Blaming or changing the government may not be a solution to our problem but changing ourselves and by giving a bit extra time for our country can develop India within 5 years! yes !I m not kidding!

The only solution to our problem is 1. Change in mentality of our people, 2. And become a bit less selfish.

THAT'S ALL IS ENOUGH TO CHANGE OUR COUNTRY!(my speech was quite long. Sorry if you all got bored).

Aditi Khare said:   10 years ago
According to my views I don't see any benefits in switching from democracy to dictatorship because its not the government which is responsible for the downfall of humanity, it is we the citizens.

So in order to make our country good enough all we need is our increased responsibility and proper understanding.

Kushnabh said:   10 years ago
Hello everyone.

In my opinion, the way politics is done in our country is nothing less than a dictatorship. It is like dictatorship for fixed 5 years.

In democracy, people have a say, representatives have to implement the desires and needs of people. But in the political scenario of our country that is not the case. Representatives act like anything without caring for the needs of common man.

Hence what I want to say is that dictatorship-like rule is already there which is incapable of governing our country. What we need is democracy in its true sense.

Sudhanshu said:   10 years ago
It is no matter that whether it is democracy and autocracy it is good government which makes the difference but if we talk about India then I must favour autocracy because I feel it can do such thing which are not done by our democracy even in 60 year I want to named then corruption, reservations, communal riot. If power goes in one hand he is allow to do one hand and for that no one claim for that, take the example of china when he see that overpopulation he implemented the one child policy at the same time India also want to implement two child policy but he could not do because of democracy but china implement because of semi autocracy, that type things I want to express, thank you.

Kshitij kumar said:   10 years ago
Well, I see that democracy is the better alternative against dictatorship, as because.

1. A dictator, will have his own view of country's overall development, which might not suit everyone's need. Worst case scenario would be that he shall plan only for his benefits, or to implement his agenda. Beside, we shall never know whether the dictator thus installed in his/her post would actually work for the development of this great country?and he will not be accountable to anyone.

2. Even if democracy gets corrupted, it needs the support of the people in order to survive. So, even if one makes false promises in order to woo voters, he/she still must have to do something in order to get re-elected. In other way, democracy ensures the development, in spite of how fast or slow it is.

So if you any problem, choose a right representative who is honest, empathetic and can make and implement strategies to improve our lives.

If you don't find anyone, BECOME ONE.

ANIL GARG said:   10 years ago
Hi friends, I am anil. This topic of whether India needs dictatorship is a serious one. So, we must take adequate steps regarding this matter.

In my point of view there is no use of dictatorship in India. India is a vast country and different people have different needs. So it is difficult for one person to understand the needs of all the people.

It is not right to imply dictatorship by looking at the other countries. America is developed because they are used to dictatorship and there problems are different and there population is also very less as compare to India.

Democratic government is the best for the countries like India. Only thing that is required is that the leaders which are selected should work properly and faithfully.


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