What India needs is a Dictatorship?

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Shikhar Pratap Singh said:   4 years ago
Hi, this is Shikhar.

India has always been a country, which follows the culture of self-discipline in ruling other nations. It carries the principle of diversity. All were given the rights. But in the present scenario, we as a whole seemingly have failed to attain this motive. The people are making propaganda of even smaller things. The healthy social media objective is a long-gone thing. Frivolous issues are trending and are becoming a big hit.

In this kind of a situation when the country is heading towards a complete disorder (anarchy) and people are making a mockery of almost every agenda, the idea of dictatorship comes as a sudden flash to mind of a few conscientious people. Besides, this rule will help people learn self discipline and understand the values of what India was.

Samyuktha said:   4 years ago
Hi friends this is Samyuktha.

So, in my point of view that the dictatorship is not good all the time. Dictatorship means to rule the people at the basis on one condition. So people need democracy They make the people run under the control of rules.

Some of the rulers take the money from the poor people. In olden it has happened.

The advantages of dictatorship are to make the people in a bond of some rules and regulations. For example, wearing of helmet it is safe for the people but some of the people did not care that words and spoiling their lives. So the policeman makes fine on the people who are not having the helmet and pay charges for it.

So I conclude that the dictator who is having the right qualities for the sake of people should be the right person for India. But people should also need democracy for sometimes.

Modi said:   5 years ago
India needs a dictator but who will dictate whom, but unfortunately every state with every regional head will be in the line to dictate, the west, will say we have the best ruler, the east will say it is with us, the south will open its wealthy rulers, and the north will come out with its wealthy sarpanch, so will be chosen the fight for power will be waged by our own politician billionaires and we will always stand to lose as they will be more thirsty for power, than India will go to South, and east and Bharat to North, Hindustan to west.

Ritwick said:   5 years ago
What good is a democracy which can't protect its own civilians and soldiers from terror attacks? India is the largest democracy on the planet but it lacks diplomatic power. China continues to shield Pak terror organisations and India can't do anything about it. Democracy only works in a country where people are civilized. India is home to over 300 million Muslims and a lot of these roaches supported and celebrated these terror attacks. To sum it up India shares a border with Pakistan which exports terror, China which engages in land grabs and shields the terror actions of Pakistan and Bangladesh which send millions of illegal immigrants to India. Democracy isn't an option. If we take a close look at South Asia we can see all countries have rejected the ideology of Islam. China sent 10 million of them into concentration camps, Japan has rejected 99 per cent of the Syrian refugees along with South Korea. Vietnam, Laos. Myanmar kicked out the Rohingyas.

Vijendra Ray said:   5 years ago
We can't solve a problem by creating another problem.

There is a problem in the current political system but it could be solved by taking some corrective measures.

Dictatorship itself is a problem and assuming that it would solve problems is purely based on assumptions.

Vicky crazer said:   5 years ago
India needs dictatorship because current political is useless nothing to do making more fraud issues current political leaders are illiterate so hereafter coming ahead election youngsters should take leadership on political leaders.

Nipun Chadha said:   5 years ago
India needs DICTATOCRACY. There is a huge time of facing democracy but still India has poverty, corruption, illiteracy and what not. There are around more than 2 crore people in India joined with politics.

Suppose each one of them have 1 crore then total is 2 * 10' this much money can rebuilt India again. Let the golden bird fly again.

Akshat said:   5 years ago
No, India does not need a dictatorship just a little change in the political system for appointing the head of government and should give a little more power to the prime minister. Diversity is the power of India don't make it our weakness.

Prateek said:   5 years ago
Democracy works when citizens of the country are being human and have integrity. It doesn't work for inhuman, antisocial people. In today's condition, very fewer people are being human. So, India needs a benevolent dictatorship for some years to restore humanity and integrity in its citizens. Then democracy can follow the Peace!

Akash pandit said:   5 years ago
Absolutely, It is been 71 years parties come and go but what they do scam scam scam rich is getting richer and poor is becoming poorer plus disbalance in natural resource a major population has no idea what the hell is going on plus middle class make everything except they live like they don't belong to nation they do protest sometimes what happens nothing good to country plus religion is also disbalanced do you guys know there is not a single Hindi country in whole damn world there are Islamic, Christian, Buddhism and also Jew nation which is only 60lakh people and 100 crores Hindi don't have their motherland fuck secularism India should become Israel the best country in dictatorship nowadays Islamic people don't sing national anthem what the hell they keep their religion above country it should be terminated under dictatorship plus everybody should join and taught the love to motherland in force like Israel plus there should be disabandoning of people who come to West Bengal from Bangladesh they account to 2 to 5 crores India should be made available as a gem to our future family sons daughter etc they should live here peacefully with every resource basic which provide real happiness. Plus this things from the practice of constitutional right are never gonna happen so we need dictatorship. Everybody hate Hitler for what he did as Holocaust yeah that's fucking absurd but he also develops Germany at a pace never seen before so we need dictatorship who also love humanity with doing the right development for country and world.

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