Voters, not Political Parties, are Responsible for the Criminalization of Politics

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Ashok singh Kilanaut said:   7 years ago

I thinks that voters are responsible for Criminalization of more that criminal politicians. Because either they are not casting their votes or casting to criminals for just of short greed. In every election many of Criminals elected in Polls.

Who is responsible for that?
Only voters nothing else.
Either of their Fear or their greed.

Voters doesn't use their logic before voting that why they voting to that Person. They just remember Candidate cast/ or just their some rupees/liquor.

In Every election if any Criminal Stand in Polls some Honest people are also there May be they not belongs to any political party but we never vote them because we are corrupts who are available for Sell for just some Rupees/Liquor/Cast.

Changes will comes from inside not outside. If you will able to take right decision in elections there are no chances that Criminals will be Elect in future Polls.


LAL KRISHNA MAHATO said:   8 years ago
Hello everyone,

Criminalisation is not about to say only murder, kidnapping, attack, etc. The people who are not doing their work properly, not understanding their responsibility towards country and who are become barrier for the development of the country are the main reason for the criminalisation.

I think that political parties and the corruption they are doing, are the main reason for the criminalisation because the party who get power in election does big crime by not fulfilling the wishes of people, they had done before election. Criminalisation also increases because of the opposition parties who always try to do anything so that the ruling party image become down infront of people.

Yes, we people are also a factor for criminalisation because some people give their votes the political leader who had bought them by giving money to them. And these people give their vote to that leader who had not so qualified, who also did so many crime, who have no knowledge of politics. But not all the people doing so, many people are their who know to whom he have to give vote, they did not sold themselves only for some thousands rupees.

Hence, I concluded that political parties are the main reason for the criminalisation.

Kanav said:   8 years ago
In my opinion,

The statement is partially true. Not all of the voters just ask for social favors, or money in exchange for their vote. There is a finite set of voters who don't vote at all because they don't find a worthy candidate or N number of other reasons. I don't think that is a crime. Most of the politicians have a negligible set in the name of their educational qualifications.

The choice that is being offered at the time of elections is more of an illusion and less of a choice. And the ones who do participate in voting, are mostly needy people, they don't have another option, so is it wrong for them to choose what's best for them with a slightest possibility that their demands will be fulfilled?

Preethi said:   8 years ago
Vote indicates its our power to choose the people to represent our country. Sometimes people will indulge in taking the money from the candidates without knowing the power of vote. Taking money is obviously a crime.

Sunantha said:   8 years ago
Hai friends,

In my point of view, I'm not blame all voters are responsible for criminalization of politics because they might vote that the consideration of our country should be corruption free irresponsible person who don't think our country's welfare and they offer their vote in favor of money and other social favors.

Vishal gupta said:   8 years ago
NO, the one who do crime is said to be criminal. It is same like the one who kills is said to be murder not his parents who give birth. We people choose political leader by thinking that this person will represent our country, if he is unable to do his duties properly then we are not responsible for it.

Abhinav said:   8 years ago
I support this notion as first of all in our country, proper participation of voters is not there. We have an average voting rate of almost 60 %. So first of all whole country is not choosing a government or a candidate only some of them are stepping up.

Secondly, voters play an important role in criminalising politics as they offer their votes in favour of money or other social favours. These criminals have power and money with them with which they provide stability to political parties plus influence over mass han beings.

Anmol said:   8 years ago
True, people are responsible of giving criminal a way into politics. Its the people who are the most communal because the promote and propagate such ideologies.

Thought true that not all of the population acts that way but not rejecting such mindset straight out has given criminals a chance to divide the society on communal lines.

Though such a situation can be changed if the political issues get changed to more concerning issues such as development, employment and geopolitical issues concerning India.

Rishi Saji Nair said:   8 years ago
Hey friends,

We human's greed and foolishness is what is the main cause fore the increase in the criminalization in politics. Many times we have seen that many politicians who have been charged for many criminal offenses gives a speech on the poverty and all stuffs which is a dame reason for the ruin of many peoples life, after hearing this kind of speech all feels that actually the politician is a good person. And we forget all the offenses charged on the politicians and we give our valuable votes to them and afterwards they loot us.

So basically I mean to say that we are the powerful people who gives other humans power to govern us. So I request all the person reading this please use your power properly because otherwise you are ruining everyone's some year. Voters use your power properly because this politicians are nothing without us.

Ashish pandey said:   8 years ago
Hi, I am Ashish.

The term criminalisation of politics says mixing of criminals in politics. And voters, we, the responsible citizen of a great country we support a person who has a criminal record well known to us, just because, he come to us in our family programmes, helps us in our needs that time we never think about country, selfishness resides there, all human beings are quiet same.

But we forget, a person armed with a gun is good if he is a police outside our house but what if he is a terrorist? So, conclusively, we don't want to make the politics of our country full of criminal, but our greed opposes it.

We have to self evaluate, only then this criminalisation may come to an end in politics and we might have the historic leaders again.

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