Voters, not Political Parties, are Responsible for the Criminalization of Politics

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Vishal gupta said:   8 years ago
NO, the one who do crime is said to be criminal. It is same like the one who kills is said to be murder not his parents who give birth. We people choose political leader by thinking that this person will represent our country, if he is unable to do his duties properly then we are not responsible for it.

Shalini said:   9 years ago
Please, tell me the name of one national political party of India that have all it's members with an honest image (I mean, with no criminal charge). Today, the politicians with a "neat and clean" image can be counted on fingers. Voters as well as political parties both are responsible for the criminalisation.

Voters (especially in villages) vote on the basis of caste and religion without caring about the actual image of the candidate. Political Parties, who see benefit in having such candidates who have much influence on the people. We must choose the person whom we like the most but we have to choose that person which is least disliked by us.

LAL KRISHNA MAHATO said:   8 years ago
Hello everyone,

Criminalisation is not about to say only murder, kidnapping, attack, etc. The people who are not doing their work properly, not understanding their responsibility towards country and who are become barrier for the development of the country are the main reason for the criminalisation.

I think that political parties and the corruption they are doing, are the main reason for the criminalisation because the party who get power in election does big crime by not fulfilling the wishes of people, they had done before election. Criminalisation also increases because of the opposition parties who always try to do anything so that the ruling party image become down infront of people.

Yes, we people are also a factor for criminalisation because some people give their votes the political leader who had bought them by giving money to them. And these people give their vote to that leader who had not so qualified, who also did so many crime, who have no knowledge of politics. But not all the people doing so, many people are their who know to whom he have to give vote, they did not sold themselves only for some thousands rupees.

Hence, I concluded that political parties are the main reason for the criminalisation.

Ashok singh Kilanaut said:   8 years ago

I thinks that voters are responsible for Criminalization of more that criminal politicians. Because either they are not casting their votes or casting to criminals for just of short greed. In every election many of Criminals elected in Polls.

Who is responsible for that?
Only voters nothing else.
Either of their Fear or their greed.

Voters doesn't use their logic before voting that why they voting to that Person. They just remember Candidate cast/ or just their some rupees/liquor.

In Every election if any Criminal Stand in Polls some Honest people are also there May be they not belongs to any political party but we never vote them because we are corrupts who are available for Sell for just some Rupees/Liquor/Cast.

Changes will comes from inside not outside. If you will able to take right decision in elections there are no chances that Criminals will be Elect in future Polls.


Manish bharti said:   9 years ago
From my perceptions voters are also responsible for increasing criminalism in politics. We can see in our political system a strong but criminal candidate contest in election and he elected a big majority just because of our voters because voters don't think about good candidate he only think whose candidate fulfil my short term benefit just like money, liquor anything. So its depends on voters to elect a good candidate. And eliminate corrupt candidate.

Naushad said:   1 decade ago
Voters are not wholly responsible for the Criminalization of politics,

If we look from the voters point of view than we have to consider some facts that in India there are more than 6 lakh villages and those people do not have the access to media properly, So how can they decide who will be better to represent their interest.

Secondly, If they select a right candidate than because of the complexities of coalition government in India, often interest of the voters are compromised. So what's the point of choosing a right candidate.

But its is not political parties only responsible for the criminalization of politics because voters are the one who elect the candidate, common perception of voters are that.

What's wrong if I vote for him as he has talked with me, I know him personally, he is from my community, from my religion, my area, I have received monetary benefits from him, than people forget the candidates background record and do not bother to think about whether he/she is the right person and caste the vote for that person.

During election political parties offers various types of benefits mainly monetary to the poor people it is hard to ignore such benefits for them, and people think that everyone is corrupted so whatever benefits you are getting take it, something is better than nothing. But why not take the benefits and vote for the right candidate, No one is perfect in this world.

Voters think that what a single vote will make the difference, as mass thinks in this way and ultimately it makes the difference but negatively.

Though political parties are responsible mainly but we can not ignore the role of voters, it is the voters who must take the initiative for the better political system and thereby by for a better nation.

Abhi said:   9 years ago
In my point of view voters are also responsible for the criminalization of politics !

India is a democratic country where people have right to elect the leader directly ! We have a great weapon in our hands! But people are misusing this by taking bribe and they casting their votes to criminal political parties!

Recently NOTA system is also introduced which is great boon to voters! If people don't like any political leaders they can cast their NOTA vote!

In other side people are electing political leaders on the basics of caste, religion which leads to criminalisation of politics!

I have also another example to support my views!

In India their is trend that if a person is politician then his son or daughter will also become politician! People are mainly responsibly for this ! They will cast their vote by seeing their family background.

All these aspects get together strengthening criminalisation of politics!

Karan said:   9 years ago
Are we capable for voting ?

Many of us think if we have voter id card yes we are capable for voting. But its not. Why lets see.

1. We all know why prices go up?

2. We know how many criminal cases lodged on candidates standing in election?

3. We knows the background of our leaders?

4. We knows the meaning of "development" ?

If you knows all this then you are capable for voting.

Conclusion - voters are also responsible.

Chandrasekhar meruvu said:   9 years ago
Hello friends let's discuss.

Whom we had to blame for below points.

1). Increase in harassment of women.
2). Increasing corruption.
3). Best achievement of our country is getting 10th place in corruption.

4). After american politicians (1st position) our Indian politicians are spending more amount (not their money, its corrupted money) on elections and it is in second position.

5). Raising in death rate.
6). Day to day increase in suicide cases, murders.
7). Increasing in the price of petrol, home needs.

Are absolutely public. If they think one minute before they vote these all may be controlled. And finally.

People who vote with caste, religious, regional feelings they better to die.

If "I" used my valuable vote then the fate of our country changes.

Thank you "Jai HIND".

Saroj said:   9 years ago

It is something like you reap what you sow. If you plant cactus how can you hope to get mangoes. Today's politics is actually conspiracy and voters are to be blamed for this situation, despite knowing background of particular politician still people vote due to some personnel benefits or out of greed. And few of them are so foolish that they won't go for voting and for next 5 years would keep blaming the government remember, if you are not the part of solution then you are part of the problem.

Ours is a democratic country but we fear to fulfill our duties as well as rights. Giving vote is your duty as well as right which should be executed with full responsibility. Finally what I believe is if everyone starts executing his duties properly no such problem would arise. Hence wherever you are become responsible and honest.

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