Voters, not Political Parties, are Responsible for the Criminalization of Politics

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Ratan Gadhwal said: (Jan 2, 2021)  
Hello, all of you.

My name is Ratan Gadhwal.

First of all, I would like to pay attention on the topic politics.

Politics is a very dirty game in India. Politics is made only for corruption. We can say corruption is a part of politics.

When a person wants to become a political leader he/she begs votes to people & when getting the position they do nothing for same people & forget about the people who voted them to getting that job. They only make money for our future.

The main reason of corruption in politics is uneducated politicians. All gov. Workers are dependent on bribe & without a bribe, they don't take any decision.

The public knows very well about corrupt politicians but they don't take any steps to remove corruption from politics. So it is necessary to take correct steps towards corrupted politicians.

Thank to all of you.

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Deepak said: (Feb 1, 2020)  

There are so many factors which play roles in the criminalization of politics.

Blaming voters for the same will only make situations of our country politics worse.

Some of these factors which I think have a big role in the criminalization of politics.

1. Poverty: it's a bitter truth but we all know that almost 60% of India population comes under the poverty line.

Just suppose that and put ourselves in those people conditions who even isn't able to meet their daily need.

Just think you are only a member of the family and your children have not food to eat even you are so hungry and all of sudden someone comes and offers you money and delicious food.

What will you/we do? We will also do the same as most of our poor people do.

It's very easy to sit on the chair and put our judgement about voters.

But if we look the matter closely we will find that it's not voters fault.

2. There are so many political parties which use their goons to threat voters. A good example is West Bengal. If any of voters deny what they are told to. Goons just beat them and some times also kill them. Election Commission of India knows that who is criminal and who is not.
But even though allow criminal people to stand in politics.

3. Even Political parties know about the criminal background of their candidate's but just give tickets and support criminal people to be in politics.

In my opinion, in a country like India Voters have the least right and play a very small role in the criminalization of politics.

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Dheerajrathore said: (Nov 9, 2019)  
Yes, I think that we are responsible for this type of crime because if we don't cast our vote in the right direction than how we expect the development of our country. Our executive officer also responsible for such type of heinous crime because of the take bribe from the politician. And many criminals record against the politician are pending and our judiciary they can't solve the pending cases.

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Sanya Kasaudhan said: (Jul 18, 2019)  
Yeah, I agree that voters are responsible for criminalization of politics as it depends on the voter to cast their vote in the right direction. If the voter caste their vote according to the party which can perform well than the winning party will be leading towards growing this country. But some voters take bribes from the politician and caste their vote in the wrong direction due to which that one vote gets wasted. In a similar manner, if more people keep doing this then the party which win won't develop our nation and we will be bitching that the government is not doing anything. So people please vote in the right direction even a single vote can change the ruling government.

Thank you.

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Samyuktha said: (Jun 10, 2019)  
Hi, this is Samyuktha.

In my point of view, voters mean just electing the leader by voting their votes by the common people. They are just under the leading of their caste-based leader.

Some of the voters vote to the caste leader even if they are rowdy.

Due to people unawareness among them. Some political leaders also giving the funds to the caste-based people at the time of elections.

This is most criminalization in our politics.

So, I conclude that the government should take necessary steps by avoiding the taking money and voting to their leader.

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Sriram said: (Feb 1, 2019)  
No, political party contests the elections without bribing and no voter will vote without taking if they offered money. So both voters and PP are responsible for the criminalization of politics.

Everybody needs money and no one will reject if they offered money.

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Mahadeep Singh Jamwal said: (Nov 8, 2018)  
The subject matter can be summed as with the remarks that politicians are refined criminals created by the voters them self as once a criminal is mandated as per provisions of the Constitution, overnight, he becomes 'Honorable' and a protected person. Minutely we can conclude that it is our ill constitution that has no mandatory provision prohibiting the person with tainted background, so it is the constitution that has criminalized the political system by placing no breaks over the criminals contesting elections. Both voters and politicians riding on the soft pages of the constitution are responsible for criminalization of our political system.

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Amit said: (Aug 4, 2017)  
Most of the rural area people have no access to media or news so how can they judge the parties without any knowledge so there is probability that they can vote for wrong candidate. So point is our information system should be improved.

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Alok Gupta said: (Mar 4, 2017)  
My experiences say that for all the criminalization we ourselves and voters are responsible. We must understand the value of our votes and choose those leaders who are aware of the work done by real leader of particular's country not for his own greed. We as a citizen became a responsibility to elect a good leader who should think for our country than for his own greed.

We are in flow of emotion we give our votes to those who are of our same caste or they are our neighbourhood or of same villages and town but this is not always mean that they would think for countries development. For example:- In country like INDIA, all citizens were demanding that the should be corruption less work but the people in solving their personal problem they try every means and give money as a corruption person to gov. Employees or any other so that his /her work should be completed as early as possible so it only increases the spirit of corruption not of corruption less so how a people of INDIA could demand for corruption less country if they would not give a money to gov. An employee or any other members then definitely the corruption should be less. In the same way, the voting is also affecting the politics if we elect a responsible person as any MLA/MP then he/she must think for the welfare of country.

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P K Shankar said: (Nov 30, 2016)  
A fair society is our need. How it can be achieved. All most people are fair and they expect fair things. I see the misleading is the foe. Eg. 2g spectrum loss statement by former C A G Mr. Vinod Rai. It is said to be a PRE-SUMED LOSS. But not a real one. But we had seen that how much venom had been injected into the society by strong media propaganda. Even the high weight from the then ruling party also contributed a share in the venomed propaganda. We saw the aftermath thing. The best another eg. Black money. All the political parties alike mourn against black money since ears back. They could not identify the rot of it or not felt to trace it. I see the politicians the social workers the lawyers and even judiciary have propagated against black money effects. The present Government decided to end the years-long mourn of society against black money and they demonetised Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes. The action has been hailed especially by the political parties irrespective of the color of their flags. The hailing against viruses propaganda giving inspiration to the Government to take stringent measures. But I think that the result of demonetization will not be a hailing one. The society is being fallen in crises. In these respect, I see a lot of miseries are being invited to the society by lack of right thinking political leaders. India needs a good political leader like Narasimha Rau, Vajpai and Manmohan Singh. These three former prime Ministers brought India into prosperity. Wait and see.

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Vijay Prakash said: (Oct 10, 2016)  
Hi, Friends.

Our politicians before taking bribes, they first bribe the people (voters).

Before corrupting themselves they first corrupt voters with all kinds of gifts like money, liquor, drugs etc.

This is the dance of democracy in our country.

Now voters have no choice to question them after elections. In fact many poor people wait for elections because it's a feast day for them.

All are responsible for making elections a dirty game.

If we consider our constitution as our Holy Book then the politicians who are elected are the guardians of our constitution.

If the guardians are robber's, culprits, briber's then how safe our democracy will be?

This should be understood by a voter before casting his sacred vote. When voter realizes this n stops criminalizing himself then the real change will take place.

Then only India will Shine.

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Tarun Pratap Singh said: (Sep 21, 2016)  
Hello friends,

As the topic is saying that we are responsible for criminalization of politics. As India has different communities and most of the party focus towards a particular community and earns votes.

There can be a better way to solve this problem that there should be examination criteria for every politician and that exam includes the knowledge of current affairs, current technology, Indian Constitution and with an essay towards the social problems and how can they solve this. After the exam scan copy of exam answer sheet will provide at the particular website.

I think this can stop the criminalization of politics.

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Mehaichu Jemu said: (Aug 31, 2016)  
In my opinion, I should say that both the voters and political parties are responsible for Criminalization of politics. But when it comes to the voters, they mainly misuse their vote in electing the wrong candidate. Many of the voters knew that their candidates are not responsible for bringing about a desirable change but they instead cast their vote to who so ever give them more money. Thus, in present democracy, Politics have somehow become like a business. So, it can be clearly said that the voters are the main causes of criminalization in politics since the voters are the root of modern Politics.

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Vivek Ranjan said: (Aug 29, 2016)  
I think people are responsible for the criminalization of politics because people are aware of their vote. Most of the illiterate people do not know the use of vote and they vote the people as a leader who give him money, alcohol and they sold their vote so, in this people are responsible.

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Rubbecca said: (May 3, 2016)  
According to me, politicians are responsible for the crime because everything depends upon politicians if they want to close or ban on that thing which is effective for public they stopped it and about voters. Sometimes voters wrong but sometimes they do wrong about needs only. Politicians are responsible but some voter also.

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Sushant Singh said: (Apr 1, 2016)  
According to a report by ADR currently 35% of MP's have a criminal background. How can one blame them?

Voters when they have to select their leaders from a bunch of criminals.

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Megha said: (Mar 14, 2016)  
Even if voters are criminalised, they are at few %. We vote those who fulfil our needs or who promise to fulfill our needs and of course there are few voters who are being pressurised to vote for a specific party. It's only the politicians who are criminalised in a huge manner.

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Nareah said: (Feb 28, 2016)  
Hello my friends.

I think that we are most responsible for this. If we choose right person of work then country's going to development. We doing that we are stop to wrong work without any greedy then politician stop there wrong work.

Wake Up & Wakeup.

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Amit Kishore said: (Feb 19, 2016)  
Hi everyone.

I think both political parties and the voters play some role in corrupting the political parties. Voters play their part by not voting or voting for the wrong person. But the major part is played by the party member. As soon as they come to power they start filling their pockets. They become greedy and self-centered.

Also the voters don't have much of a choice. They have to choose between more greedy party and less greedy party.

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Sreajita Saha said: (Jan 1, 2016)  
Hello everyone,

Voters are only partially responsible for criminalization of politics. The main problem doesn't lie in the choices of the voters but the options available for choice. In maximum case we are unable to decide about whom to cast the vote because all nominees are equally selfish and corrupted.

Voters don't decide that who should be the competitors of Representatives, they only get to choose among the choices available. Apart from this, a large section of voters do not use their logic but rely on their on own tiny gains. So only way to reduce criminalization of politics is to screen the nominees.

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Ashok Singh Kilanaut said: (Dec 8, 2015)  

I thinks that voters are responsible for Criminalization of more that criminal politicians. Because either they are not casting their votes or casting to criminals for just of short greed. In every election many of Criminals elected in Polls.

Who is responsible for that?
Only voters nothing else.
Either of their Fear or their greed.

Voters doesn't use their logic before voting that why they voting to that Person. They just remember Candidate cast/ or just their some rupees/liquor.

In Every election if any Criminal Stand in Polls some Honest people are also there May be they not belongs to any political party but we never vote them because we are corrupts who are available for Sell for just some Rupees/Liquor/Cast.

Changes will comes from inside not outside. If you will able to take right decision in elections there are no chances that Criminals will be Elect in future Polls.


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Lal Krishna Mahato said: (Sep 10, 2015)  
Hello everyone,

Criminalisation is not about to say only murder, kidnapping, attack, etc. The people who are not doing their work properly, not understanding their responsibility towards country and who are become barrier for the development of the country are the main reason for the criminalisation.

I think that political parties and the corruption they are doing, are the main reason for the criminalisation because the party who get power in election does big crime by not fulfilling the wishes of people, they had done before election. Criminalisation also increases because of the opposition parties who always try to do anything so that the ruling party image become down infront of people.

Yes, we people are also a factor for criminalisation because some people give their votes the political leader who had bought them by giving money to them. And these people give their vote to that leader who had not so qualified, who also did so many crime, who have no knowledge of politics. But not all the people doing so, many people are their who know to whom he have to give vote, they did not sold themselves only for some thousands rupees.

Hence, I concluded that political parties are the main reason for the criminalisation.

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Kanav said: (Sep 6, 2015)  
In my opinion,

The statement is partially true. Not all of the voters just ask for social favors, or money in exchange for their vote. There is a finite set of voters who don't vote at all because they don't find a worthy candidate or N number of other reasons. I don't think that is a crime. Most of the politicians have a negligible set in the name of their educational qualifications.

The choice that is being offered at the time of elections is more of an illusion and less of a choice. And the ones who do participate in voting, are mostly needy people, they don't have another option, so is it wrong for them to choose what's best for them with a slightest possibility that their demands will be fulfilled?

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Preethi said: (Jul 31, 2015)  
Vote indicates its our power to choose the people to represent our country. Sometimes people will indulge in taking the money from the candidates without knowing the power of vote. Taking money is obviously a crime.

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Sunantha said: (Jul 16, 2015)  
Hai friends,

In my point of view, I'm not blame all voters are responsible for criminalization of politics because they might vote that the consideration of our country should be corruption free irresponsible person who don't think our country's welfare and they offer their vote in favor of money and other social favors.

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Vishal Gupta said: (Jul 8, 2015)  
NO, the one who do crime is said to be criminal. It is same like the one who kills is said to be murder not his parents who give birth. We people choose political leader by thinking that this person will represent our country, if he is unable to do his duties properly then we are not responsible for it.

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Abhinav said: (Jun 30, 2015)  
I support this notion as first of all in our country, proper participation of voters is not there. We have an average voting rate of almost 60 %. So first of all whole country is not choosing a government or a candidate only some of them are stepping up.

Secondly, voters play an important role in criminalising politics as they offer their votes in favour of money or other social favours. These criminals have power and money with them with which they provide stability to political parties plus influence over mass han beings.

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Anmol said: (Jun 26, 2015)  
True, people are responsible of giving criminal a way into politics. Its the people who are the most communal because the promote and propagate such ideologies.

Thought true that not all of the population acts that way but not rejecting such mindset straight out has given criminals a chance to divide the society on communal lines.

Though such a situation can be changed if the political issues get changed to more concerning issues such as development, employment and geopolitical issues concerning India.

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Rishi Saji Nair said: (Jun 20, 2015)  
Hey friends,

We human's greed and foolishness is what is the main cause fore the increase in the criminalization in politics. Many times we have seen that many politicians who have been charged for many criminal offenses gives a speech on the poverty and all stuffs which is a dame reason for the ruin of many peoples life, after hearing this kind of speech all feels that actually the politician is a good person. And we forget all the offenses charged on the politicians and we give our valuable votes to them and afterwards they loot us.

So basically I mean to say that we are the powerful people who gives other humans power to govern us. So I request all the person reading this please use your power properly because otherwise you are ruining everyone's some year. Voters use your power properly because this politicians are nothing without us.

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Ashish Pandey said: (Jun 16, 2015)  
Hi, I am Ashish.

The term criminalisation of politics says mixing of criminals in politics. And voters, we, the responsible citizen of a great country we support a person who has a criminal record well known to us, just because, he come to us in our family programmes, helps us in our needs that time we never think about country, selfishness resides there, all human beings are quiet same.

But we forget, a person armed with a gun is good if he is a police outside our house but what if he is a terrorist? So, conclusively, we don't want to make the politics of our country full of criminal, but our greed opposes it.

We have to self evaluate, only then this criminalisation may come to an end in politics and we might have the historic leaders again.

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Varsha said: (May 21, 2015)  
You will tell me what would people of the country do if the politicians standing in elections are all just not up to the mark.

Yes, one would think of NOTA (None Of The Above). But what happens if NOTA tops maximum votes, it is the second highest party who wins the position. Here since we are assuming no parties are good still we have a party elected. What happens next? We are on the hands of criminalized politicians.

Which concludes that criteria for standing in elections should be made strict be it education background or experience. So that people won't refrain from voting any party.

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Learner said: (Apr 30, 2015)  
As per my opinion, yes this is voter who is responsible for criminalization of politics b/c we are the person who elect to them by casting our votes. We should not forget we are living in a democratic country where governance is of the people, by the people and for the people.

We voters have right given to us by our constitution to elect our representative but if are electing the wrong candidate based on their cast or some personal benefit then we are solely responsible for our backwardness not politician, they are also part of this society. They are just using us to get power and then exploit resources for all five years.

It is seen that, even if some MP or MLA is found to be corruption charges against them, we again elects such person in the next election. And this encourage them to do more corruption.

So want to say that this is not politician but we people are responsible for corruption b/c we cast our vote to inappropriate candidate who do not have good background.

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Versha said: (Apr 27, 2015)  
First of all I'm not blaming any individual person but tell me one thing the reason of communal riots, violence specially the time of election. Who is the responsible for this? Political parties make a situation for make a huge no.of vote. That's my view.

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Bhushan said: (Apr 12, 2015)  
Hey, no I don't think so, voters have their own choice to choose their leader. And if no one among the candidates are eligible to become a good leader still voter has to vote so he may vote random person so complete his responsibility but which is totally wrong. Today concept NOTA is present so that we can tell leaders that we don't want you.

Worst thing is voter is like God for all politicians at the time of election but after election they forget their God so even if voter is doing his job properly some political parties are creating mess so I request them to please if you have so much capability of becoming leader then do change our system and make our country corruption free.

Thank you!

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Danish said: (Mar 14, 2015)  
Hi friends.

No absolutely not because every voter choose his/her leader thinking that he will serve his country but what will happen he do don't know. And why anyone will want that his country will be filled up by corruption. They are the leaders who make the country like present.

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Shashank said: (Mar 13, 2015)  
Hi friends this is Shashank.

In my point of view political parties are not responsible for Criminalisation of politics. Voters are only responsible for this. Why because they are chosen the politicians. How many politicians in a party are being honest in our country we know about that.


In my view voters are the responsible for criminalisation of politics.

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Shalini said: (Feb 17, 2015)  
Please, tell me the name of one national political party of India that have all it's members with an honest image (I mean, with no criminal charge). Today, the politicians with a "neat and clean" image can be counted on fingers. Voters as well as political parties both are responsible for the criminalisation.

Voters (especially in villages) vote on the basis of caste and religion without caring about the actual image of the candidate. Political Parties, who see benefit in having such candidates who have much influence on the people. We must choose the person whom we like the most but we have to choose that person which is least disliked by us.

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Shivam Runija said: (Feb 9, 2015)  

Political parties are not responsible for the criminalization of politics, because the real power is in our hand. Instead of enjoying political debate in our TV sets with our utmost comfort we move out of our house and question the person whom we have elected, and ask him if he has done his part of the which he/she has promised at the time of election campaign.

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Manohar said: (Jan 28, 2015)  
Voters are responsible, because they have power to choose the leader. But all voter won't be knowing qualities of the contestant they will know them only what media show. It is also the responsibility of party to give ticket to worthy contestant.

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Avinash said: (Jan 23, 2015)  
Hi friends,

-> Voters may not be found fault every time because in some countries there is no option for people to elect, as they were forced to elect only some persons by monarchy form of govt.

-> Present political parties are in such a way that they want to invest a lot of money on behalf of elections so that they can refund their invested money in few days when they get the power.

-> For them to win they are attracting people by following mal practices.

-> So being a well educated we have to keep in mind who can serve people well and we have to vote for that person. Similarly all the well educate should illiterate people not to attract with any thing that is shown by political parties.

-> We should keep in mind "Political parties always try to cheat if people are ready to be cheated".

-> So vote the right person who enhances the prosperity of government.

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Pawan Kumar said: (Jan 4, 2015)  
First of all we need to stop blaming any one (voters or politician) in this matter. We live in a democratic country, means the power is in the hand of the people of our country. We can't blame Politician because they are not from any other world or from other country, they are from one of us. We can't blame either the voters, because they can vote only to available options.

If any one is responsible for the criminalization in India, that is the people of this country. We always try to by pass our system. Every one want their priority on other and for that we are always ready to give bribe, go against law. These are criminal activity. But we say that, No that much is fair and not a crime.

Come On guys, these small activities are responsible for those big scams and criminal activity. We make our system like this. Now a Days these guys have no fear of law in them while they do these activity. Because they know that they will come out of that very easily.

We can't blame any one for these. IF we want the corruption free India, we have to start from Zero level, we need to start it from our self.

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Shreyas Rakshe said: (Jan 2, 2015)  
The situation today is not a consequence of anyone's (voters or politicians) mistakes it's a mutual effect.

Today we claim that our politicians are being corrupt but my dear friends let me remind you that in democracy the biggest strength lies in hands of people, today people have lost the interest of questioning the government and this casual attitude have resulted in making the government do anything. We as voters thing that our job is just to use our vote once in five years and then let the government handle it but it's not like that actually our job starts after that.

People shouldn't be afraid of government but government should be.

This situation reminds of a quote given by E. A Bucchianeri which states that "they say if you don't vote you get the government you deserve and if you vote you don't get the results which you expect ".

But my dear friends we need to change this and I feel yes we will be successful in doing it.

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Sravan Kumar said: (Dec 5, 2014)  
Hello friends,

I think that many of political leaders are main responsible because their expenditure is more for getting votes and they give money for arrangements of meetings and also brides to voters and they try to recollect all the money and start corruption and during elections voters are also tuned to do corruption. So I state that BOTH are responsible for corruption.

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Arvind Kumar said: (Nov 21, 2014)  
First of all I glad to present my opinion at this important social-political topic.

- Due to casting their vote at the base of religion, caste, regionalism and language and other social evils like them those affect politics directly.

- But it is the not an act of offence. Its shows their innocent behaviour towards themselves only.

- To get rid off of this behaviour "Proper Education" can be take place.

- Media also can play an important role but yet not they made it in a proper way.

- In such of case educated politician must required having some moral qualities.

So not only voters should be alleged but environment is also responsible for criminalisation of politics.

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Abhi said: (Nov 18, 2014)  
In my point of view voters are also responsible for the criminalization of politics !

India is a democratic country where people have right to elect the leader directly ! We have a great weapon in our hands! But people are misusing this by taking bribe and they casting their votes to criminal political parties!

Recently NOTA system is also introduced which is great boon to voters! If people don't like any political leaders they can cast their NOTA vote!

In other side people are electing political leaders on the basics of caste, religion which leads to criminalisation of politics!

I have also another example to support my views!

In India their is trend that if a person is politician then his son or daughter will also become politician! People are mainly responsibly for this ! They will cast their vote by seeing their family background.

All these aspects get together strengthening criminalisation of politics!

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Dost Muhammad said: (Nov 4, 2014)  
I think both the voters and politician are responsible for the criminalisation of the politics of a country because as we know it takes to two to make a quarrel. There should be a proper system of electing the proper candidate who has no criminal or corruption charges in the past should be given the right to contest the elections, secondly the people should think as nation and not as an individual while voting the candidate.

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Anchal said: (Nov 2, 2014)  
Hi Friends,

In my opinion the primary motto of parties is to win the elections and to reign, so they will never choose a candidate whose probability of winning is low. Public has to choose the kind of leaders they want in their government. If they will stop voting according to the gifts given by the politicians and will choose the deserving candidate, then criminalisation of politics may stop.

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Prashan Singh said: (Oct 29, 2014)  
There is not 'a' factor but rather multiple factors that is responsible for careless voting and bad politician (bad in terms of bad governance or using unethical & immoral means to serve their purposes).

First of all EC can restrict the so called criminal candidates by filtering them out, but the problem is that it will take a lot of manpower & time to cross check the backgrounds of all the candidates thoroughly and will also increase the financial burden of the government making it practically not possible to do so (India's expenditure in election is already one of the highest in the world). So here is a LOOPHOLE that gives a chance for criminals to be a part of politics.

Another is that, once they are up in the election they use all means to gather votes irrespective of its legality, morality or ethics.

Also, voters gives their votes to them because of greed (greed may be because of necessity or luxury) or fear (both greed n fear is a natural feeling for the humans evolved during time).

Hence it won't be fair to blame voters or the candidates, as in my opinion both are responsible and also some loopholes in our system.

So with this I would conclude my statement.

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Md Tuhar said: (Oct 22, 2014)  
Hello friends,

In my view sometimes people support a bad leader under the influence of pressure or bribe or any offer by the candidate, it may hamper our politics.

On the other hand, our EC (Election Commission) may not give candidature to that type of criminal or corrupted type of candidates. That means in this case clear and criminal free candidate only given the ticket.

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Swati said: (Oct 13, 2014)  
Friends, I totally understand all of your points. Still in my opinion its the politicians who are responsible for crimilization of politics. We as a voter have the option to select from the given candidate-list only. But unfortunately almost all the candidates are already crimiliazed politicians. Some are new in this, while others are old enough with expertise in this field. More or less all are indulged in crime.

There is not even a single party with ALL its candidates 100% free from this dirt. As a result voters are left with no choices. In my opinion there should be a option for NOTA (none of the above) on voting machine. Plus it is the due responsibility of our ELECTION COMMISSION SYSTEM to lift off those criminals from the candidate list. Then only voters may use their veto-power to make "crime-free-government".

Thank you !

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Rajat said: (Oct 13, 2014)  
I thinks people are responsible for the condition of Indian politics in some way like they give their vote to the leader without knowing about his past life that if the person he/she is choosing is not indulged in any criminal case or any illegal activities. People must also know about leader's image in his society or town. I mean a person going to vote must have deep knowledge about the leader to whom he/she is voting. And also one of the biggest reason for today's political condition is that some people are not even bothered about politics as don't even participate in voting as they are not selecting anyone.

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Saroj said: (Sep 28, 2014)  

It is something like you reap what you sow. If you plant cactus how can you hope to get mangoes. Today's politics is actually conspiracy and voters are to be blamed for this situation, despite knowing background of particular politician still people vote due to some personnel benefits or out of greed. And few of them are so foolish that they won't go for voting and for next 5 years would keep blaming the government remember, if you are not the part of solution then you are part of the problem.

Ours is a democratic country but we fear to fulfill our duties as well as rights. Giving vote is your duty as well as right which should be executed with full responsibility. Finally what I believe is if everyone starts executing his duties properly no such problem would arise. Hence wherever you are become responsible and honest.

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Shubhangi said: (Sep 22, 2014)  
Hello everyone,

I think that both are equally responsible for today's India's condition. Now a days we see that people are becoming careless about the elections, many times they do not vote or give vote to anyone without seeing that person's background. This increases criminalization in politics.

That's why I think that people should be aware of whom they are voting.

On the other hand political parties are also responsible for this thing. That we cannot blame only any one of them.

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Surinder said: (Sep 20, 2014)  
Dear friends,

In my view, the voters are responsible for criminalization in our so called largest democracy. We have seen especially in UP & Bihar that the voters generally vote on the basis of religions, caste or community. Even the educated persons follow the same trend for their petty benefits. It is not right to brand all the politicians corrupt or criminals. The time tested people should be given the chance to serve the country. We the young minds can educate the voters including ladies who work in household chores and do not have much concern with the politics. The candidate whose agenda is based on religion or any other such issue should be rejected straightway. We have to take initiative to vote for a secular candidate who have a positive attitude to lead and solve the problems of the people. Ultimately, we are responsible to bring a change.

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Vikas said: (Sep 7, 2014)  
According to me, mostly voters are responsible for criminalization, because in rural areas poor people thoughts only about their short term benefits even in some urban areas this is repeating to Voters have to thought about their choice and should reacts like a cosmopolitan.

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Nishu said: (Sep 6, 2014)  
According to me voters are responsible for criminalization of politics because if they know about candidates having criminal records why they giving vote to them they have also NOTA option is there they go for NOTA and may be reelection was there because of the NOTA percentage. Conclusion is that voters may be responsible for that may not be.

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Ulta Chashmah said: (Sep 5, 2014)  
Hi friends,

Illiteracy does not mean lack of awareness. This elections I saw enough evidence that people in the hinterland may have not gone to school but know how important it is for them to shun their prejudices and vote for a govt which is going to actually do something for them. They may not know how to spell democracy and development, but they sure know its significance. BJP's landslide win is ample proof especially in states of UP and bihar known to be deep in caste politics.

The underlying message is that change comes from within, since more than half of our population is between 25-35 years old, and with the advent of social media, no body could be called ill informed so as to make a meaningful choice.

Greater education levels will definitely help.

The least the Election commission could do is stop people having pending criminal records to contest. Rest is our own hands.

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Chirag Tomar said: (Aug 28, 2014)  
It is well known that when a team loses its captain is always pointed. Same is the case here the top leaders are pointed. I am not saying that all are sincere but we from our side should not go by political party rather we shall from our own should now that which leader is working for upliftment of our area and I am sure that there is always one in every city. If every Indian thinks alike this will bring a new race of politicians and which in turn the face of our country.

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Sharath said: (Aug 25, 2014)  
Both voters and parties are responsible for criminalization of politics. Voters are not voting to a candidate rather they vote to a political party by trusting it. And political party presidents and seniors make cash out of it and give tickets to the candidates of their interest. This wheel is creating criminals in politics in my view.

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Ajay Singhaniya said: (Aug 14, 2014)  
According to me politics means To Rule. It doesn't matter how good one can be, it is the nature of politics to make dictator and greedy and criminal person out of good one.

This is some kind of pool of crabs if one wants to get out of it other will not allow him to do so. You can't just deny from ruling if you are in politics.

Voters just choose their dictator by giving votes and then same thing happens whether its democracy or dictatorship. Voters are not much responsible for criminalization of politics but its corrupt nature of politicians.

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Manish Bharti said: (Aug 1, 2014)  
From my perceptions voters are also responsible for increasing criminalism in politics. We can see in our political system a strong but criminal candidate contest in election and he elected a big majority just because of our voters because voters don't think about good candidate he only think whose candidate fulfil my short term benefit just like money, liquor anything. So its depends on voters to elect a good candidate. And eliminate corrupt candidate.

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Saran said: (Jul 23, 2014)  
Hai friends, In my point of view politicians are responsible for the criminalization of politics they are not working for the benefit of people they work only to fill their own pockets. We can't blame people to elect them because we have a option only to select from the rotten eggs. We can only select which is not worst rotten. But now I am happy for NOTA option we can throw all these politicians out of politics if we use correctly.

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Swati Kamat said: (Jul 11, 2014)  

In my opinion, the people who do not vote are responsible for this & I think if they are not willing to vote, they have not any right to criticize the elected one. If people are not happy with the candidate then they can use NOTA i.e. none of the above option but wasting the valuable vote is not the real solution for this.

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Lakshmi said: (Jul 6, 2014)  
According to me both voters and politicians are responsible for criminalization of politics, because from so many years people are addicted to take money to vote for a particular politician. So the politicians also thinking that, they took money for voting me then why should I survive them, because of these reasons the politic system is corrupted mainly. And if the voters want something which is not in legal way then they are giving money as well politicians are taking money from them and some politicians are giving value to rich people only and some politicians are being irresponsible, because of all these reasons our politics are corrupted.

So according to me both voters and politicians are responsible for criminalization of our politics.

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Abhishek said: (Jul 3, 2014)  
According to me, politicians are responsible for criminalization of politics.

Voters, not Political Parties, are Responsible for the Criminalization of Politics can be treated as same as the gun, not the shooter, is responsible for killing a person. Politicians fearlessly take advantage of innocent people to accomplish their need or greed, whatever you say.

There has always been a dilemma in choosing government. There is about 80% corruption in the government. Do we voters have any other choice to elect any non corrupt party unless there is one. Voters choose government hoping that the government will surely live up to its promises. There may be some voters who take bribes and work in the favour. But that electorate does not account for much. We cannot take our frustration out on voters for the misdeeds or wrong doings of politicians. Stringent laws must be made to deter the politicians.

I understand the conditions of uneducated people in villages. So, the regarding information or knowledge must reach to these citizens either through some kind of special programmes or any other way. And stop blaming voters.

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Sun said: (Jun 20, 2014)  
I don't think that only voters are responsible for the criminalization. Voters take bribe/amount offered to them for their vote by politicians. It is time to think over, why these people are forced to do the things like these ? or why these people accepting this way ? While taking these offers voters are thinking only about their temporary problems. If we get 2000 per vote, which need of our family will be fulfilled. Should we repair our shelter or give education fees or child or take monthly food or purchase new dresses for children or save for further emergency exp.

So, if poverty is removed from our country then only people/voters think about nation and its progress. Even fundamental need are not fulfilled properly, then what have to do the common people with nation and its progress. Money is centralized with few people. If we are giving the vote to suitable candidate his mind is also getting changed. Leaders have no fear. They making good collection of money during their terms. And if people don't give vote for next time what will happen? if suppose they will caught in corruption cases they simply leaving their seats/positions. What about funds/money they have stolen.

To control these things law must be tighten and total system must be changed.

Thank you.

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Sasmita said: (Jun 20, 2014)  
According to me, voters to a large extent are responsible for the criminalisation of politics. Yes it is true that the education facility in India is improving but till now a large part of our population are illiterate. The leader or the decision of selection of the leaders in politics is in the hand of public, but in India politics gives bribe to people to motivate them to support that politicians and the illiterate people accepts that. Not only illiterate people well educated people also takes bribe from politicians. As because it is in our hand to select the right candidate we have to first read the details of the politicians before choose them.

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Mahi Singh said: (Jun 18, 2014)  
According to my point of view voters are equally responsible as our political leader for the criminalisation of politics as they know everything inspite of not casting vote they give their precious vote to someone who is not deserving just because of lack of awareness among some rural people and if we talk about some urban people they do not take election poll seriously as they are so much busy in their life.

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Aakanksha said: (Jun 13, 2014) my point of view regarding the issue, voters to a maximum extent are responsible for the criminalization of politics. IN a country consisting of approximately 1.27 billion population only 74% are literate, which means a quarter is still under the umbrella of illiteracy that does not have any knowledge about the meaning of democracy neither do they have any idea of its basic functioning, what is the meaning of MP, MLA RAJYA SABHA, LOK SABHA. What is the basic mechanism of these. How do these work. Though India is a young nation consisting maximum of population aged below 60 still acc to survey it has been found that it consists of 37%of illiterate adults of the world! A huge number, isn't it?

So how can one expect that these people will vote and elect a govt which is upto the mark and works for the amelioration of the nation.

These illiterate voters are more likely to spoil the votes and depressing the total turnout. It is also known that this group is often mislead, intimidated into voting for the crooks and thugs, these are more likely to sell their votes and are kept in the false hope.

Adding to the above point, the country's political parties are more likely to field candidates who face criminal allegations in the districts where illiteracy rates are higher for vote banks!

I was flummoxed to know that the 15th lok sabha consists of some MP's with criminal records. This is such a big shame for the nation that the people who are considered to be the people's representative are themselves corrupt. And to add to the shame is is just because of us who have not elected them and made them our representatives.

In my viewpoint there should be some predescribed criteria for the ones who are contesting elections and for the ones who are eligible to vote which should have at least the basic understanding of what the democracy is all about in the country where the basic system is flawed though making it the world's largest democratic country.

Hence, the responsibility to choose wisely rests on our shoulders to ensure to make the country a better place.

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Priyanka said: (Jun 7, 2014)  
Hello friends. .

Yes I think that is right but. Voters how can judge without any access of news, advertisement, radio. So many villagers vote for wrong political parties. Lastly suffer all public in our country. Its very sad for all people who wrong or right.

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Ajay Joshi said: (May 21, 2014)  

First of all. Good evening.

Here I have some points regarding this.

1. The political parties should never allowed ticket to those candidates who are corrupted, and they need only money not development.

2. Parties should take a strong decision for such type of suspects and Involvers in criminal activities& not to allow them to participate in elections from any other party too (if they leave that party).

3. Now if we see with the point of education and poverty. These are the main reasons for choosing a wrong candidate in the election.

Because if we are not educated and well known about our candidate, we can't decide weather he/she is correct or corrupted.

We know a candidate have the way of fluency to take a person to their side by doing wrong promises any many other things. .

Actually what poors need?

Food house and clothes! ! taking this issue from the independence politicians making money for their many more generation.

So conclusion is if we really want to see the change in democracy and not want to choose a wrong candidate we should increase our literacy rate as well as our thinking.

Thank you.

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Prashant786 said: (May 13, 2014)  
Hi folks.

We can not say that only voters are responsible for the criminalization for politics, because political parties presents criminalize candidates in election because of it voters have to chose one of them. In our country politics is fully based on caste and religion system, voters likes to vote only their caste or religion candidate rather he is criminal or not, this is the main reason of criminalization for politics.

Only 74 percent population of India is literate and rest is illiterate whose does not whom to vote thus lack of awareness about the election or candidates among this mass is also reason of criminalization for politics.

There are 84 crore voters in our country, among of them only 50-60 percent use their right to vote, rest of voter do not use their right to vote. Voters who use their right to vote maximum are unaware about their constituency candidate's profile they vote him only by observing his caste or religion rather he is criminal or not. Rest who do not cast their votes are responsible criminalization for politics because a good candidate deprives from winning the election due to lack of votes.

So if we want remove criminalization from politics the all the voters of country should cast their vote during election, and government should pass a act in which criminalize politicians should be keep away from the politics and election so that we can get good government in country.

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San said: (May 5, 2014)  
In my opinion, voters and political parties both are equally responsible for criminalization of politics in our country. Primarily political parties are responsible because they form a party with candidates who have criminal records and who have a no.of criminal cases pending against them. Secondly voters are responsible as they are the ones who further select these candidates to fight in elections.

A political party must only consist of responsible candidates who have the ability to form a strong govt further.

This would in turn help the voters to choose from a group of well qualified and good candidates so that they turn into great leaders in the future.

Hence both voters and political parties are responsible for criminalization of politics.

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Raj said: (May 1, 2014)  
Both are equally responsible, as voters when giving vote give votes to selected parties who has offered has some amount to get some good amount of votes whereas political parties are no less as they give money to the voters just to increase amount of votes and get elected not for the purpose of making decisions for public.

Therefore both has same side and are equally responsible for criminal of politics.

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Rupam Jash said: (Apr 26, 2014)  
Now a days we can see that people do not vote on the basis of agenda, corruption. They do not even know the individual person for whom they are voting. They only know about the political parties and basis on this they vote. For these reason the corruption is increasing day by day. As a whole no political party is bad but there are some individual in every party who is corrupted and these persons make the name of the parties bad and increase corruption. We voters should not give them vote. So, I think we are also responsible for this miserable condition of our country.

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Shainy said: (Apr 25, 2014)  
Our 33% population is below poverty line, and we all know how the votes are bought by politician only to win the elections, we can not say that all politicians are doing the same but most of them doing. One most important thing that people are not having any option to vote to all parties of same kind, if they would have given any alternative to experiment other parties at central level then there may be completely different turnout. Because people are more aware now.

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Virat Sharma said: (Apr 19, 2014)  
Hello what my opinion is that India is a nation where democracy pervades. So, democracy means 'by the people for the people'. So with the people's support, a candidate vying for a seat gets elected. So, if a tainted politician gets the mandate then the people are to blamed. This has necessitated the need for making people aware and education is the only means without which these divisive politicians will play dirty politics by polarising, duping or exploiting credulous people. So edifying the people is the only solution, else they have to pay the price.

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Chandrasekhar Meruvu said: (Apr 17, 2014)  
Hello friends let's discuss.

Whom we had to blame for below points.

1). Increase in harassment of women.
2). Increasing corruption.
3). Best achievement of our country is getting 10th place in corruption.

4). After american politicians (1st position) our Indian politicians are spending more amount (not their money, its corrupted money) on elections and it is in second position.

5). Raising in death rate.
6). Day to day increase in suicide cases, murders.
7). Increasing in the price of petrol, home needs.

Are absolutely public. If they think one minute before they vote these all may be controlled. And finally.

People who vote with caste, religious, regional feelings they better to die.

If "I" used my valuable vote then the fate of our country changes.

Thank you "Jai HIND".

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Mahendra said: (Apr 14, 2014)  
I think this is true because today our so called educated voters also cast their vote on the basis of religion, cast, area. They don't look what kind of candidate is whether it is a criminal or an educated good human. According to law a criminal can fight an election. So it's upto ours that we should select a good person rather selecting a criminal. We should make aware the people not to select criminals.

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Karan said: (Apr 10, 2014)  
Are we capable for voting ?

Many of us think if we have voter id card yes we are capable for voting. But its not. Why lets see.

1. We all know why prices go up?

2. We know how many criminal cases lodged on candidates standing in election?

3. We knows the background of our leaders?

4. We knows the meaning of "development" ?

If you knows all this then you are capable for voting.

Conclusion - voters are also responsible.

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Karan said: (Apr 10, 2014)  
Hello everyone.

Not all but many of the voters are responsible too. Because many of the voters cast their vote without making efforts to know the background, wealth, criminal cases against the standing MP candidates.

Also many voters cast their vote after getting money. Many voters vote according to wave.

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Rajesh Thakur said: (Apr 8, 2014)  
I am also of the opinion to some extent the voters are responsible, but here we need to differentiate the voters as literate and illiterate. The actual guilt is of the literate one who for some amount of money, or some personal benefit go for casting vote to non deserving candidate. Even sometimes negligibility on part of voters favouring election is one of the reason for the criminalization of politics. We being the youngsters need to spread this information that it is our one vote which will make the difference. We need to do campaigns in the rural areas and even in the urban areas to disseminate the information the with this one power of ours how we can make our lives and livelihood easy and wroth.

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Ajay said: (Apr 6, 2014)  
Hello friends, ELECTION FEVER IS ON EVERYBODY'S MIND. In country like India where political party is freely chosen by people of country, so if there is corruption scams criminal activities and terrorism it is the people of country who are ultimately responsible for these activities as they have chosen government which favours such type of activities. These political parties do nothing to check situation as they themselves are not in trouble.

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Hemalatha said: (Apr 3, 2014)  
Dear friends,

I will agree with all your points. But the only thing we should keep in our mind is that both voters and politicians should be responsible in their ways.

1). On one hand if we consider voters, they will get fascinated by the money what the politicians give before the elections. So that there me be a chance in electing the wrong person. This is the major mistake happening at the voters side.

2). On the other hand if we consider a politician, he will show some money interest to the people to get vote. And they will say that if they are elected then they will do all the things what they have promised.

If we think about it really if that politician is well trusted, why he wish to give money to people to get vote?

Because they are trying to get a seat. Not to work for the people. (Here I am considering only the politician who only gives money to people to get vote, but not all politicians).

So friends mistake is on both sides. As coin is having head and tail, here also the mistake existed from both sides i.e.,;both the voter and political parties are responsible for criminalization of politics.

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Yogesh said: (Mar 30, 2014)  
I want to share two points.

1. Most of the population of India are lived in village. Village voters follow their cast system. The vote to candidate who belongs to their cast without knowing about whether that person will be capable of fulfilling their needs.

2. We should modify some laws against politician to conduct election. Like there should not be any criminal case on them. And that action is already takes place.

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Div said: (Mar 28, 2014)  
Hi all,

It will be inappropriate to put all blame on voters and leave the political parties with a clean chit. But a voter is responsible to the same extent if not more to choose a tainted leader. The reasons are many - caste based politics, money power, fear, unavailability of better options, illiteracy, unawareness, helplessness, robin hood image of candidate, historical legacy etc.

It can be said that if a voter votes to a criminal its not because he/she is not logically sound but because the means to reach a logical & sensible choice is hampered by many factors. Some of them are stated above.

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Baban said: (Mar 27, 2014)  
Good Evening friends,

To my point of view, voters are responsible to some extend because it starts with them only, with their vote. That one vote which they think does not matter if I caste it to my known person.

We being citizen of such a growing country, do have knowledge of everything, but not of politics. We take it as a holiday, sit at home and watch tv. There are many people in there who don't think of casting vote. Reason. It will waste time, what matter whomsoever win they will do nothing after coming to power and they really don't do it what they say.

So according to me, we need to change our mind, we need to stand for this and if we will not now, we will never because the way these politicians are eating our country wealth, our future generation will left with nothing.

Thank you.

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Rahul said: (Mar 24, 2014)  
Yes I would stone favour of it at the time of election they are seen. And when the election pass away they disappeared. According to me. The politician are not only responsible for it we all are also responsible for it.

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Meenal Sawant said: (Mar 23, 2014)  
Both Voters and Political Parties, are Responsible for the Criminalization of Politics.

1. In India democracy country has right to select right candidate as a leader. But sometimes voters takes benefits at the time of elections and sell their vote to resp party. They do not even think that the money which they spend on you to vote, after election leader going to recover it. Then again we support for corruption.

2. Political parties is also responsible for the Criminalization of Politics. Political parties should have factors for selecting vote candidate for example education and criminal background, age limit, casteism. Etc.

Professional politician should be educated. For example educational minister should be doctorate. Agricultural minister should have at least degree from rural management. Etc. Without proper knowledge how can leader run country.

Age limit is also most imp factor. Most of the professional candidate are above 75 age who are not physically fit. They should give chance to to young who are educated and also senior politician share their experience because in future it will help them to run country.

Caste ism a serious obstacle in the functioning of democracy. Many of the professional politicians exploit Caste ism and at election time ask the people to vote for them on caste considerations and they also succeed in their evil designs.

Solution for these people should vote the right candidate and political parties should improve morals & ethics.

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Rocky said: (Feb 20, 2014)  
Hello everyone.

In my view, voters are in a way responsible for criminalization in politics because if we exercise our responsibilities properly and look upon the politics in India then of course we would be at the conclusion of choosing the best among the political parties. Every individual should have enough knowledge about our political system.

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Deepmala said: (Jan 25, 2014)  
Voters are not responsible for criminalization of political system but political parties are. They do wrong things only for their benefits. They make use of common people who are poor. During elections political parties use wrong way to win the election. They give money & other materialistic things to poor people to win their confidence & finally they win the election. Its not the fault of a poor person who accept things from politician because its easy to win the confidence of a needy & vulnerable people. Our political parties lack morals & ethics & thats the biggest reason for criminalization.

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Gunjan said: (Jan 23, 2014)  
Friends, my basic thought is.

Yes voters do play important role in political system but they do not have right to decide about who will contest the elections.

& the other thing is like other governmental professions politics does not asks about educational qualification it only asks about age & nationality. So those who are fulfilling these 2 "qualifications" are allowed to control our country.

And we all are aware about many other manipulations in our administrative set up.

So my stand is, more than voters other factors like knowing some party members/head etc influences the politics more.

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Manish said: (Dec 15, 2013)  
Yes, As per the citizen of India we are responsible of in our political system, we are become very flexible at the time of election, when giving vote to the different candidate, We have the right to choose the best candidate or reject them but we will choose those candidate those are giving the greedy things to us and we will give vote them. This is the political scenario of our country, first we have to take our responsibilities that give vote to the right people so that we can aspect them they will give good governance to us, or reject them so that they will not get another chance of becoming the minister.

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Naushad said: (Aug 21, 2013)  
Voters are not wholly responsible for the Criminalization of politics,

If we look from the voters point of view than we have to consider some facts that in India there are more than 6 lakh villages and those people do not have the access to media properly, So how can they decide who will be better to represent their interest.

Secondly, If they select a right candidate than because of the complexities of coalition government in India, often interest of the voters are compromised. So what's the point of choosing a right candidate.

But its is not political parties only responsible for the criminalization of politics because voters are the one who elect the candidate, common perception of voters are that.

What's wrong if I vote for him as he has talked with me, I know him personally, he is from my community, from my religion, my area, I have received monetary benefits from him, than people forget the candidates background record and do not bother to think about whether he/she is the right person and caste the vote for that person.

During election political parties offers various types of benefits mainly monetary to the poor people it is hard to ignore such benefits for them, and people think that everyone is corrupted so whatever benefits you are getting take it, something is better than nothing. But why not take the benefits and vote for the right candidate, No one is perfect in this world.

Voters think that what a single vote will make the difference, as mass thinks in this way and ultimately it makes the difference but negatively.

Though political parties are responsible mainly but we can not ignore the role of voters, it is the voters who must take the initiative for the better political system and thereby by for a better nation.

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Avantika said: (Mar 12, 2013)  
Well friends being the citizen of a democratic country, and having right to vote each and every citizen of a country like India is also responsible for a corrupt government formation.

People are well aware today that if a good candidate wins the election, then definitely the citizen will get the return benefit to himself only.

If one person who is poor takes bribe by any political party to cast his important vote, it none other mistake of politician its the mistake of the vote caster because by his/her general thinking he can think that the person who is going in illegal and corrupt way now, how he or she can run a good government But those poor people don't think of that fact that time, and finally when govt becomes corrupt they start blaming that none of the parties that are running is good and all. So I ask those citizens that by whose selection government is formed.

I am not saying for a corrupt party only citizens are responsible but they take the most important initiative of selecting them. A govt is formed by the people and for the people. So everyone whoever is casts vote is equally responsible.

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Pavani said: (Oct 16, 2012)  
In our country politics are becoming worst. We don't know how whom to you have vote. In our country politicians are very negligible people they do unwanted things for people. So today rice cost is 1RS/kg. And other things like bus charges and railway charges and daily needs rates were increasing.

But no one should ask and no one should bother about this. They are like what want do want to do they do in this way the people are thinking. But some people are suffering for this situation.

Any way friends choose your correct leader for the sake our country. Be think and vote for the politicians.

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Amit Rai said: (Aug 29, 2012)  
I will partially agree with the statement.judicial use of the voting rights given to citizens is a must to ensure selection of suitable candidates.People waste their voting by not voting or by selling their votes for money.It is us who vote for the criminal and so called "dabang" people in the election.By nipping the bud we can prevent these criminals from entering our parliament and legislatures.In democracy the ultimate power lies with the public.But people treat themselves just another cog in the machine and forget the power of being a group.At the same time the political structure of our country also plays its role in criminalizing the politics.For the last 2 decades coalition government has been a regular feature of Indian politics.Under this system the government at center is more concerned about pleasing the coalition parties rather focusing on the real issues.some coalition parties use this opportunity to execute the biggest scams and then go away easily by threatening the government to pull its support.

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Jyt said: (Aug 6, 2012)  
I do agree with the fact that voters are responsible. Because 20% of the people don't cast their votes and those who do, either have no idea of their own whom to vote, will go with the masses or will decide on the basis of caste and community.

And the politicians also promise too much before the elections., when time comes to put the words into action, they hardly remember anything.

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Rythm said: (Jun 8, 2012)  
Dear friends,
Yes I fully agree with the quote that "voters, not political parties are responsible for the crime" because when the voter came to us for votes then why we gave our precious votes to corrupt & criminal politicians. We should try to give our votes to the right person not on the discrimination of caste, creed or locality. When we realize our social responsibility then our country will be free from corrupt politicians.

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Chaya said: (Jun 1, 2012)  
I feel we must not blame the voters who couldn't afford their basic needs. I want to you to remind that in India "the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer". There are many people who couldn't get their daily bread properly. So there are chances for them to get attracted towards the bribes offered by these political parties.

I feel that MEDIA IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DECRIMINALIZATION OF POLITICS. Media can only drag either fair or unfair information that happens inside the political parties. They should pose the real face of political parties which can help to fetch the correct leader who can rule efficiently. An ultimate development of India can be observed.

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Voters, not Political Parties, are Responsible for the Criminalization of Politics

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