Voters, not Political Parties, are Responsible for the Criminalization of Politics

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Aakanksha said:   10 years ago my point of view regarding the issue, voters to a maximum extent are responsible for the criminalization of politics. IN a country consisting of approximately 1.27 billion population only 74% are literate, which means a quarter is still under the umbrella of illiteracy that does not have any knowledge about the meaning of democracy neither do they have any idea of its basic functioning, what is the meaning of MP, MLA RAJYA SABHA, LOK SABHA. What is the basic mechanism of these. How do these work. Though India is a young nation consisting maximum of population aged below 60 still acc to survey it has been found that it consists of 37%of illiterate adults of the world! A huge number, isn't it?

So how can one expect that these people will vote and elect a govt which is upto the mark and works for the amelioration of the nation.

These illiterate voters are more likely to spoil the votes and depressing the total turnout. It is also known that this group is often mislead, intimidated into voting for the crooks and thugs, these are more likely to sell their votes and are kept in the false hope.

Adding to the above point, the country's political parties are more likely to field candidates who face criminal allegations in the districts where illiteracy rates are higher for vote banks!

I was flummoxed to know that the 15th lok sabha consists of some MP's with criminal records. This is such a big shame for the nation that the people who are considered to be the people's representative are themselves corrupt. And to add to the shame is is just because of us who have not elected them and made them our representatives.

In my viewpoint there should be some predescribed criteria for the ones who are contesting elections and for the ones who are eligible to vote which should have at least the basic understanding of what the democracy is all about in the country where the basic system is flawed though making it the world's largest democratic country.

Hence, the responsibility to choose wisely rests on our shoulders to ensure to make the country a better place.

Naushad said:   1 decade ago
Voters are not wholly responsible for the Criminalization of politics,

If we look from the voters point of view than we have to consider some facts that in India there are more than 6 lakh villages and those people do not have the access to media properly, So how can they decide who will be better to represent their interest.

Secondly, If they select a right candidate than because of the complexities of coalition government in India, often interest of the voters are compromised. So what's the point of choosing a right candidate.

But its is not political parties only responsible for the criminalization of politics because voters are the one who elect the candidate, common perception of voters are that.

What's wrong if I vote for him as he has talked with me, I know him personally, he is from my community, from my religion, my area, I have received monetary benefits from him, than people forget the candidates background record and do not bother to think about whether he/she is the right person and caste the vote for that person.

During election political parties offers various types of benefits mainly monetary to the poor people it is hard to ignore such benefits for them, and people think that everyone is corrupted so whatever benefits you are getting take it, something is better than nothing. But why not take the benefits and vote for the right candidate, No one is perfect in this world.

Voters think that what a single vote will make the difference, as mass thinks in this way and ultimately it makes the difference but negatively.

Though political parties are responsible mainly but we can not ignore the role of voters, it is the voters who must take the initiative for the better political system and thereby by for a better nation.

Deepak said:   4 years ago

There are so many factors which play roles in the criminalization of politics.

Blaming voters for the same will only make situations of our country politics worse.

Some of these factors which I think have a big role in the criminalization of politics.

1. Poverty: it's a bitter truth but we all know that almost 60% of India population comes under the poverty line.

Just suppose that and put ourselves in those people conditions who even isn't able to meet their daily need.

Just think you are only a member of the family and your children have not food to eat even you are so hungry and all of sudden someone comes and offers you money and delicious food.

What will you/we do? We will also do the same as most of our poor people do.

It's very easy to sit on the chair and put our judgement about voters.

But if we look the matter closely we will find that it's not voters fault.

2. There are so many political parties which use their goons to threat voters. A good example is West Bengal. If any of voters deny what they are told to. Goons just beat them and some times also kill them. Election Commission of India knows that who is criminal and who is not.
But even though allow criminal people to stand in politics.

3. Even Political parties know about the criminal background of their candidate's but just give tickets and support criminal people to be in politics.

In my opinion, in a country like India Voters have the least right and play a very small role in the criminalization of politics.

P K SHANKAR said:   7 years ago
A fair society is our need. How it can be achieved. All most people are fair and they expect fair things. I see the misleading is the foe. Eg. 2g spectrum loss statement by former C A G Mr. Vinod Rai. It is said to be a PRE-SUMED LOSS. But not a real one. But we had seen that how much venom had been injected into the society by strong media propaganda. Even the high weight from the then ruling party also contributed a share in the venomed propaganda. We saw the aftermath thing. The best another eg. Black money. All the political parties alike mourn against black money since ears back. They could not identify the rot of it or not felt to trace it. I see the politicians the social workers the lawyers and even judiciary have propagated against black money effects. The present Government decided to end the years-long mourn of society against black money and they demonetised Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes. The action has been hailed especially by the political parties irrespective of the color of their flags. The hailing against viruses propaganda giving inspiration to the Government to take stringent measures. But I think that the result of demonetization will not be a hailing one. The society is being fallen in crises. In these respect, I see a lot of miseries are being invited to the society by lack of right thinking political leaders. India needs a good political leader like Narasimha Rau, Vajpai and Manmohan Singh. These three former prime Ministers brought India into prosperity. Wait and see.

Meenal Sawant said:   10 years ago
Both Voters and Political Parties, are Responsible for the Criminalization of Politics.

1. In India democracy country has right to select right candidate as a leader. But sometimes voters takes benefits at the time of elections and sell their vote to resp party. They do not even think that the money which they spend on you to vote, after election leader going to recover it. Then again we support for corruption.

2. Political parties is also responsible for the Criminalization of Politics. Political parties should have factors for selecting vote candidate for example education and criminal background, age limit, casteism. Etc.

Professional politician should be educated. For example educational minister should be doctorate. Agricultural minister should have at least degree from rural management. Etc. Without proper knowledge how can leader run country.

Age limit is also most imp factor. Most of the professional candidate are above 75 age who are not physically fit. They should give chance to to young who are educated and also senior politician share their experience because in future it will help them to run country.

Caste ism a serious obstacle in the functioning of democracy. Many of the professional politicians exploit Caste ism and at election time ask the people to vote for them on caste considerations and they also succeed in their evil designs.

Solution for these people should vote the right candidate and political parties should improve morals & ethics.

Prashant786 said:   10 years ago
Hi folks.

We can not say that only voters are responsible for the criminalization for politics, because political parties presents criminalize candidates in election because of it voters have to chose one of them. In our country politics is fully based on caste and religion system, voters likes to vote only their caste or religion candidate rather he is criminal or not, this is the main reason of criminalization for politics.

Only 74 percent population of India is literate and rest is illiterate whose does not whom to vote thus lack of awareness about the election or candidates among this mass is also reason of criminalization for politics.

There are 84 crore voters in our country, among of them only 50-60 percent use their right to vote, rest of voter do not use their right to vote. Voters who use their right to vote maximum are unaware about their constituency candidate's profile they vote him only by observing his caste or religion rather he is criminal or not. Rest who do not cast their votes are responsible criminalization for politics because a good candidate deprives from winning the election due to lack of votes.

So if we want remove criminalization from politics the all the voters of country should cast their vote during election, and government should pass a act in which criminalize politicians should be keep away from the politics and election so that we can get good government in country.

Alok gupta said:   7 years ago
My experiences say that for all the criminalization we ourselves and voters are responsible. We must understand the value of our votes and choose those leaders who are aware of the work done by real leader of particular's country not for his own greed. We as a citizen became a responsibility to elect a good leader who should think for our country than for his own greed.

We are in flow of emotion we give our votes to those who are of our same caste or they are our neighbourhood or of same villages and town but this is not always mean that they would think for countries development. For example:- In country like INDIA, all citizens were demanding that the should be corruption less work but the people in solving their personal problem they try every means and give money as a corruption person to gov. Employees or any other so that his /her work should be completed as early as possible so it only increases the spirit of corruption not of corruption less so how a people of INDIA could demand for corruption less country if they would not give a money to gov. An employee or any other members then definitely the corruption should be less. In the same way, the voting is also affecting the politics if we elect a responsible person as any MLA/MP then he/she must think for the welfare of country.

SUN said:   10 years ago
I don't think that only voters are responsible for the criminalization. Voters take bribe/amount offered to them for their vote by politicians. It is time to think over, why these people are forced to do the things like these ? or why these people accepting this way ? While taking these offers voters are thinking only about their temporary problems. If we get 2000 per vote, which need of our family will be fulfilled. Should we repair our shelter or give education fees or child or take monthly food or purchase new dresses for children or save for further emergency exp.

So, if poverty is removed from our country then only people/voters think about nation and its progress. Even fundamental need are not fulfilled properly, then what have to do the common people with nation and its progress. Money is centralized with few people. If we are giving the vote to suitable candidate his mind is also getting changed. Leaders have no fear. They making good collection of money during their terms. And if people don't give vote for next time what will happen? if suppose they will caught in corruption cases they simply leaving their seats/positions. What about funds/money they have stolen.

To control these things law must be tighten and total system must be changed.

Thank you.

LAL KRISHNA MAHATO said:   8 years ago
Hello everyone,

Criminalisation is not about to say only murder, kidnapping, attack, etc. The people who are not doing their work properly, not understanding their responsibility towards country and who are become barrier for the development of the country are the main reason for the criminalisation.

I think that political parties and the corruption they are doing, are the main reason for the criminalisation because the party who get power in election does big crime by not fulfilling the wishes of people, they had done before election. Criminalisation also increases because of the opposition parties who always try to do anything so that the ruling party image become down infront of people.

Yes, we people are also a factor for criminalisation because some people give their votes the political leader who had bought them by giving money to them. And these people give their vote to that leader who had not so qualified, who also did so many crime, who have no knowledge of politics. But not all the people doing so, many people are their who know to whom he have to give vote, they did not sold themselves only for some thousands rupees.

Hence, I concluded that political parties are the main reason for the criminalisation.

Prashan Singh said:   9 years ago
There is not 'a' factor but rather multiple factors that is responsible for careless voting and bad politician (bad in terms of bad governance or using unethical & immoral means to serve their purposes).

First of all EC can restrict the so called criminal candidates by filtering them out, but the problem is that it will take a lot of manpower & time to cross check the backgrounds of all the candidates thoroughly and will also increase the financial burden of the government making it practically not possible to do so (India's expenditure in election is already one of the highest in the world). So here is a LOOPHOLE that gives a chance for criminals to be a part of politics.

Another is that, once they are up in the election they use all means to gather votes irrespective of its legality, morality or ethics.

Also, voters gives their votes to them because of greed (greed may be because of necessity or luxury) or fear (both greed n fear is a natural feeling for the humans evolved during time).

Hence it won't be fair to blame voters or the candidates, as in my opinion both are responsible and also some loopholes in our system.

So with this I would conclude my statement.

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