Voters, not Political Parties, are Responsible for the Criminalization of Politics

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Sriram said:   4 years ago
No, political party contests the elections without bribing and no voter will vote without taking if they offered money. So both voters and PP are responsible for the criminalization of politics.

Everybody needs money and no one will reject if they offered money.

Priyanka said:   9 years ago
Hello friends. .

Yes I think that is right but. Voters how can judge without any access of news, advertisement, radio. So many villagers vote for wrong political parties. Lastly suffer all public in our country. Its very sad for all people who wrong or right.

Nareah said:   7 years ago
Hello my friends.

I think that we are most responsible for this. If we choose right person of work then country's going to development. We doing that we are stop to wrong work without any greedy then politician stop there wrong work.

Wake Up & Wakeup.

Versha said:   8 years ago
First of all I'm not blaming any individual person but tell me one thing the reason of communal riots, violence specially the time of election. Who is the responsible for this? Political parties make a situation for make a huge no.of vote. That's my view.

Manohar said:   8 years ago
Voters are responsible, because they have power to choose the leader. But all voter won't be knowing qualities of the contestant they will know them only what media show. It is also the responsibility of party to give ticket to worthy contestant.

Amit said:   6 years ago
Most of the rural area people have no access to media or news so how can they judge the parties without any knowledge so there is probability that they can vote for wrong candidate. So point is our information system should be improved.

Rahul said:   9 years ago
Yes I would stone favour of it at the time of election they are seen. And when the election pass away they disappeared. According to me. The politician are not only responsible for it we all are also responsible for it.

Preethi said:   8 years ago
Vote indicates its our power to choose the people to represent our country. Sometimes people will indulge in taking the money from the candidates without knowing the power of vote. Taking money is obviously a crime.

Sushant singh said:   7 years ago
According to a report by ADR currently 35% of MP's have a criminal background. How can one blame them?

Voters when they have to select their leaders from a bunch of criminals.

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