Voters, not Political Parties, are Responsible for the Criminalization of Politics

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Richa said:   1 decade ago
I do agree that the poor and illeterate people should not be blamed for the political scenario of our country. But what about the young, literate elligible voters. There are very rare cases where more than 90% people from a state cast their votes. Out of this, few are the literate people. If not a major change, everyones vote helps its bit in making the change. So, not only the politicians but also the literate voters are responsible for the criminalization of politics.

If suppose, a person under pressure of money, casts a vote for a wrong politician. Then atleast after 5years that person has a right not to vote again for him. But if he still does it, then he is somewhere promoting criminals.

Now a days, election committee is taking much interest in seeing that there is clean voting procedures. So a person should take a proper stand and caste a vote. Voting is a right and everyone must use it for making our country a better place to live.

Ankit tiwari said:   1 decade ago
Not at all. How the people those does not have their bread of two times a day can be said responsible for it. What happen is whenever elections are declared desi daru, cigarettes, and money is distributed among the illiterates and the more they give the more they take. Reason is people don't know the power of their votes and how can we make a child responsible for the decay of his teeth due to chocolates. They are those who provide them.

Rooma said:   1 decade ago
According to me voters are nor responsible for criminalization of politics because.

1. Most of the rural area people have no access to media or news so how can they judge the parties without nay knowledge so there is probability that they can vote for wrong candidate. So point is our information system should be improved.

2. And also when come to forming governmenet party need majority of seats else you need to make mix government then those state parties will dominate the government in to there favor by giving the treat to withdraw there support from the party.

This lead to corrupted system. So voters are not responsible our system is responsible.

Shashi said:   1 decade ago
The methodology of election at present is favoring criminals to come to power. Unless
we seriously think of a radical electoral reform our democracy is in jeopardy and it is a well known open fact. Before the election they act like enemies,but after the election they fool the citizens and go together. Coalition trick. I read somewhere that above 38% of the contested candidates were crorepatis and most with criminal cases. Once they are in power they say parliament is supreme. We do whatever we wish. Whom to blame?.

Susanta kumar said:   1 decade ago
Hi everyone,
I really appreciate all of your views.Still I would like to add some more opinions.As far as my knowledge is concerned,I strictly say that people do not take bribe from political parties instead they should know the power of their votes as well as the candidate's nature and qualities which are suitable for that post or not.

Ghanshyam pandey said:   1 decade ago
According to my view we should not blame voters completely for all the crime.As most of the people in india are living in villages and they are very innocent and don't have great knowledge regarding power of there vote. As a result some ministers take people in confidence by illegal means(eg. distributing money) and poor voters get traped and left to suffer for the next 5 years.

Yadvendra said:   1 decade ago
I should primarily say that we are in democracy and in democracy voters are behind every positive and negative happening because they choose their ministers to rule on behalf of them. So if there is crimilisation in politics then voters are the reason who ignited it. If they would have boycott criminals through voting then such situation would never arrive. But we can say our voters do not have vast thinking, they just think for their own or their surrounding. So we cannot totally blame voters but they are too reason for it.

As far as political parties are concern I agree with deepak view that they take in confidence voters. Hence major reason for criminalisation in politics is political parties but we cannot ignore the role of voters for boosting these parties to do so.

Prasant Tiwary said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends,

I am totally disagree with people saying that political parties or politicians are responsible for Criminalization. How come people are making this type of statement.I would like to ask one and very simple question...why people vote them,if they are not good...And i wiil answer why..Because are not enough educated...they just put their votes based on community,cast,and parties.So What i am trying to say is...we should know the power of vote..We should come up instead of blaming any parties or anyone else.

Deepak Singh said:   1 decade ago
As per my view it is the political party responsible for the criminalisation of politics as the political parties takes the voters under confidence they convence them 4 their vote in xchange of tons of promises nd the voters believe them taking in consideration the other political parties who actually not waorking or who are actually working this illusion is a natural fact as we cant judge a person till the time he brings his action. And 1ce the particular political party get the votes they start playing ther dirty game and hence I conclude its the political party responsible 4 the criminalisation of politics.

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