Voters, not Political Parties, are Responsible for the Criminalization of Politics

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Vijay prakash said:   8 years ago
Hi, Friends.

Our politicians before taking bribes, they first bribe the people (voters).

Before corrupting themselves they first corrupt voters with all kinds of gifts like money, liquor, drugs etc.

This is the dance of democracy in our country.

Now voters have no choice to question them after elections. In fact many poor people wait for elections because it's a feast day for them.

All are responsible for making elections a dirty game.

If we consider our constitution as our Holy Book then the politicians who are elected are the guardians of our constitution.

If the guardians are robber's, culprits, briber's then how safe our democracy will be?

This should be understood by a voter before casting his sacred vote. When voter realizes this n stops criminalizing himself then the real change will take place.

Then only India will Shine.

Tarun pratap singh said:   8 years ago
Hello friends,

As the topic is saying that we are responsible for criminalization of politics. As India has different communities and most of the party focus towards a particular community and earns votes.

There can be a better way to solve this problem that there should be examination criteria for every politician and that exam includes the knowledge of current affairs, current technology, Indian Constitution and with an essay towards the social problems and how can they solve this. After the exam scan copy of exam answer sheet will provide at the particular website.

I think this can stop the criminalization of politics.

Mehaichu Jemu said:   8 years ago
In my opinion, I should say that both the voters and political parties are responsible for Criminalization of politics. But when it comes to the voters, they mainly misuse their vote in electing the wrong candidate. Many of the voters knew that their candidates are not responsible for bringing about a desirable change but they instead cast their vote to who so ever give them more money. Thus, in present democracy, Politics have somehow become like a business. So, it can be clearly said that the voters are the main causes of criminalization in politics since the voters are the root of modern Politics.

Vivek ranjan said:   8 years ago
I think people are responsible for the criminalization of politics because people are aware of their vote. Most of the illiterate people do not know the use of vote and they vote the people as a leader who give him money, alcohol and they sold their vote so, in this people are responsible.

Rubbecca said:   8 years ago
According to me, politicians are responsible for the crime because everything depends upon politicians if they want to close or ban on that thing which is effective for public they stopped it and about voters. Sometimes voters wrong but sometimes they do wrong about needs only. Politicians are responsible but some voter also.

Sushant singh said:   8 years ago
According to a report by ADR currently 35% of MP's have a criminal background. How can one blame them?

Voters when they have to select their leaders from a bunch of criminals.

Megha said:   8 years ago
Even if voters are criminalised, they are at few %. We vote those who fulfil our needs or who promise to fulfill our needs and of course there are few voters who are being pressurised to vote for a specific party. It's only the politicians who are criminalised in a huge manner.

Nareah said:   8 years ago
Hello my friends.

I think that we are most responsible for this. If we choose right person of work then country's going to development. We doing that we are stop to wrong work without any greedy then politician stop there wrong work.

Wake Up & Wakeup.

Amit Kishore said:   8 years ago
Hi everyone.

I think both political parties and the voters play some role in corrupting the political parties. Voters play their part by not voting or voting for the wrong person. But the major part is played by the party member. As soon as they come to power they start filling their pockets. They become greedy and self-centered.

Also the voters don't have much of a choice. They have to choose between more greedy party and less greedy party.

Sreajita Saha said:   9 years ago
Hello everyone,

Voters are only partially responsible for criminalization of politics. The main problem doesn't lie in the choices of the voters but the options available for choice. In maximum case we are unable to decide about whom to cast the vote because all nominees are equally selfish and corrupted.

Voters don't decide that who should be the competitors of Representatives, they only get to choose among the choices available. Apart from this, a large section of voters do not use their logic but rely on their on own tiny gains. So only way to reduce criminalization of politics is to screen the nominees.

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