The Way Forward for India is to Join Hands with Pakistan on Nuclear Matters

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ASHISH Chauhan said:   7 years ago
Both India and Pakistan are having nuclear power, so they both are supposed to behave very responsibly. Even a single irresponsible dialog gives chance to non-state actors. Several weapon supplier countries are praying for war between the two. Whereas the growing Indian economy with getting badly disturbed by this. If Pakistan is unable to destroy terrorist camps it must take Indian help. India should take any further step after November 2016 I. E. After the retirement of Pak army chief Raheel Sharif.

Shashank said:   9 years ago
Hi friend this is Shashank. Happy to join with you.

In my point of you in nuclear matters we con't trust Pakistan because Pakistan is a dangerous country they can misuse our nuclear products.

But there is a chance to trust them. We can take an agreement with particular rules and punishments and security we can join with Pakistan.

Dev said:   9 years ago
It will be like "We will be falling in to the pit which was dug by us". As we all know that India and Pakistan are two major nuclear heads in the world, any discrimination may lead to world war 3 which sounds unacceptable.

Shashi singh said:   7 years ago
I strongly oppose this point that having a deal that is meant for development purpose will be misused by Pakistan or anyone.

No doubt they had broken our healthy relationship a dozen of time but it doesn't mean that on every issue they will betray us but after having deal India have to do constant surveillance on their action who knows what will happen.

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