The Way Forward for India is to Join Hands with Pakistan on Nuclear Matters

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Amit Kumar Singh said:   1 decade ago
Nuclear matter is the excellent matter for both the country. It gives much energy for development of both country.Like we use this energy for future use,in electricity, space, satellite many more but if we use this energy against to each other then it creates havoc.In point of view it is not possible because without the demolition of terrorism this matter can't join the hands of each country. Cricket is that matter which not only join the hands but also gives us happiness.

Pradeep said:   1 decade ago
Dear amit i am not agree with you because collaboration is right with a country which know the meaning of cooperation but pakistan is not a country on which we can trust as per our historical experience & also we are suffering today from terriorism. join the hands mean we will transfer our technology or raw material of nuclear but we should understand that they can misuse this against us because we have been a long talks with them over terriorism in kashmir & other places but i think they are pretending to the world that they are in talks with india & try to take all grants & assistence across the glob.

Dipal said:   1 decade ago
Nuclear matter is the sensitive matter. Nuclear energy is give best in our development but we have to consider risk also. Pakistan is not trustful contry as per our past experience there is always unbalancing with pakistan and as per my opinion we have not join hand with pakistan on this sensitive subject. It might be happen after some year when situation is worse it use this nuclear power agains us. So for our own good of sake we have join hands with outher country not pakistan.

Arjun said:   1 decade ago
Nuclear energy is not a matter on which the decision can be taken thinking twice or thrice, it has to be thought 1000 times. It is a sensitive matter. Pakistan is a country with which we had intense tussles, although when all this was to come at peace, Pakistan made 26/11 attacks which can't be forgotten of. Sharing nuclear power is not a right decision. Its just like cut that branch of the tree on which we're sitting. Until and unless Pakistan gains our trust, we can hand this dangerous weapon to the. As they would share our resources and weapon with us, but in near future if Pakistan shows us the thumb it would be our loss only. The possibility of something bad overrules the possibility of good.

Sagar Dwar said:   1 decade ago
"Trust" that's what is needed for building a relationship. India has taken a few steps towards better relationships with Pakistan, but, we know how far Pakistan has justified our trust. Joining hands with a country on Nuclear basis, that too a country which has been untrustworthy, may cost India a lot. Nuclear power is a boon to people, but Pakistan has many a times transformed, what's boon, to bane. I don't want a Hiroshima or Nagasaki kind of future for my children. We can't take risks. It would be better to put off the thought of nuclear relationships with pakistan.

Surya said:   1 decade ago
Nuclear relationship with a country which is not at all trustful is like giving money bag to a thief. So, in my point of view before joining the hands we should think about the terrorism which is spreading in our country like a poisonous gas. Nuclear collaboration is right with a country which will be helpful to generate energy in future but not with a country which is well known in the world for their profession in creating terrorism.

Manish negi said:   1 decade ago
It is totally fruitless deal with that country, who is violating the ceasefire on the border time to time. It is not easy to believe in pak who always found to be guilty in maximum terrorist activities occurred in India. Bomb blast in mumbai, 26/11 attack like this in many shameful activities pak always get caught.

So we should have some kind of common sense to forward such type of step.

Ankit singh said:   1 decade ago
No way, it will be a illogical step to join hands with pakistan who has not accepted their mistakes and relentlessly denying the involvement of their country in terrorism even whole world seen osama was in pakistan. So its hard on a neighbour like pakistan. So only solution is to take hard line against them nothing else.

Zara Attar said:   1 decade ago
Intense matters like the joining hands with another country in order for nuclear growth depend on a number of factors.

In case of Pakistan, we should proceed only if we can trust the pakistani government. If we can't trust them and neither can they, then there is no point in taking this matter ahead.

Our past experiences with Pakistan have also not been good. In such a scenario, making such amends can either bring the indo-pak relationship to a positive side or this can also be used by the politicians and terrorists to create further havoc.

Trust is a very essential raw material to have growth as a by product. Hence, I would suggest we should not consider this this.

Bhawani said:   10 years ago
Hello friends. Good morning.

Its Bhawani I am agree with your views but wanna add my views too.

As we all know that every coin have to different faces and these both use to have values. As soon as we heard the name of nucleare our mind reaches on explosives but nuclear have a another face too energy which gives us light for daily needs power for industrial use etc. If this field pak and India wanna go then they should go without any doubt on one another because this way of use nuclear can help both countries and bring them to develop countries from developing and poor countries and by passing time and positive result we should hope for improve the relation positively and they both go with on another good ways for their citizen who are now fed up with this contention.

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