The Way Forward for India is to Join Hands with Pakistan on Nuclear Matters

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Samyuktha said: (Jun 14, 2019)  
Hi this is samyuktha.
In my point of view that joining the hands with the pakistan having some advantages and disadvantages.
the advantages of joining the hands with the pakistan so that we can co-operate with each other .it can reduces the destruction of war,it inbits the peace between us.
By sharing the nuclear power matters between us we can develop our technology system .If any other country declare a war we use those weapons of highly secured.
The dis advantages of joining hands with the pakistan we make our selves as terrorist country with our hands.we should not blindly believe the terrorist is not a trusting country.
There are so many terrorists are there in that country so we face so many problems by shaking hands with them.

So i conclude that we should not involve all the matters with the pakistan we should maintain a safe distance with them.

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Ketan said: (Oct 17, 2016)  
I think that we ignore shaking hands with Pakistan because of its cost us a lot. Pakistan is such a coward and liar country that can do anything.

They said that we don't know about terrorism but they attacked us in an indirect way. They are untreatable.

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ASHISH Chauhan said: (Oct 10, 2016)  
Both India and Pakistan are having nuclear power, so they both are supposed to behave very responsibly. Even a single irresponsible dialog gives chance to non-state actors. Several weapon supplier countries are praying for war between the two. Whereas the growing Indian economy with getting badly disturbed by this. If Pakistan is unable to destroy terrorist camps it must take Indian help. India should take any further step after November 2016 I. E. After the retirement of Pak army chief Raheel Sharif.

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Charlie said: (Aug 12, 2016)  
Pakistan is an unstable country and they cannot be trusted with nuclear energy. They need to prove themselves that they are stable and are ready to take hard steps against terrorism.

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Shashi Singh said: (Jun 15, 2016)  
I strongly oppose this point that having a deal that is meant for development purpose will be misused by Pakistan or anyone.

No doubt they had broken our healthy relationship a dozen of time but it doesn't mean that on every issue they will betray us but after having deal India have to do constant surveillance on their action who knows what will happen.

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Arindam said: (May 6, 2016)  
We all aware the relationship between India and Pakistan. From the very first day they are trying to snatch our land, our people, our religion. By giving Mumbai attack, Pathan Kot attack, etc they are threatening us to give them Kashmir. So what is the point of giving hands to them in a sensible matter like nuclear matter? They sure will betray us. But we Indian are not like them so we may give them in other matter like business, games, etc nothing else for now. We always stretch our friendly hand to them but sharing such a serious matter will ruin us to danger.

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Tejkirat said: (Feb 26, 2016)  
We all are here to discuss on the topic "forwardness for India by dealing with Pakistan on nuclear matters".

According to my opinion, we should not do.

Deal with Pakistan on nuclear power because we all know that Pakistan is not a trustworthy country we have seen according to our past experience. If suppose India shake hands with Pakistan, then what is the proof that after sharing our nuclear power with Pakistan they will not misuse it. And one important thing I want to tell you is that Before joining hands with any country for any issue trust should be there. And according to the topic neither India has trust on Pakistan nor Pakistan have on India. At the end, I want to say we make deals with that country on which we have full trust.

Thank you.

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Mounika said: (Jan 8, 2016)  
Hi every one,

According to my view it is not necessary that India should join hands with Pakistan, because every time, how many healthy relations we maintain with them they try to cheat us. Even in 26/11 attacks it was proved that their is Pakistan hand in that. India can create excellent nuclear power if joined with U.S.

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Arjun said: (Jan 3, 2016)  
Hello everyone!

This topics sounds like we merge ourself with Pakistan.

Why to do so? To shake our hands with them means Merge and Merge means sharing our capabilities with them and get benefit of their capabilities.

India has enough nuclear sources than Pakistan. So in My opinion don't do that have faith in our country's resources and capabilities.

Pakistan government do not have control over terrorism activities run in Pakistan. So what is the assurance that after getting our information on nuclear they will not missuses it?

Thank you.

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JOE said: (Dec 17, 2015)  
Hi this is Joy, Pakistan ruling by terrorism and addicted by religion. In order to give hand, first think what are pros and cons. By considering past historical events, we can understand how secure we are and were.

By agreeing nuclear matters we are sharing whole country development and secure knowledge to Pakistan. What about us for next. What sort of technology upgrade for us. My opinion better keep our knowledge with us one step ahead with our neighbor country and do support to lift from illiteracy and poverty.

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Deepankan said: (Oct 9, 2015)  

India should not share about nuclear power things with Pakistan because we all know the intentions of Pakistan whose main aim is destruction of India. Once India had already tried to share information about the nuclear power and all with Pakistan and to join hands together and work for the betterment of the both country but that time also Pakistan shared those information with North Korea and created a worst situation.

Because nuclear matters has all the information about the country's defence system and all the technologies which the country is implementing and Pakistan by knowing all these things will definitely try to create something big terror activities which India can't face.

So Pakistan should never be trusted over these nuclear matter issues as in such scenario our country will make a harm of themselves.

Thank you.

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Susil said: (Oct 3, 2015)  
According to my point of view the nuclear deal is very sensitive and very serious matter so there is no chance of nuclear deal with Pakistan because now days the ceasefire is always violated by Pakistan illegally and recently the pm of Pakistan Nawaz Sarif, view on UN council Veri valueless and totally against India so whenever the Pakistan never stop territory activities, their is no any deal should be done by India.

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Suresh.v said: (Oct 1, 2015)  
Hi friends, this is Suresh.

A good opportunity for combining both the countries on the issues of nuclear matter. But friends told that Pakistan is not a trust country. So we can't join our hands with Pakistan's.

In my point of view friendship is most important between India and Pakistan. Once give the one chance to Pakistan. But don't give for nuclear matter because it is very sensitive. We can give for other like business agreements. If it is successful and then we can involve further developments. If it is fail simply skip the topic.

Thank you friends.

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Shanmukh said: (Sep 22, 2015)  
Hello friends,

As Pakistan is not an trust able country where illegal activities and terrorism is more in that country So, far India have faced terrorist attacks by them and our country has many border issues regarding Jam mu & Kashmir between our country and their country. So, this issues clearly says that Pakistan is not friendly towards us So, how can we join our hands with Pakistan.

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Sumit Kumar said: (Sep 1, 2015)  
Hello friends.

As my opinion, India never should join hand with Pakistan on nuclear matters because there is a matter about privacy or security of defense system of India and will know our nuclear power. If India joins hand then Pakistan will know about our power and with the help of terrorism he want to harm our country, this is bad sign for our country. So India will never do this things.


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Mandeep Saini said: (Aug 25, 2015)  
Hello everyone! This is Mandeep Saini.

According to my point of view Nuclear matter is very big and sensitive issue and as we know Pakistan is not a trusty country. Pakistan always supports terrorism and also do illegal activities like cease-fire on border, So we should have some kind of common sense to forward such type of step.

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Abhishek Viltoriya said: (Aug 14, 2015)  
Hello friends I am Abhishek.

I think India should give a chance to Pakistan as its not only about relations and all, its about increasing economy, better understanding between these two countries. We should put a step forward to sort out matter whether its about Kashmir matter or having supremacy over each other. Both countries should behave like adults and not fight like teenagers. Join hand together to make a peaceful and healthy environment.

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Karan said: (Aug 3, 2015)  
Hi guys,

I am new here. Its my first time with you.

In my opinion Pakistan is not a trusty country and also not a good relationship with our country nowadays nuclear capability is a major issue who gives strength to any country to develop them self.

So we don't keep any relationship with Pakistan and no treaty on peace.

Thank you.

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Kunal C Rana said: (Jun 8, 2015)  
After the winning of war of 1971 Bangladesh still we have not get the good feed back from the Pakistan and still cross border terrorism and many illegal activities are done by Pakistan to destabilize the Indian economy, diplomacy, and political issue. On wars & borders we are winning but on diplomacy table we are defeated multiple times, by Pakistan as per the topic, my personal suggestion will be that to talk with any relation on any platform with Pakistan is breaking head on the stone.

Dear Mr. Amit Kumar Singh I would like to suggest to you is that Pakistan is betrayed brother & friend for India. Since 15th August 1947, so to get a ray of hope from the snake is not a good thing, its better to cut the snake head and finish the thing from the bottom of the route, and for that India must take major military action.

It is a worthless talk with Pakistan on peace, On my perspective to join hands with Pakistan on nuclear matters is not a good step for India as Pakistan is supplying the nuclear technology to North Korea & Iran.

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Prince said: (May 21, 2015)  
According to me Pakistani are not a trust worthy country. Pakistani always support the terrorism then can how be make a nuclear agreement they are not a promising country.

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Jaimin said: (May 6, 2015)  
Hello everyone, I agree in every sense that there is no way of trusting the neighbor country because Pakistan has not performed so well their duty as a neighbor rather than doing that it has stabbed India with their terrorism.

But we too not being so preservative, rather we should initiate by joining hands with Pakistan to end this days of terror and give them chance to join hands with us to make a way forward for nuclear energy which will soon be the only helpful form of energy soon.

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Satish said: (Apr 16, 2015)  
Nuclear matter is a big issue nowadays, so we can't trust Pakistan, but we make a trust on by preparing particular agreement and signed by both parties.

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Shashank said: (Mar 14, 2015)  
Hi friend this is Shashank. Happy to join with you.

In my point of you in nuclear matters we con't trust Pakistan because Pakistan is a dangerous country they can misuse our nuclear products.

But there is a chance to trust them. We can take an agreement with particular rules and punishments and security we can join with Pakistan.

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Surya said: (Feb 22, 2015)  
Nuclear policy is not a relation first this policy divides the world even one is who posses and does not possess through out the only five where against not non proliferation treaty south Korea India Pakistan and Israel at this position we also not supporting the treaty because our ground realities were different so we cannot do that so at this position we need a support because we have only 0.4 of uranium reserve for civil use to meet our abilities and in defense.

We have grown extraordinarily in making of nuclear we have the best Agni and Prithvi k missile family at this situation we need a support of other country to meet our needs but not Pakistan's support because every one knows about root and fertilizers of terrorist is Pakistan and there is no belief at all with them because it may go wrong hands so we should not support and we cannot support and it is not necessary for us.

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Xyz said: (Feb 11, 2015)  
Hello everyone, trust should be from both the sides that is India and Pakistan. Proper agreement should be prepared with proper clauses, punishments, penalties etc to be included in the agreement which will be applicable to both the countries if any rules or regulations are broken.

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Meera said: (Feb 5, 2015)  
For any kind of agreement a trust has to be there which is certainly lacking in Indo-Pakistan relations. Whole world knows about the attitude of Pakistan towards India and the role it plays to promote terrorism.

On one hand, they conduct peace talks and on the other hand, they break ceasefires, behead our soldiers and kick their heads like a football and deny to return it back to us. This kind of attitude has made Pakistan a non-trustworthy nation as well as a back-stabber.

There is no point on making any nuclear agreement with Pakistan as you never know when can they back stab and use that power against India. For productive works like powers, Infrastructure development etc too, I don't think India has to make any ties with Pakistan. India can very well develop without Pakistan's help and support. It is Pakistan which needs India for such tie-ups.

Actions speaks louder than words which is apt in case of Pakistan. So, India should not go for such ties until and unless there is a trust relationship between both nations which I think, is never going to be.

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Sahil said: (Jan 28, 2015)  
Hello every one, according to me trust is the main thing for every deal, and we already know about the behaviour of Pakistan. Nuclear matter is the big deal on the basis of power but we all have no believe on Pakistan. It is also possible they act this nuclear as a weapon against the India. So always be prepared and beware from that type if deals with Pakistan.

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Dev said: (Jan 28, 2015)  
It will be like "We will be falling in to the pit which was dug by us". As we all know that India and Pakistan are two major nuclear heads in the world, any discrimination may lead to world war 3 which sounds unacceptable.

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Ronak Thapliyal said: (Jan 14, 2015)  
"Pakistan" well we all know what kind of a nation it is. Pakistan is a country where people live with their lives on their hands every single day. The breeding ground of terrorists. Though Pakistan has never accepted their crimes. Also our relationship with Pakistan hasn't improved much since Kargil.

Though India has always tried to improve the relations. At this stage, we cannot think of discussing such issues with Pakistan. Let them first bring the culprits to us, they have to make us believe - yes they are against terrorism and not a single man who is guilty of any terrorist activity can escape. Then only we can think for joining hands with Pakistan on nuclear issue.

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Chirag said: (Oct 27, 2014)  
Nuclear matter is a great concern for both the nations. A bilateral decision is to be employed on this prevailing issue. Both INDIA and PAKISTAN should work together for peace between the two countries. But this issue should be sorted out as soon as possible.

But the military chiefs and leaders from Pakistan are not in a state of pursuing peaceful negotiation, as its been witnessed by their talks on the press conference.

If they are threatening us with their nuclear powers, then they should know that they are going against humanitarian grounds. And a strict ban on the country must be put by India and by UN nations, if they keep on behaving like this.

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Archana Singh said: (Sep 28, 2014)  
I think its a good opportunity for both the countries to share their nuclear aspects with each other. If Pakistani are share their weapons and other raw materials with us then why not India but for this Pakistan have to maintain the trust. The past conditions are not allow to Indians for this matter like attack of 26/11 and also other attacks which are made by Pakistan. If they can ensure Indians that its not happen again in future only then sharing any idea is great for both the countries.

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Nishant Kishlay said: (Sep 28, 2014)  
Hello friends, we are here to discuss on the topic "The Way Forward for India is to Join Hands with Pakistan on Nuclear Matters". And as I think we shouldn't put a step forward for this issue as we are not having a stable, trustworthy relation with Pakistan. Neither we have completely trust on Pakistan nor they are having on India. And joining hands with Pakistan on nuclear matter would really be a bad decision from our side.

If we proceed with sharing the nuclear details with Pakistan and working with them and if they misused all the nuclear information provided by us then it would be a dangerous sign for India.

TRUST is the most important thing which need to be present between two nations if they are joining hands for such a issue, which is lacking between India and Pakistan.

Hence concluding with my ideas n thoughts, I would say that India shouldn't join hands with Pakistan in nuclear matters, however joining hands for strengthening our relationship is quite good and we should join hands for making our relationship good but as far as nuclear matters which is a vast topic are concerned then we shouldn't join hands with Pakistan according to the present scenario.

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Zeeshan said: (Aug 4, 2014)  
In my point of view its better to stay freeze on this matter until the conditions in pakistan gets stable. Instead of sharing our nuclear aspects why don't we focus on the basic needs of our people, we can help pakistan in their infrastructure this will bring a stable government there and then we can think of sharing our nuclear aspects. Also if pakistan gets a stable condition this will reduce terrorism in India as well.

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Piyush Kotangale said: (Jul 30, 2014)  
Both the countries are still having lack of basic need which is very alarming. Instead of dealing with nuclear power or power we should first deal with these problems. If the nuclear deal is dealt in a structured way then obviously it will be beneficial to both of us but we should also keep this in mind about the terrorism in our neighborhood which is rather a cancer to the modern world. So instead of dealing in this matter we should deal with the basic facilities which can help poor and middle class people.

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Bhawani said: (Jul 20, 2014)  
Hello friends. Good morning.

Its Bhawani I am agree with your views but wanna add my views too.

As we all know that every coin have to different faces and these both use to have values. As soon as we heard the name of nucleare our mind reaches on explosives but nuclear have a another face too energy which gives us light for daily needs power for industrial use etc. If this field pak and India wanna go then they should go without any doubt on one another because this way of use nuclear can help both countries and bring them to develop countries from developing and poor countries and by passing time and positive result we should hope for improve the relation positively and they both go with on another good ways for their citizen who are now fed up with this contention.

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Zara Attar said: (May 12, 2014)  
Intense matters like the joining hands with another country in order for nuclear growth depend on a number of factors.

In case of Pakistan, we should proceed only if we can trust the pakistani government. If we can't trust them and neither can they, then there is no point in taking this matter ahead.

Our past experiences with Pakistan have also not been good. In such a scenario, making such amends can either bring the indo-pak relationship to a positive side or this can also be used by the politicians and terrorists to create further havoc.

Trust is a very essential raw material to have growth as a by product. Hence, I would suggest we should not consider this this.

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Ankit Singh said: (May 4, 2014)  
No way, it will be a illogical step to join hands with pakistan who has not accepted their mistakes and relentlessly denying the involvement of their country in terrorism even whole world seen osama was in pakistan. So its hard on a neighbour like pakistan. So only solution is to take hard line against them nothing else.

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Manish Negi said: (May 1, 2014)  
It is totally fruitless deal with that country, who is violating the ceasefire on the border time to time. It is not easy to believe in pak who always found to be guilty in maximum terrorist activities occurred in India. Bomb blast in mumbai, 26/11 attack like this in many shameful activities pak always get caught.

So we should have some kind of common sense to forward such type of step.

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Surya said: (Apr 13, 2014)  
Nuclear relationship with a country which is not at all trustful is like giving money bag to a thief. So, in my point of view before joining the hands we should think about the terrorism which is spreading in our country like a poisonous gas. Nuclear collaboration is right with a country which will be helpful to generate energy in future but not with a country which is well known in the world for their profession in creating terrorism.

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Sagar Dwar said: (Sep 11, 2012)  
"Trust" that's what is needed for building a relationship. India has taken a few steps towards better relationships with Pakistan, but, we know how far Pakistan has justified our trust. Joining hands with a country on Nuclear basis, that too a country which has been untrustworthy, may cost India a lot. Nuclear power is a boon to people, but Pakistan has many a times transformed, what's boon, to bane. I don't want a Hiroshima or Nagasaki kind of future for my children. We can't take risks. It would be better to put off the thought of nuclear relationships with pakistan.

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Arjun said: (May 21, 2012)  
Nuclear energy is not a matter on which the decision can be taken thinking twice or thrice, it has to be thought 1000 times. It is a sensitive matter. Pakistan is a country with which we had intense tussles, although when all this was to come at peace, Pakistan made 26/11 attacks which can't be forgotten of. Sharing nuclear power is not a right decision. Its just like cut that branch of the tree on which we're sitting. Until and unless Pakistan gains our trust, we can hand this dangerous weapon to the. As they would share our resources and weapon with us, but in near future if Pakistan shows us the thumb it would be our loss only. The possibility of something bad overrules the possibility of good.

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Dipal said: (Feb 4, 2012)  
Nuclear matter is the sensitive matter. Nuclear energy is give best in our development but we have to consider risk also. Pakistan is not trustful contry as per our past experience there is always unbalancing with pakistan and as per my opinion we have not join hand with pakistan on this sensitive subject. It might be happen after some year when situation is worse it use this nuclear power agains us. So for our own good of sake we have join hands with outher country not pakistan.

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Pradeep said: (Mar 16, 2011)  
Dear amit i am not agree with you because collaboration is right with a country which know the meaning of cooperation but pakistan is not a country on which we can trust as per our historical experience & also we are suffering today from terriorism. join the hands mean we will transfer our technology or raw material of nuclear but we should understand that they can misuse this against us because we have been a long talks with them over terriorism in kashmir & other places but i think they are pretending to the world that they are in talks with india & try to take all grants & assistence across the glob.

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Amit Kumar Singh said: (Jul 10, 2010)  
Nuclear matter is the excellent matter for both the country. It gives much energy for development of both country.Like we use this energy for future use,in electricity, space, satellite many more but if we use this energy against to each other then it creates havoc.In point of view it is not possible because without the demolition of terrorism this matter can't join the hands of each country. Cricket is that matter which not only join the hands but also gives us happiness.

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The Way Forward for India is to Join Hands with Pakistan on Nuclear Matters

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