The Way Forward for India is to Join Hands with Pakistan on Nuclear Matters

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Deepankan said:   8 years ago

India should not share about nuclear power things with Pakistan because we all know the intentions of Pakistan whose main aim is destruction of India. Once India had already tried to share information about the nuclear power and all with Pakistan and to join hands together and work for the betterment of the both country but that time also Pakistan shared those information with North Korea and created a worst situation.

Because nuclear matters has all the information about the country's defence system and all the technologies which the country is implementing and Pakistan by knowing all these things will definitely try to create something big terror activities which India can't face.

So Pakistan should never be trusted over these nuclear matter issues as in such scenario our country will make a harm of themselves.

Thank you.

Susil said:   8 years ago
According to my point of view the nuclear deal is very sensitive and very serious matter so there is no chance of nuclear deal with Pakistan because now days the ceasefire is always violated by Pakistan illegally and recently the pm of Pakistan Nawaz Sarif, view on UN council Veri valueless and totally against India so whenever the Pakistan never stop territory activities, their is no any deal should be done by India.

Suresh.v said:   8 years ago
Hi friends, this is Suresh.

A good opportunity for combining both the countries on the issues of nuclear matter. But friends told that Pakistan is not a trust country. So we can't join our hands with Pakistan's.

In my point of view friendship is most important between India and Pakistan. Once give the one chance to Pakistan. But don't give for nuclear matter because it is very sensitive. We can give for other like business agreements. If it is successful and then we can involve further developments. If it is fail simply skip the topic.

Thank you friends.

Shanmukh said:   8 years ago
Hello friends,

As Pakistan is not an trust able country where illegal activities and terrorism is more in that country So, far India have faced terrorist attacks by them and our country has many border issues regarding Jam mu & Kashmir between our country and their country. So, this issues clearly says that Pakistan is not friendly towards us So, how can we join our hands with Pakistan.

Sumit kumar said:   8 years ago
Hello friends.

As my opinion, India never should join hand with Pakistan on nuclear matters because there is a matter about privacy or security of defense system of India and will know our nuclear power. If India joins hand then Pakistan will know about our power and with the help of terrorism he want to harm our country, this is bad sign for our country. So India will never do this things.


Mandeep Saini said:   8 years ago
Hello everyone! This is Mandeep Saini.

According to my point of view Nuclear matter is very big and sensitive issue and as we know Pakistan is not a trusty country. Pakistan always supports terrorism and also do illegal activities like cease-fire on border, So we should have some kind of common sense to forward such type of step.

Abhishek Viltoriya said:   8 years ago
Hello friends I am Abhishek.

I think India should give a chance to Pakistan as its not only about relations and all, its about increasing economy, better understanding between these two countries. We should put a step forward to sort out matter whether its about Kashmir matter or having supremacy over each other. Both countries should behave like adults and not fight like teenagers. Join hand together to make a peaceful and healthy environment.

Karan said:   8 years ago
Hi guys,

I am new here. Its my first time with you.

In my opinion Pakistan is not a trusty country and also not a good relationship with our country nowadays nuclear capability is a major issue who gives strength to any country to develop them self.

So we don't keep any relationship with Pakistan and no treaty on peace.

Thank you.

Kunal C Rana said:   8 years ago
After the winning of war of 1971 Bangladesh still we have not get the good feed back from the Pakistan and still cross border terrorism and many illegal activities are done by Pakistan to destabilize the Indian economy, diplomacy, and political issue. On wars & borders we are winning but on diplomacy table we are defeated multiple times, by Pakistan as per the topic, my personal suggestion will be that to talk with any relation on any platform with Pakistan is breaking head on the stone.

Dear Mr. Amit Kumar Singh I would like to suggest to you is that Pakistan is betrayed brother & friend for India. Since 15th August 1947, so to get a ray of hope from the snake is not a good thing, its better to cut the snake head and finish the thing from the bottom of the route, and for that India must take major military action.

It is a worthless talk with Pakistan on peace, On my perspective to join hands with Pakistan on nuclear matters is not a good step for India as Pakistan is supplying the nuclear technology to North Korea & Iran.

Prince said:   8 years ago
According to me Pakistani are not a trust worthy country. Pakistani always support the terrorism then can how be make a nuclear agreement they are not a promising country.

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