The Way Forward for India is to Join Hands with Pakistan on Nuclear Matters

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Samyuktha said:   4 years ago
Hi this is samyuktha.
In my point of view that joining the hands with the pakistan having some advantages and disadvantages.
the advantages of joining the hands with the pakistan so that we can co-operate with each other .it can reduces the destruction of war,it inbits the peace between us.
By sharing the nuclear power matters between us we can develop our technology system .If any other country declare a war we use those weapons of highly secured.
The dis advantages of joining hands with the pakistan we make our selves as terrorist country with our hands.we should not blindly believe the terrorist is not a trusting country.
There are so many terrorists are there in that country so we face so many problems by shaking hands with them.

So i conclude that we should not involve all the matters with the pakistan we should maintain a safe distance with them.

Ketan said:   7 years ago
I think that we ignore shaking hands with Pakistan because of its cost us a lot. Pakistan is such a coward and liar country that can do anything.

They said that we don't know about terrorism but they attacked us in an indirect way. They are untreatable.

ASHISH Chauhan said:   7 years ago
Both India and Pakistan are having nuclear power, so they both are supposed to behave very responsibly. Even a single irresponsible dialog gives chance to non-state actors. Several weapon supplier countries are praying for war between the two. Whereas the growing Indian economy with getting badly disturbed by this. If Pakistan is unable to destroy terrorist camps it must take Indian help. India should take any further step after November 2016 I. E. After the retirement of Pak army chief Raheel Sharif.

Charlie said:   7 years ago
Pakistan is an unstable country and they cannot be trusted with nuclear energy. They need to prove themselves that they are stable and are ready to take hard steps against terrorism.

Shashi singh said:   7 years ago
I strongly oppose this point that having a deal that is meant for development purpose will be misused by Pakistan or anyone.

No doubt they had broken our healthy relationship a dozen of time but it doesn't mean that on every issue they will betray us but after having deal India have to do constant surveillance on their action who knows what will happen.

Arindam said:   7 years ago
We all aware the relationship between India and Pakistan. From the very first day they are trying to snatch our land, our people, our religion. By giving Mumbai attack, Pathan Kot attack, etc they are threatening us to give them Kashmir. So what is the point of giving hands to them in a sensible matter like nuclear matter? They sure will betray us. But we Indian are not like them so we may give them in other matter like business, games, etc nothing else for now. We always stretch our friendly hand to them but sharing such a serious matter will ruin us to danger.

Tejkirat said:   8 years ago
We all are here to discuss on the topic "forwardness for India by dealing with Pakistan on nuclear matters".

According to my opinion, we should not do.

Deal with Pakistan on nuclear power because we all know that Pakistan is not a trustworthy country we have seen according to our past experience. If suppose India shake hands with Pakistan, then what is the proof that after sharing our nuclear power with Pakistan they will not misuse it. And one important thing I want to tell you is that Before joining hands with any country for any issue trust should be there. And according to the topic neither India has trust on Pakistan nor Pakistan have on India. At the end, I want to say we make deals with that country on which we have full trust.

Thank you.

Mounika said:   8 years ago
Hi every one,

According to my view it is not necessary that India should join hands with Pakistan, because every time, how many healthy relations we maintain with them they try to cheat us. Even in 26/11 attacks it was proved that their is Pakistan hand in that. India can create excellent nuclear power if joined with U.S.

Arjun said:   8 years ago
Hello everyone!

This topics sounds like we merge ourself with Pakistan.

Why to do so? To shake our hands with them means Merge and Merge means sharing our capabilities with them and get benefit of their capabilities.

India has enough nuclear sources than Pakistan. So in My opinion don't do that have faith in our country's resources and capabilities.

Pakistan government do not have control over terrorism activities run in Pakistan. So what is the assurance that after getting our information on nuclear they will not missuses it?

Thank you.

JOE said:   8 years ago
Hi this is Joy, Pakistan ruling by terrorism and addicted by religion. In order to give hand, first think what are pros and cons. By considering past historical events, we can understand how secure we are and were.

By agreeing nuclear matters we are sharing whole country development and secure knowledge to Pakistan. What about us for next. What sort of technology upgrade for us. My opinion better keep our knowledge with us one step ahead with our neighbor country and do support to lift from illiteracy and poverty.

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