The Way Forward for India is to Join Hands with Pakistan on Nuclear Matters

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Piyush Kotangale said:   10 years ago
Both the countries are still having lack of basic need which is very alarming. Instead of dealing with nuclear power or power we should first deal with these problems. If the nuclear deal is dealt in a structured way then obviously it will be beneficial to both of us but we should also keep this in mind about the terrorism in our neighborhood which is rather a cancer to the modern world. So instead of dealing in this matter we should deal with the basic facilities which can help poor and middle class people.

Zeeshan said:   10 years ago
In my point of view its better to stay freeze on this matter until the conditions in pakistan gets stable. Instead of sharing our nuclear aspects why don't we focus on the basic needs of our people, we can help pakistan in their infrastructure this will bring a stable government there and then we can think of sharing our nuclear aspects. Also if pakistan gets a stable condition this will reduce terrorism in India as well.

Nishant Kishlay said:   10 years ago
Hello friends, we are here to discuss on the topic "The Way Forward for India is to Join Hands with Pakistan on Nuclear Matters". And as I think we shouldn't put a step forward for this issue as we are not having a stable, trustworthy relation with Pakistan. Neither we have completely trust on Pakistan nor they are having on India. And joining hands with Pakistan on nuclear matter would really be a bad decision from our side.

If we proceed with sharing the nuclear details with Pakistan and working with them and if they misused all the nuclear information provided by us then it would be a dangerous sign for India.

TRUST is the most important thing which need to be present between two nations if they are joining hands for such a issue, which is lacking between India and Pakistan.

Hence concluding with my ideas n thoughts, I would say that India shouldn't join hands with Pakistan in nuclear matters, however joining hands for strengthening our relationship is quite good and we should join hands for making our relationship good but as far as nuclear matters which is a vast topic are concerned then we shouldn't join hands with Pakistan according to the present scenario.

Archana Singh said:   10 years ago
I think its a good opportunity for both the countries to share their nuclear aspects with each other. If Pakistani are share their weapons and other raw materials with us then why not India but for this Pakistan have to maintain the trust. The past conditions are not allow to Indians for this matter like attack of 26/11 and also other attacks which are made by Pakistan. If they can ensure Indians that its not happen again in future only then sharing any idea is great for both the countries.

Chirag said:   9 years ago
Nuclear matter is a great concern for both the nations. A bilateral decision is to be employed on this prevailing issue. Both INDIA and PAKISTAN should work together for peace between the two countries. But this issue should be sorted out as soon as possible.

But the military chiefs and leaders from Pakistan are not in a state of pursuing peaceful negotiation, as its been witnessed by their talks on the press conference.

If they are threatening us with their nuclear powers, then they should know that they are going against humanitarian grounds. And a strict ban on the country must be put by India and by UN nations, if they keep on behaving like this.

Ronak thapliyal said:   9 years ago
"Pakistan" well we all know what kind of a nation it is. Pakistan is a country where people live with their lives on their hands every single day. The breeding ground of terrorists. Though Pakistan has never accepted their crimes. Also our relationship with Pakistan hasn't improved much since Kargil.

Though India has always tried to improve the relations. At this stage, we cannot think of discussing such issues with Pakistan. Let them first bring the culprits to us, they have to make us believe - yes they are against terrorism and not a single man who is guilty of any terrorist activity can escape. Then only we can think for joining hands with Pakistan on nuclear issue.

Dev said:   9 years ago
It will be like "We will be falling in to the pit which was dug by us". As we all know that India and Pakistan are two major nuclear heads in the world, any discrimination may lead to world war 3 which sounds unacceptable.

Sahil said:   9 years ago
Hello every one, according to me trust is the main thing for every deal, and we already know about the behaviour of Pakistan. Nuclear matter is the big deal on the basis of power but we all have no believe on Pakistan. It is also possible they act this nuclear as a weapon against the India. So always be prepared and beware from that type if deals with Pakistan.

Meera said:   9 years ago
For any kind of agreement a trust has to be there which is certainly lacking in Indo-Pakistan relations. Whole world knows about the attitude of Pakistan towards India and the role it plays to promote terrorism.

On one hand, they conduct peace talks and on the other hand, they break ceasefires, behead our soldiers and kick their heads like a football and deny to return it back to us. This kind of attitude has made Pakistan a non-trustworthy nation as well as a back-stabber.

There is no point on making any nuclear agreement with Pakistan as you never know when can they back stab and use that power against India. For productive works like powers, Infrastructure development etc too, I don't think India has to make any ties with Pakistan. India can very well develop without Pakistan's help and support. It is Pakistan which needs India for such tie-ups.

Actions speaks louder than words which is apt in case of Pakistan. So, India should not go for such ties until and unless there is a trust relationship between both nations which I think, is never going to be.

Xyz said:   9 years ago
Hello everyone, trust should be from both the sides that is India and Pakistan. Proper agreement should be prepared with proper clauses, punishments, penalties etc to be included in the agreement which will be applicable to both the countries if any rules or regulations are broken.

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