The Way Forward for India is to Join Hands with Pakistan on Nuclear Matters

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Ronak thapliyal said:   9 years ago
"Pakistan" well we all know what kind of a nation it is. Pakistan is a country where people live with their lives on their hands every single day. The breeding ground of terrorists. Though Pakistan has never accepted their crimes. Also our relationship with Pakistan hasn't improved much since Kargil.

Though India has always tried to improve the relations. At this stage, we cannot think of discussing such issues with Pakistan. Let them first bring the culprits to us, they have to make us believe - yes they are against terrorism and not a single man who is guilty of any terrorist activity can escape. Then only we can think for joining hands with Pakistan on nuclear issue.

Tejkirat said:   8 years ago
We all are here to discuss on the topic "forwardness for India by dealing with Pakistan on nuclear matters".

According to my opinion, we should not do.

Deal with Pakistan on nuclear power because we all know that Pakistan is not a trustworthy country we have seen according to our past experience. If suppose India shake hands with Pakistan, then what is the proof that after sharing our nuclear power with Pakistan they will not misuse it. And one important thing I want to tell you is that Before joining hands with any country for any issue trust should be there. And according to the topic neither India has trust on Pakistan nor Pakistan have on India. At the end, I want to say we make deals with that country on which we have full trust.

Thank you.

Suresh.v said:   8 years ago
Hi friends, this is Suresh.

A good opportunity for combining both the countries on the issues of nuclear matter. But friends told that Pakistan is not a trust country. So we can't join our hands with Pakistan's.

In my point of view friendship is most important between India and Pakistan. Once give the one chance to Pakistan. But don't give for nuclear matter because it is very sensitive. We can give for other like business agreements. If it is successful and then we can involve further developments. If it is fail simply skip the topic.

Thank you friends.

Shanmukh said:   8 years ago
Hello friends,

As Pakistan is not an trust able country where illegal activities and terrorism is more in that country So, far India have faced terrorist attacks by them and our country has many border issues regarding Jam mu & Kashmir between our country and their country. So, this issues clearly says that Pakistan is not friendly towards us So, how can we join our hands with Pakistan.

JOE said:   8 years ago
Hi this is Joy, Pakistan ruling by terrorism and addicted by religion. In order to give hand, first think what are pros and cons. By considering past historical events, we can understand how secure we are and were.

By agreeing nuclear matters we are sharing whole country development and secure knowledge to Pakistan. What about us for next. What sort of technology upgrade for us. My opinion better keep our knowledge with us one step ahead with our neighbor country and do support to lift from illiteracy and poverty.

Abhishek Viltoriya said:   9 years ago
Hello friends I am Abhishek.

I think India should give a chance to Pakistan as its not only about relations and all, its about increasing economy, better understanding between these two countries. We should put a step forward to sort out matter whether its about Kashmir matter or having supremacy over each other. Both countries should behave like adults and not fight like teenagers. Join hand together to make a peaceful and healthy environment.

Jaimin said:   9 years ago
Hello everyone, I agree in every sense that there is no way of trusting the neighbor country because Pakistan has not performed so well their duty as a neighbor rather than doing that it has stabbed India with their terrorism.

But we too not being so preservative, rather we should initiate by joining hands with Pakistan to end this days of terror and give them chance to join hands with us to make a way forward for nuclear energy which will soon be the only helpful form of energy soon.

Charlie said:   8 years ago
Pakistan is an unstable country and they cannot be trusted with nuclear energy. They need to prove themselves that they are stable and are ready to take hard steps against terrorism.

Satish said:   9 years ago
Nuclear matter is a big issue nowadays, so we can't trust Pakistan, but we make a trust on by preparing particular agreement and signed by both parties.

Sahil said:   9 years ago
Hello every one, according to me trust is the main thing for every deal, and we already know about the behaviour of Pakistan. Nuclear matter is the big deal on the basis of power but we all have no believe on Pakistan. It is also possible they act this nuclear as a weapon against the India. So always be prepared and beware from that type if deals with Pakistan.

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