The Way Forward for India is to Join Hands with Pakistan on Nuclear Matters

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Piyush Kotangale said:   9 years ago
Both the countries are still having lack of basic need which is very alarming. Instead of dealing with nuclear power or power we should first deal with these problems. If the nuclear deal is dealt in a structured way then obviously it will be beneficial to both of us but we should also keep this in mind about the terrorism in our neighborhood which is rather a cancer to the modern world. So instead of dealing in this matter we should deal with the basic facilities which can help poor and middle class people.

Archana Singh said:   9 years ago
I think its a good opportunity for both the countries to share their nuclear aspects with each other. If Pakistani are share their weapons and other raw materials with us then why not India but for this Pakistan have to maintain the trust. The past conditions are not allow to Indians for this matter like attack of 26/11 and also other attacks which are made by Pakistan. If they can ensure Indians that its not happen again in future only then sharing any idea is great for both the countries.

Samyuktha said:   4 years ago
Hi this is samyuktha.
In my point of view that joining the hands with the pakistan having some advantages and disadvantages.
the advantages of joining the hands with the pakistan so that we can co-operate with each other .it can reduces the destruction of war,it inbits the peace between us.
By sharing the nuclear power matters between us we can develop our technology system .If any other country declare a war we use those weapons of highly secured.
The dis advantages of joining hands with the pakistan we make our selves as terrorist country with our hands.we should not blindly believe the terrorist is not a trusting country.
There are so many terrorists are there in that country so we face so many problems by shaking hands with them.

So i conclude that we should not involve all the matters with the pakistan we should maintain a safe distance with them.

Sumit kumar said:   8 years ago
Hello friends.

As my opinion, India never should join hand with Pakistan on nuclear matters because there is a matter about privacy or security of defense system of India and will know our nuclear power. If India joins hand then Pakistan will know about our power and with the help of terrorism he want to harm our country, this is bad sign for our country. So India will never do this things.


Chirag said:   9 years ago
Nuclear matter is a great concern for both the nations. A bilateral decision is to be employed on this prevailing issue. Both INDIA and PAKISTAN should work together for peace between the two countries. But this issue should be sorted out as soon as possible.

But the military chiefs and leaders from Pakistan are not in a state of pursuing peaceful negotiation, as its been witnessed by their talks on the press conference.

If they are threatening us with their nuclear powers, then they should know that they are going against humanitarian grounds. And a strict ban on the country must be put by India and by UN nations, if they keep on behaving like this.

Mounika said:   8 years ago
Hi every one,

According to my view it is not necessary that India should join hands with Pakistan, because every time, how many healthy relations we maintain with them they try to cheat us. Even in 26/11 attacks it was proved that their is Pakistan hand in that. India can create excellent nuclear power if joined with U.S.

Deepankan said:   8 years ago

India should not share about nuclear power things with Pakistan because we all know the intentions of Pakistan whose main aim is destruction of India. Once India had already tried to share information about the nuclear power and all with Pakistan and to join hands together and work for the betterment of the both country but that time also Pakistan shared those information with North Korea and created a worst situation.

Because nuclear matters has all the information about the country's defence system and all the technologies which the country is implementing and Pakistan by knowing all these things will definitely try to create something big terror activities which India can't face.

So Pakistan should never be trusted over these nuclear matter issues as in such scenario our country will make a harm of themselves.

Thank you.

Arjun said:   1 decade ago
Nuclear energy is not a matter on which the decision can be taken thinking twice or thrice, it has to be thought 1000 times. It is a sensitive matter. Pakistan is a country with which we had intense tussles, although when all this was to come at peace, Pakistan made 26/11 attacks which can't be forgotten of. Sharing nuclear power is not a right decision. Its just like cut that branch of the tree on which we're sitting. Until and unless Pakistan gains our trust, we can hand this dangerous weapon to the. As they would share our resources and weapon with us, but in near future if Pakistan shows us the thumb it would be our loss only. The possibility of something bad overrules the possibility of good.

Manish negi said:   10 years ago
It is totally fruitless deal with that country, who is violating the ceasefire on the border time to time. It is not easy to believe in pak who always found to be guilty in maximum terrorist activities occurred in India. Bomb blast in mumbai, 26/11 attack like this in many shameful activities pak always get caught.

So we should have some kind of common sense to forward such type of step.

Amit Kumar Singh said:   1 decade ago
Nuclear matter is the excellent matter for both the country. It gives much energy for development of both country.Like we use this energy for future use,in electricity, space, satellite many more but if we use this energy against to each other then it creates havoc.In point of view it is not possible because without the demolition of terrorism this matter can't join the hands of each country. Cricket is that matter which not only join the hands but also gives us happiness.

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