Should Research on Human Cloning be banned?

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Amit Kumar Rai said:   1 decade ago
There are two types of human cloning:therapeutic cloning and reproductive cloning. Therapeutic cloning basically deals with duplicating cells and organs which will be provided for treatment of malfunctioned organs. It will have great medical significance and it will provide great assistance in treating diseases like cancer and AIDS. Reproductive cloning will generate identical twin of an individual. This cloned individual will have a tendency to behave exactly as the subject individual thanks to the similar genetic architecture. Therefore this new "human being" will have a right to say, in case he commits a horrible crime or is manipulated by some notorious organization, that he was destined to do so, that his life is planned and he has no control over it. This can trigger chaos in the society. Secondly human cloning will complicate the problem of parentage in society. For example a woman donating DNA for a baby to be born through cloning will be clone's genetic twin not his mother. So the set up genetic relationship b/w a mother and child will change and it will complicate the society. But above all creating a new human is asexual and will disrupt the balance of nature. That's why I am in favor of therapeutic cloning and against reproductive cloning.

Shivam singh said:   9 years ago
Hello friends, Its Shivam Singh from PAC camp, GORAKHPUR, and topic to discussion is as we all know cloning.

So, friends I think that every coin has two faces one is good and another one is bad that no one accept it. I support reproductive human cloning but we should make law about reproductive human cloning. It is a new field of mankind. It is like twins brother/sister who is born later a few year. Because sooner/later we should explore outer space by reproductive human cloning.

The main motive of cloning is not regenerate the human, but the body part of human body. Stem cell are being cloned so that any human part can be reproduced if needed. Cloning is medical term which use for creation of human/another creature of earth without natural system with the help of stem cell. With the help of this technique a man can easily get the required part of body. But with the help of cloning some evil minded person will use it in the wrong way tooo.

So, cloning should be permitted but only for creating body parts not for creating a new creative to absolute the nature is system by making body organs we can help humanity and needy person. So, in my perception it should be banned/exist but in a strict surveillance or control of government authorities. THANKS.

Arya said:   1 decade ago
Like any other great innovative idea, Cloning is no less of a groundbreaking idea. It is a very exciting research subject with plenty of prospects. But the reason behind cloning should be justified for its research to be carried forward. Any scientific research nowadays should be pursued keeping in mind that it should be a benefit for the society and less of a hindrance or a problem. That said, I believe Therapeutic cloning should be encouraged as it deals with regrowth of malfunctioned organs as a result of a life threatening disease. For humans, this is nothing but a boon.

Human cloning is a very controversial subject. It can disrupt the balance in the society which is having unique identities of everybody. Adding to the fact that it is a great hindrance of the natural process that has always existed on this planet. Human cloning can lead to wars, misunderstandings which do not contribute to anything positive at all. Every life was brought in this world with a fixed time and a purpose. Disrupting the basic laws of nature without any idea of the repercussions that it would have is very risky. Hence, in my opinion reproductive cloning should be discouraged.

Himani said:   1 decade ago
Have you ever thought in the cloning of Dolly, it resulted in the death of many embryos and newborns before success achieved. (The Dolly experiment started with 277 fused eggs, of which only 29 became embryos. ) In addition, even if the human clone survived, it is not guaranteed that it would develop normally. The genetic material in cloning Dolly came from a 6 year old mammal. Then how it is possible that cloning of human will be normal.

One thing more that in human cloning, all human beings will be identical. Which means that entire human is at a risk of getting infected by the same type of pathogen. In scientific point of view, if everyone has the same type of genes they may have same kind of serious disease. Then cloning will be detrimental in terms of a great disaster.

Richard Nicholson of the British Bulletin of Medical Ethics also said that cloning research may well be sowing the seeds of our own destruction in his report. Then we also must think for a while that Human cloning transgresses the creativity of nature, because it is not via the natural reproductive process. Human cloning is creating life.

Ahna said:   1 decade ago
It is said that not even a leaf can move without the God's will. Then I ask how did human come to know of cloning if it wasn't already intended by Him?
I would like to say that banning cloning is not a solution. The many medical breakthroughs it has can benefit the human race to a great extent. But it must be regulated and kept under strict guidance.
Like many other inventions cloning too has its drawbacks. For example a simple air conditioner: gives us comfort from high temperatures but on the other hand the CFCs coming out of it deplete the ozone layer,thus affecting human health. Likewise human cloning to has its pros and cons.

Most of you have discussed the effect of human cloning on the society. But consider the plight of that clone. We consider God as our creator. Being created by a scientist would that cone be even considered a human? Would she be acceptable to the society?Would she be given the same status we enjoy? These are the few of the many social drawbacks of cloning.


Bhawani singh said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends.

Its Bhawani and topic to discussion is as we all know cloning.

So friends I think that every coin has two side either one is good or another one is bad for humanity. So friends as we are talking on cloning.

First of all. We have to know what is Conning. Conning is medical terms which use for creation of a human or another creature of earth without natural system with the help of stem cell.

With the help of this technique a man can easily get the required part of his body. In war time we should easily provide the body parts for wounded soldiers by this they can serve nation in better way instead of a chaos life.

But some evil minded persons will use it in wrong way too.

So conning should be permitted but only for creating body parts not for create a new creature to absolute the nature's system by making body organs we can help humanity and needy person.

So in my perception it should be exist but in a strict surveillances or control of govt authorities.


Limcy said:   1 decade ago
According to my view, human cloning should not be banned. Because research gives a lots of experience in a particular field. Well I think that cloning should not be banned. Doing research on something is not bad provided if it is done within certain limit. Because research in any field should always be welcome. So in last I would say that it gives us new direction to research in the field of medical line.

There should not be any sort of ban on cloning. Cloning human beings does not harm any one rather can help world a lot. If all the scientists say Newton or Darwin would have been cloned then this world would have been today in new era. Nature too has provided enough evidences that cells are totipotent as well as pluripotent. We human are just using these potential provided by nature. And remember invention requires sacrifice. So it may feel that cloning too have drawbacks. But its just a matter of fact that how much you love technology and up to what extent you can go to get it.

Manoj Saini said:   8 years ago
Research on human cloning has two faces. If talk about the law of nature i.e.whatever has taken birth have to face death one day then its fine to say that research on human cloning should be banned. As if human replica is developed by human itself then it will create unbalance in nature and no will want to leave this world. But if we divert our mind towards another face of this coin then we will come say it can have various advantages.

1. Lots of our soldiers lost their lives for us and lots of them lost their body parts in the outrage. So if it becomes possible to reproduce their lost body part then it will be a great gift to them.

2. As it is assumed that human replicas will be free from the diseases which are prevailing in the original body then numerous of lives can be saved which are suffering from deadly diseases such as cancer and aids.

So research on human cloning is great till it is not against the God and having the concept to serving mankind in mind.

Ankur saha said:   1 decade ago
Well friends every topic has two faces. Whether it is advantageous or disadvantageous.

Clonning as per biotech confrontation is said to form a copy of the original one.

But while having clonning in case of human there are some diificulties.

1) there should be no concept of family.

2) female sholud be considered as manipulator and childrens as product.

3) there shall be no father to daughter or mother to son relationship.

4) clonning of one individual having one specific property shall give rise to a clone having deficient to the qualities of the individual.

Well now everyone should have heard the name "DOLLY" a clone sheep.

She was found to have some problem with artheritis at the age of about 5 months. As the stem cells that has been taken from the mother. So humans could suffer from various diseases at early age if they are being clonned.

*clonning of individual for nation security purposes would have a beneficial act.

Sri Indumathi said:   5 years ago
The first thing that pops into our mind after hearing the word "Human Clones" is a creepy eerie sci-fi movie that would be a blockbuster. We always fear the unknown. Just because scientists research on human cloning doesn't mean that they would create a photocopy machine and fill the world with clones any time soon.

I won't say that the ethical issues arising in this field are a mad man's mind but I can assure you that Research on cloning doesn't always mean creating a whole living human who is developed to be treated like a lab rat.

Artificial embryos are done in a petri dish and it need not be injected into a mother. These embryos hold immense potential that could be the answer to life. The stem cells in these embryos is the key to cure cancer or neuronal diseases. As a biotechnologist, I believe that the study on cloning should be strictly monitored and laws must be enforced for the monitoring purpose and not for banning.

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