Should Research on Human Cloning be banned?

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Amit Kumar Rai said:   1 decade ago
There are two types of human cloning:therapeutic cloning and reproductive cloning. Therapeutic cloning basically deals with duplicating cells and organs which will be provided for treatment of malfunctioned organs. It will have great medical significance and it will provide great assistance in treating diseases like cancer and AIDS. Reproductive cloning will generate identical twin of an individual. This cloned individual will have a tendency to behave exactly as the subject individual thanks to the similar genetic architecture. Therefore this new "human being" will have a right to say, in case he commits a horrible crime or is manipulated by some notorious organization, that he was destined to do so, that his life is planned and he has no control over it. This can trigger chaos in the society. Secondly human cloning will complicate the problem of parentage in society. For example a woman donating DNA for a baby to be born through cloning will be clone's genetic twin not his mother. So the set up genetic relationship b/w a mother and child will change and it will complicate the society. But above all creating a new human is asexual and will disrupt the balance of nature. That's why I am in favor of therapeutic cloning and against reproductive cloning.

Suraj said:   1 decade ago
Cloning Human will take away that Unique identity from us which GOD has given to us.history is there telling us that whenever human tried to play with nature,it caused nothing but the Destruction only.Apart from that i would like to say that O.K. there are pro's of cloning like we can find cure to diseases and organ transplantation etc..but think what threat it will pose to the national and individual security.What if you come to know that the person who is running your country is just a puppet or clone sent by enemies..what if police arrests you for a crime which your clone did.So all i want say is giving life and bring it to existance is GOD's sovergine right,we shouldn't play with it.

Amit said:   6 years ago
Hello friends,

First of all, we need to understand what does human cloning means. It means the creation of a genetically identical copy of a human. I think the research on human cloning should be carried out because if can help persons with a deadly disease like cancer by removing their cancer cells. It can also help people with disabilities to get back their body parts. Soldiers who fought for us, if losses any part of the body during a fight then that can be reproduced.

But it has to be carried out very carefully if the clone produced is harmful to your society has to be killed. Human cloning can also lead to death if the cloning is not successful. So research should be done until it is 100% sure that the experiment will be successful. So, human cloning is useful until the serving of mankind is done.

Shalini said:   1 decade ago
I feel that research is a way to explore things which are hidden and unrevealed. So according to me research in any field should not be banned or compromised, because a research always open new avenues for humans. Now talking precisely on human cloning researches I feel the same for these. This is also a field which is less explored and talked about. I totally agree to the side effects it holds and the disaster it could produce if used with less care, but my point is that, is there any thing which does not have a negative aspect to it? Has man ever invented a thing which is completely harmless and does not have any negative touch to it? So why is this indignation to cloning research?

Scientist should not stop their research in this field too, as we might not know what new invention could hit our sight while researching on this topic.

Bhawani singh said:   9 years ago
Hello friends.

Its Bhawani and topic to discussion is as we all know cloning.

So friends I think that every coin has two side either one is good or another one is bad for humanity. So friends as we are talking on cloning.

First of all. We have to know what is Conning. Conning is medical terms which use for creation of a human or another creature of earth without natural system with the help of stem cell.

With the help of this technique a man can easily get the required part of his body. In war time we should easily provide the body parts for wounded soldiers by this they can serve nation in better way instead of a chaos life.

But some evil minded persons will use it in wrong way too.

So conning should be permitted but only for creating body parts not for create a new creature to absolute the nature's system by making body organs we can help humanity and needy person.

So in my perception it should be exist but in a strict surveillances or control of govt authorities.


Shikha said:   1 decade ago
Well I feel every coin has two face, one is advantageous and the other is disadvantageous. In the case of cloning is the same. Looking into its advantages, if cloning is restricted to therapeutic cloning, it will be a great boon of science. It will help the medical field in the serious diseases like cancer or AIDS. But if it will exceed its limit to reproductive cloning, the it will hamper the national growth.

Taking the consciousness of India's population, which is itself too much, in such case if there will be such kind of cloning two people with same identity will be really a difficult task. On the other hand two people with same identity may harm either of them in case like crime or else. So I personally feel that cloning should not be extended upto the limit of creation of a human being of similar identity.

Anmol Narula said:   8 years ago
Hello everybody.

Today we are here to discuss about the topic cloning and human research on it. I agree with my friends who above said that cloning is a developing field of science and should be encouraged surely. Yes I do agree that cloning should be encouraged but not all types of cloning should be encouraged to be particular cloning of organs should be encouraged surely as because it can save the lives of millions dying by organ failure but sexual cloning ie cloning the identical twin of a person should be allowed under certain conditions only and rules have to be made regarding it. Otherwise it should not be allowed as because it would make society more and more complex.

Conclusion : Cloning should be encouraged but not of all types and rules regarding cloning should surely be made.

Deeks Diksha said:   1 decade ago
Human cloning is deeply troubling to me Life is a creation, not a commodity. Our children are gifts to be loved and protected, not products to be designed and manufactured. Allowing cloning would be taking a significant step toward a society in which human beings are grown for spare body parts, and children are engineered to custom specifications; and that's not acceptable.

Manoj Saini said:   7 years ago
Research on human cloning has two faces. If talk about the law of nature i.e.whatever has taken birth have to face death one day then its fine to say that research on human cloning should be banned. As if human replica is developed by human itself then it will create unbalance in nature and no will want to leave this world. But if we divert our mind towards another face of this coin then we will come say it can have various advantages.

1. Lots of our soldiers lost their lives for us and lots of them lost their body parts in the outrage. So if it becomes possible to reproduce their lost body part then it will be a great gift to them.

2. As it is assumed that human replicas will be free from the diseases which are prevailing in the original body then numerous of lives can be saved which are suffering from deadly diseases such as cancer and aids.

So research on human cloning is great till it is not against the God and having the concept to serving mankind in mind.

Minu said:   7 years ago
Human cloning should be banned because the world's population has already crossed it's maximum limit, I am sure that human cloning will be a major threat to environmental balance.

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