Should Research on Human Cloning be banned?

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Rakesh said:   3 years ago
Good afternoon to all. I am so thankful to get this opportunity to provide my view so human is a best and unique creature of god in the modern world we are always improving our technology and its a good implementation for human cloning we can even more research on human being like the organ generation process any string operation transforming data from natural brain to artificial brain but every more resulting in a sore so if we develop our human cloning for the human welfare and good then it is too great if we utilise in any illegal process then war will happen actual human power may be reduced so human cloning should not be stopped but we can investigate that process in a particular way so that it is utilised only in welfare way.

Ankit Rajpoot said:   3 years ago
In my opinion, Cloning is just helped to human and Human cloning is the creation of a genetically identical copy (or clone) of a human. The term is generally used to refer to artificial human cloning, which is the reproduction of human cells and tissue. It does not refer to the natural conception and delivery of identical twins. The possibility of person cloning has raised controversies. These ethical concerns have prompted several nations to pass laws regarding human cloning and its legality.

Pritam Aich said:   3 years ago
I think human clonning from a research point of view is good. It can answer many unanswered questions about life. But from a practical point of view, there should be limitations on human clonning. If it is used for organ regeneration, that will be great. But if it is used for creating complete human copy, if possible, that can be lead to crime, increased population etc. So, government should keep on eye on human clonning without banning it.

Sri Indumathi said:   4 years ago
The first thing that pops into our mind after hearing the word "Human Clones" is a creepy eerie sci-fi movie that would be a blockbuster. We always fear the unknown. Just because scientists research on human cloning doesn't mean that they would create a photocopy machine and fill the world with clones any time soon.

I won't say that the ethical issues arising in this field are a mad man's mind but I can assure you that Research on cloning doesn't always mean creating a whole living human who is developed to be treated like a lab rat.

Artificial embryos are done in a petri dish and it need not be injected into a mother. These embryos hold immense potential that could be the answer to life. The stem cells in these embryos is the key to cure cancer or neuronal diseases. As a biotechnologist, I believe that the study on cloning should be strictly monitored and laws must be enforced for the monitoring purpose and not for banning.

Deha said:   6 years ago
Cloning should be banned after a certain extent. Cloning leads to more and more people which is over population. India is already running behind world number 1 China and are population is about 1,296,834,042 as far as I know. There are many effect that were to come after the process. I personally don't support it. It maybe be jaw dropping but if you actually think carefully about the consequences that will arise after the cloning process becomes main stream you would accept with me.

Thank you.

Amit said:   7 years ago
Hello friends,

First of all, we need to understand what does human cloning means. It means the creation of a genetically identical copy of a human. I think the research on human cloning should be carried out because if can help persons with a deadly disease like cancer by removing their cancer cells. It can also help people with disabilities to get back their body parts. Soldiers who fought for us, if losses any part of the body during a fight then that can be reproduced.

But it has to be carried out very carefully if the clone produced is harmful to your society has to be killed. Human cloning can also lead to death if the cloning is not successful. So research should be done until it is 100% sure that the experiment will be successful. So, human cloning is useful until the serving of mankind is done.

Shishir said:   7 years ago
Yeah human cloning should be banned.

Research and development is good thing but it could not beyond the limits so that it start affecting the nature rules.

Human cloning can leads to many crimes.

Shubh02 said:   7 years ago
Yes, Human cloning should be banned. Just think of a situation where someone has made a clone of your prime minister and kidnapped the original one. Now, he can do whatever he wants. As suggested by one of my friend insurance company can use cloning system and never pay money to your family or nominee even after your death showing you are alive. Cloning has very disastrous disadvantages.

Sona said:   7 years ago
Hello, friends.

According to me, research on human cloning can be very beneficial for us. Due to these following reasons:

1. It will increase the man power.
2. These new people can help in the development of the country.
3. They can join the army and save our country from enemies.

ASHU PATHAK said:   7 years ago
Chaos theory suggests that even in a deterministic system, if the equations describing its behaviour are non-linear, a tiny change in the initial conditions can lead to a cataclysmic and unpredictable result.

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