Should Research on Human Cloning be banned?

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Rakesh said: (Feb 25, 2021)  
Good afternoon to all. I am so thankful to get this opportunity to provide my view so human is a best and unique creature of god in the modern world we are always improving our technology and its a good implementation for human cloning we can even more research on human being like the organ generation process any string operation transforming data from natural brain to artificial brain but every more resulting in a sore so if we develop our human cloning for the human welfare and good then it is too great if we utilise in any illegal process then war will happen actual human power may be reduced so human cloning should not be stopped but we can investigate that process in a particular way so that it is utilised only in welfare way.

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Ankit Rajpoot said: (Dec 5, 2020)  
In my opinion, Cloning is just helped to human and Human cloning is the creation of a genetically identical copy (or clone) of a human. The term is generally used to refer to artificial human cloning, which is the reproduction of human cells and tissue. It does not refer to the natural conception and delivery of identical twins. The possibility of person cloning has raised controversies. These ethical concerns have prompted several nations to pass laws regarding human cloning and its legality.

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Pritam Aich said: (Sep 16, 2020)  
I think human clonning from a research point of view is good. It can answer many unanswered questions about life. But from a practical point of view, there should be limitations on human clonning. If it is used for organ regeneration, that will be great. But if it is used for creating complete human copy, if possible, that can be lead to crime, increased population etc. So, government should keep on eye on human clonning without banning it.

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Sri Indumathi said: (Dec 9, 2019)  
The first thing that pops into our mind after hearing the word "Human Clones" is a creepy eerie sci-fi movie that would be a blockbuster. We always fear the unknown. Just because scientists research on human cloning doesn't mean that they would create a photocopy machine and fill the world with clones any time soon.

I won't say that the ethical issues arising in this field are a mad man's mind but I can assure you that Research on cloning doesn't always mean creating a whole living human who is developed to be treated like a lab rat.

Artificial embryos are done in a petri dish and it need not be injected into a mother. These embryos hold immense potential that could be the answer to life. The stem cells in these embryos is the key to cure cancer or neuronal diseases. As a biotechnologist, I believe that the study on cloning should be strictly monitored and laws must be enforced for the monitoring purpose and not for banning.

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Deha said: (Jun 2, 2018)  
Cloning should be banned after a certain extent. Cloning leads to more and more people which is over population. India is already running behind world number 1 China and are population is about 1,296,834,042 as far as I know. There are many effect that were to come after the process. I personally don't support it. It maybe be jaw dropping but if you actually think carefully about the consequences that will arise after the cloning process becomes main stream you would accept with me.

Thank you.

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Amit said: (Aug 22, 2017)  
Hello friends,

First of all, we need to understand what does human cloning means. It means the creation of a genetically identical copy of a human. I think the research on human cloning should be carried out because if can help persons with a deadly disease like cancer by removing their cancer cells. It can also help people with disabilities to get back their body parts. Soldiers who fought for us, if losses any part of the body during a fight then that can be reproduced.

But it has to be carried out very carefully if the clone produced is harmful to your society has to be killed. Human cloning can also lead to death if the cloning is not successful. So research should be done until it is 100% sure that the experiment will be successful. So, human cloning is useful until the serving of mankind is done.

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Shishir said: (Aug 16, 2017)  
Yeah human cloning should be banned.

Research and development is good thing but it could not beyond the limits so that it start affecting the nature rules.

Human cloning can leads to many crimes.

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Shubh02 said: (Aug 4, 2017)  
Yes, Human cloning should be banned. Just think of a situation where someone has made a clone of your prime minister and kidnapped the original one. Now, he can do whatever he wants. As suggested by one of my friend insurance company can use cloning system and never pay money to your family or nominee even after your death showing you are alive. Cloning has very disastrous disadvantages.

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Sona said: (Aug 3, 2017)  
Hello, friends.

According to me, research on human cloning can be very beneficial for us. Due to these following reasons:

1. It will increase the man power.
2. These new people can help in the development of the country.
3. They can join the army and save our country from enemies.

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Ashu Pathak said: (Jun 15, 2017)  
Chaos theory suggests that even in a deterministic system, if the equations describing its behaviour are non-linear, a tiny change in the initial conditions can lead to a cataclysmic and unpredictable result.

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Minu said: (Mar 31, 2017)  
Human cloning should be banned because the world's population has already crossed it's maximum limit, I am sure that human cloning will be a major threat to environmental balance.

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Akash Nigam said: (Feb 22, 2017)  
Hi guys,

I am Akash and cloning should not be banned until its gonna break law of nature which never brings a dead thing alive. Other than this cloning in regeneration and fasten up healing process will make help us survive more but in a way it may also bring our end to us fast so we have tick with regeneration of organs. So every person who is physical disables have chance to do something with his life.

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Manoj Saini said: (Dec 16, 2016)  
Research on human cloning has two faces. If talk about the law of nature i.e.whatever has taken birth have to face death one day then its fine to say that research on human cloning should be banned. As if human replica is developed by human itself then it will create unbalance in nature and no will want to leave this world. But if we divert our mind towards another face of this coin then we will come say it can have various advantages.

1. Lots of our soldiers lost their lives for us and lots of them lost their body parts in the outrage. So if it becomes possible to reproduce their lost body part then it will be a great gift to them.

2. As it is assumed that human replicas will be free from the diseases which are prevailing in the original body then numerous of lives can be saved which are suffering from deadly diseases such as cancer and aids.

So research on human cloning is great till it is not against the God and having the concept to serving mankind in mind.

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Aman said: (Oct 15, 2016)  
Yes. Human cloning should be banned.

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Mohit Israni said: (Jul 26, 2016)  
Yes, human cloning should be banned because of several disadvantages like,

1. This research process need huge amount of money and man power.

2. Due to cloning there is exploitation to mankind and others.

3. There are chances that the clone developed be immature or created with defect which can harm both to society as well as to the clone himself.

4. And second if that clone development then what is the guarantee that he can live life without any defects in future and if its death span is early than the one who would have adopted that clone will also get hurt emotionally.

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Murali said: (Jul 25, 2016)  
Friends cloning has its own advantages & disadvantages.

Advantage is that our government it self-promotes to preserve the stem cells at the time of birth, So that at any time if a person loses any part of his body it could be replicated, but when this goes into replicating human beings completely it leads to disadvantages, like taking advantages of person who have been born naturally to exploit things of him and even if a replica is done (for a dead) people will not have mindset to accept him as he is, will have a thought of alien-like feel, so things lie on how we use it and see it and also researchers must be done on good basis.

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Jobin said: (Jul 19, 2016)  
Dear friends, let me introduce myself, I am Jobin till this we were going through various pros and crons. In my viewpoint cloning should be banned. Death is an unwanted reality we all don't want to face, but one day we have to. It's a cosmic law that one day we have to clear for the new ones if we are trying to counteract this law an imbalance is created. Which will effect as in one or another way so I think it would be better to restrict researchers on cloning.

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Shiva said: (Jul 17, 2016)  
Hello, everyone, I think research on such topics should be encouraged.

Cloning refers to creating genetically identical copies. Therapeutic cloning can be used to cure illness or replace any organ with the help of stem cell. However if human clone are created it could raise questions on person identity as clones are genetically similar and there are people who could take disadvantage of this. Thus government should make certain rules for this and cloning should be only done by governments permission.

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Dishani said: (Feb 8, 2016)  
According to me research on cloning should not be banned because research on a particular field provides a lot of knowledge on that field. Maybe after certain researches cloning may be proved as a boon.

As everything have ups and downs, cloning too has but just considering its risks researches should not be banned and moreover thinking about religious beliefs it shouldn't be banned as science itself is far from religion.

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Anmol Narula said: (Sep 10, 2015)  
Hello everybody.

Today we are here to discuss about the topic cloning and human research on it. I agree with my friends who above said that cloning is a developing field of science and should be encouraged surely. Yes I do agree that cloning should be encouraged but not all types of cloning should be encouraged to be particular cloning of organs should be encouraged surely as because it can save the lives of millions dying by organ failure but sexual cloning ie cloning the identical twin of a person should be allowed under certain conditions only and rules have to be made regarding it. Otherwise it should not be allowed as because it would make society more and more complex.

Conclusion : Cloning should be encouraged but not of all types and rules regarding cloning should surely be made.

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Shanu Singh said: (Sep 4, 2015)  
Cloning is science it took many to gain that knowledge with the help of cloning we can produce the vital organ for human think we can save so many life how can that be bad.

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Kaya said: (Jun 19, 2015)  
Cloning is a developing field of medical science which has to be encouraged so that it can carry out wide researches that could help preventing many diseases. This could greatly reduce organ theft making organ transplantation an easy process, with less chances of rejection (due to mismatch).

But with one disadvantage even though it contributes to development of science, this may lead to confusions and emotional instability. So cloning should be restricted process done only by the government in an highly confidential way.

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Britney said: (Apr 2, 2015)  
I feel that cloning should not be banned because it can help cure disease and even deadly disease, It could help save lives and lastly it could help with many couples who do not have a baby due to inability of any one of them.

In that sense if we use to produce clone I think this couple can lead their remaining life very happily. And in this way we can also get many valuable information about cloning and also apply in many extincting animal to keep their existence.

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Shivam Singh said: (Jan 10, 2015)  
Hello friends, Its Shivam Singh from PAC camp, GORAKHPUR, and topic to discussion is as we all know cloning.

So, friends I think that every coin has two faces one is good and another one is bad that no one accept it. I support reproductive human cloning but we should make law about reproductive human cloning. It is a new field of mankind. It is like twins brother/sister who is born later a few year. Because sooner/later we should explore outer space by reproductive human cloning.

The main motive of cloning is not regenerate the human, but the body part of human body. Stem cell are being cloned so that any human part can be reproduced if needed. Cloning is medical term which use for creation of human/another creature of earth without natural system with the help of stem cell. With the help of this technique a man can easily get the required part of body. But with the help of cloning some evil minded person will use it in the wrong way tooo.

So, cloning should be permitted but only for creating body parts not for creating a new creative to absolute the nature is system by making body organs we can help humanity and needy person. So, in my perception it should be banned/exist but in a strict surveillance or control of government authorities. THANKS.

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Walterchang said: (Nov 16, 2014)  
I support reproductive human cloning but we should make law about reproductive human cloning. It is a new field of mankind. It is like twin brother or twin sister who is born later a few years. Because sooner or later we would explore outer space by reproductive human cloning.

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Vibhor said: (Aug 6, 2014)  
The main motive of cloning is not regenerate the human, but the body parts of human body. Stem cell are being cloned so that any human part can be reproduced if needed.

This is rather a medical achievement which we should be proud of No mass killing, no environmental harm then why to stop this much significant research technology where other research is taking place which is neither ethical nor environment friendly (animal killing etc. ).

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Bhawani Singh said: (Jun 10, 2014)  
Hello friends.

Its Bhawani and topic to discussion is as we all know cloning.

So friends I think that every coin has two side either one is good or another one is bad for humanity. So friends as we are talking on cloning.

First of all. We have to know what is Conning. Conning is medical terms which use for creation of a human or another creature of earth without natural system with the help of stem cell.

With the help of this technique a man can easily get the required part of his body. In war time we should easily provide the body parts for wounded soldiers by this they can serve nation in better way instead of a chaos life.

But some evil minded persons will use it in wrong way too.

So conning should be permitted but only for creating body parts not for create a new creature to absolute the nature's system by making body organs we can help humanity and needy person.

So in my perception it should be exist but in a strict surveillances or control of govt authorities.


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Suraj Kashyap said: (Apr 13, 2014)  
I am not agree with that because during war time our country not need to invest money if necessary every indians who are ready to die to save our country without any physically & chemically treated.

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Rupali said: (Jan 9, 2014)  
Cloning is unethical. We don't have any right to play with God's creation. Cloning is the means of opposing laws of nature by bringing back friends, relatives or pets who have passed away by cloning an identical copy. I don't think that laws would ever be passed to ban human cloning.

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Arya said: (Nov 26, 2013)  
Like any other great innovative idea, Cloning is no less of a groundbreaking idea. It is a very exciting research subject with plenty of prospects. But the reason behind cloning should be justified for its research to be carried forward. Any scientific research nowadays should be pursued keeping in mind that it should be a benefit for the society and less of a hindrance or a problem. That said, I believe Therapeutic cloning should be encouraged as it deals with regrowth of malfunctioned organs as a result of a life threatening disease. For humans, this is nothing but a boon.

Human cloning is a very controversial subject. It can disrupt the balance in the society which is having unique identities of everybody. Adding to the fact that it is a great hindrance of the natural process that has always existed on this planet. Human cloning can lead to wars, misunderstandings which do not contribute to anything positive at all. Every life was brought in this world with a fixed time and a purpose. Disrupting the basic laws of nature without any idea of the repercussions that it would have is very risky. Hence, in my opinion reproductive cloning should be discouraged.

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Ankush said: (Sep 29, 2013)  
In my opinion it should not be banned. God has gifted us with brain having capability to imagine. I believe everything we imagine can and will become real one day. Cloning is not some evil, it is a passageway to be with people you love most.

So think Cloning should not be banned, it should be encouraged and special funds should be offered to develop the research.

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Shikha said: (Aug 1, 2013)  
Well I feel every coin has two face, one is advantageous and the other is disadvantageous. In the case of cloning is the same. Looking into its advantages, if cloning is restricted to therapeutic cloning, it will be a great boon of science. It will help the medical field in the serious diseases like cancer or AIDS. But if it will exceed its limit to reproductive cloning, the it will hamper the national growth.

Taking the consciousness of India's population, which is itself too much, in such case if there will be such kind of cloning two people with same identity will be really a difficult task. On the other hand two people with same identity may harm either of them in case like crime or else. So I personally feel that cloning should not be extended upto the limit of creation of a human being of similar identity.

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Himani said: (Jul 31, 2013)  
Have you ever thought in the cloning of Dolly, it resulted in the death of many embryos and newborns before success achieved. (The Dolly experiment started with 277 fused eggs, of which only 29 became embryos. ) In addition, even if the human clone survived, it is not guaranteed that it would develop normally. The genetic material in cloning Dolly came from a 6 year old mammal. Then how it is possible that cloning of human will be normal.

One thing more that in human cloning, all human beings will be identical. Which means that entire human is at a risk of getting infected by the same type of pathogen. In scientific point of view, if everyone has the same type of genes they may have same kind of serious disease. Then cloning will be detrimental in terms of a great disaster.

Richard Nicholson of the British Bulletin of Medical Ethics also said that cloning research may well be sowing the seeds of our own destruction in his report. Then we also must think for a while that Human cloning transgresses the creativity of nature, because it is not via the natural reproductive process. Human cloning is creating life.

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Sahil Bansal said: (Jul 27, 2013)  
According to me cloning has both advantage and disadvantage, it depends on how we use it. If its used by terrorists then there will be a big disaster for our nation. So scientists can do Research only and it should not be implement for any human. On looking on to the advantage point of view great scientist can be cloned which will be a helpful one for our Nation.

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Limcy said: (Jul 27, 2013)  
According to my view, human cloning should not be banned. Because research gives a lots of experience in a particular field. Well I think that cloning should not be banned. Doing research on something is not bad provided if it is done within certain limit. Because research in any field should always be welcome. So in last I would say that it gives us new direction to research in the field of medical line.

There should not be any sort of ban on cloning. Cloning human beings does not harm any one rather can help world a lot. If all the scientists say Newton or Darwin would have been cloned then this world would have been today in new era. Nature too has provided enough evidences that cells are totipotent as well as pluripotent. We human are just using these potential provided by nature. And remember invention requires sacrifice. So it may feel that cloning too have drawbacks. But its just a matter of fact that how much you love technology and up to what extent you can go to get it.

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Himani said: (Jul 22, 2013)  
Cloning have its both advantages and disadvantages but think about its benefits it will be helpful for our nation. Suppose a clone die then even we are having real person but when a person dies then how much it give us grief. So it must not banned because every time science have prove itself best and it will not make us sad. Yes I know that it is against the human law and god's creation but it will save the land of god.

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Manju said: (Jun 13, 2013)  
In my point of view the human cloning is not banned. Because it is very helpful for the most people and scientists that it gives more idea about the solution for cancer and AIDS. It solves the gean problem. It give the more idea about research. If we use the human cloning in correct way it gives us more benefits like requirement of jean, DNA, etc. It can't lose more blood so in during baby birth time it very useful to all womens. And we can use the lot of places. For example if a man was interested in cloning and he was involved in cloning it create the another man like him, the new created cloning man have the same knowledge like him. So we can use the newly created cloning man in army for our nation. So human cloning should not be banned.

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Manjula said: (Jun 13, 2013)  
In my point of view the human cloning is should not be banned. Because the human cloning gives more thinking about the human body research and give the ideas about more problem. If we use the human cloning for good things we have lot of benefits and using human cloning we solve lot of the problems. It give the solution for cancer and AIDS. If we not use the wrong purpose the human cloning surely give the lot of benefits. So human cloning should not be banned.

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Asif said: (May 19, 2013)  
I totally agree with what most of the people here have agreed with that cloning as far as research is concerned it is ok. But at the same time it should be ensured that the research remains with in the laws framed by nature. By passing the rules made by the creator whether it is through some research or anything else always proves to be destructive and history is evidence to this fact.

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Deeks Diksha said: (Apr 10, 2013)  
Human cloning is deeply troubling to me Life is a creation, not a commodity. Our children are gifts to be loved and protected, not products to be designed and manufactured. Allowing cloning would be taking a significant step toward a society in which human beings are grown for spare body parts, and children are engineered to custom specifications; and that's not acceptable.

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Girija said: (Apr 7, 2013)  
Yes it should be banned. We should not play with the creature. Its completely a unethical step. Our world is running in a certain rule and regulation a protocol. If it happens then may be increased the crime.

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Shanks said: (Aug 26, 2012)  
Researches and ethics are always counter to each other but it is also true that both are important for the betterment of the society. As on the research on human cloning, my point is that it should not be banned but it should be done by keeping ethics in mind. It is true that to clone the human is as to interfere in the the work of God, but we can not stop researching by keeping this in mind. Research is always necessary and human clone will definitely give a new light ot research. We can't forget that Gallelio was sacrificed on the point to interfere in god's work but later it was found that he was right.

Scientist should work keeping all points in mind.

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Amit Kumar Rai said: (Aug 26, 2012)  
There are two types of human cloning:therapeutic cloning and reproductive cloning. Therapeutic cloning basically deals with duplicating cells and organs which will be provided for treatment of malfunctioned organs. It will have great medical significance and it will provide great assistance in treating diseases like cancer and AIDS. Reproductive cloning will generate identical twin of an individual. This cloned individual will have a tendency to behave exactly as the subject individual thanks to the similar genetic architecture. Therefore this new "human being" will have a right to say, in case he commits a horrible crime or is manipulated by some notorious organization, that he was destined to do so, that his life is planned and he has no control over it. This can trigger chaos in the society. Secondly human cloning will complicate the problem of parentage in society. For example a woman donating DNA for a baby to be born through cloning will be clone's genetic twin not his mother. So the set up genetic relationship b/w a mother and child will change and it will complicate the society. But above all creating a new human is asexual and will disrupt the balance of nature. That's why I am in favor of therapeutic cloning and against reproductive cloning.

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Mounika said: (Aug 25, 2012)  
Hello, friends.

I believe that cloning should not be banned. It should be continued to know the things which ever not known till now. Doing research on cloning may leads to great achievement. We have so many pros and cons but we should ignore it. Reseach on cloning should be taken as like on other fields.

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Santhoshi said: (Jun 8, 2012)  
As every coin has two sides, even this art of cloning has both pros and cons. The art of cloning has been encouraged by few countries.

For example: If a famous sports player knews that his life is going to end within a shot span due to failure of heart. This art of cloning may help him to create a unique identity of this player and may replace his heart with that of clone and he may survive.

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Ankur Saha said: (Mar 29, 2012)  
Well friends every topic has two faces. Whether it is advantageous or disadvantageous.

Clonning as per biotech confrontation is said to form a copy of the original one.

But while having clonning in case of human there are some diificulties.

1) there should be no concept of family.

2) female sholud be considered as manipulator and childrens as product.

3) there shall be no father to daughter or mother to son relationship.

4) clonning of one individual having one specific property shall give rise to a clone having deficient to the qualities of the individual.

Well now everyone should have heard the name "DOLLY" a clone sheep.

She was found to have some problem with artheritis at the age of about 5 months. As the stem cells that has been taken from the mother. So humans could suffer from various diseases at early age if they are being clonned.

*clonning of individual for nation security purposes would have a beneficial act.

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Sagar said: (Mar 7, 2012)  
All matter is composed of basic elements. Science calls them enzymes, atoms and molecules. Certain molecules react in a particular way to produce certain reactions.

This is an undisputed fact.

If in a possibility that, man can ever make those molecules behave exactly as NATURE did it in its course of billions of years of evolution, then is it not a wonder?

Clonning is not a boon or curse in itself. It all comes down to who uses it for what and how it is recieved by the masses.

Clonning of humans is a far distant goal yet to be realized. As a science may not be banned in my opinion.

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Shalini said: (Nov 7, 2011)  
I feel that research is a way to explore things which are hidden and unrevealed. So according to me research in any field should not be banned or compromised, because a research always open new avenues for humans. Now talking precisely on human cloning researches I feel the same for these. This is also a field which is less explored and talked about. I totally agree to the side effects it holds and the disaster it could produce if used with less care, but my point is that, is there any thing which does not have a negative aspect to it? Has man ever invented a thing which is completely harmless and does not have any negative touch to it? So why is this indignation to cloning research?

Scientist should not stop their research in this field too, as we might not know what new invention could hit our sight while researching on this topic.

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Suraj said: (Aug 18, 2011)  
Cloning Human will take away that Unique identity from us which GOD has given to us.history is there telling us that whenever human tried to play with nature,it caused nothing but the Destruction only.Apart from that i would like to say that O.K. there are pro's of cloning like we can find cure to diseases and organ transplantation etc..but think what threat it will pose to the national and individual security.What if you come to know that the person who is running your country is just a puppet or clone sent by enemies..what if police arrests you for a crime which your clone did.So all i want say is giving life and bring it to existance is GOD's sovergine right,we shouldn't play with it.

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Kerri L said: (Apr 14, 2011)  
Well shouldn't the scientist Reaserching cloning should let the public in to see what their actually doing, because a lot of what their doing not much people know about. And maybe they should be a bit more enviromental and try and reduce the embryos that are discarded in the process. And just asking is cloning animal abuse?

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Naveen Joshi said: (Mar 4, 2011)  
Research on things is very good thing but life is god gifted and everybody got it once so cloning in human may effects in various physical activity which is not good for human .
By taking an example - suppose my friend says that cloning is good thing and then suppose i am scientist and i call him for cloning test on him then he definitely not agree , because everybody want to live his life without pain or deceases.

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Phanindra said: (Feb 25, 2011)  
Everything has its own good and bad,when it comes for cloning it has it's own good because some failed parts of the body can be cloned and replaced...and it has its own bad sinse for being missusing the technology...

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Ayan said: (Feb 19, 2011)  
As a student of science I cannot say to ban cloning. Because from the research of cloning a new direction of science will be invented by which we can terminate various deathly disease. But the application of cloning should be stopped. Because if cloning is not banned every person in this world will be immortal which is not acceptable.

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Sneha said: (Feb 18, 2011)  
I totally disagree with what my friend Ruchi has pointed out in her second point that "today bad people are active and almost everybody is corrupt". World and the people living in it has not changed, it has remained the same. The difference is that earlier people were not aware about the corruption because media was not so advance.

As far as evil doing is concerned people who wants to misuse technology will go on doing their job but this does not mean that we will stop invention or research.

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Ruchi said: (Feb 18, 2011)  
Yes, cloning should be banned.

I think we have no need to bring Newton and Einstein back but want to have such minds. And people who can make researches on cloning have newtons mind already.

The 2nd thing is that we all know its advantages and disadvantages. But today bad people are more active and almost everybody is corrupt. They do not miss a single chance to misuse new inventions. Very few of us are here who will be aware of the technology and use it for mankind because we all are busy in our life and people who work for it have to always work slowly following all government rules but bad people never miss to use scientist's effort in every possible bad way at any second because they don't need any rule to do it. Thus through such researches we just help the evils to emerge out and effect the mankind.

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Cob said: (Feb 17, 2011)  
Has there been any biological research that hasn't imposed any threat on the society or the environment? No. Cloning is just something bigger. Research is necessary but under strict limits and supervision. If Cloning ever comes to existence and clones start to become uncontrolled, it will be a big problem. Biological weapons are already causing so many diseases and are being used inspite of the ban upon them.

Someone said if it were not possible in God's will, it wouldn't have ever been known to man. There are many things which have proved to be disadvantageous to man in almost all the ways. So this logic cant be correct.

So the conclusion is although research is necessary for progress of mankind, cloning is something which in wrong hands will surely be a threat.

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Mahathi said: (Feb 16, 2011)  
what i think is even if we clone newton or einstein , the mental abilities of the clones will be different from the original ones.we can reproduce only their physical resemblance.Even if we produce a clone with same mental abilities , what about the experience gained by great scientists during their research? Clones can't have that.....
So, a clone cannot replace a person.....I think Cloning can be used in some fields of science.....

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Phani said: (Feb 15, 2011)  
Cloning is a miracle in human research's. It should be appreciated. But this invention may cause may fluctuations in the natural cycle. The population can be increased enormously and the moral values will be threatened I mean that if there is a clone for Micheal Jackson the people won't recognize his greatness as they think he will be always their to entertain them for ever which is a very bad situation that leads to the loss of human emotions and relationships.

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Deva said: (Feb 14, 2011)  
HI. Cloning has both advantage and disadvantage. Its only depends on how we use. By cloning the damaged part is replaced. So many living beings get benefit, at the same time most of them used against people. So we banned only who is going to use the wrong way.

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Sudali said: (Feb 14, 2011)  
Cloning is one of the precious achievement of the human beings. But it gives motivates to the new of technology of science.

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Sneha said: (Feb 13, 2011)  

According to me cloning is a boon both for human race and for animals. We are not actually interfering with gods creation but making world a better place to live in. As my friend has said that if we do human cloning we will be interfering with gods creation but it would be a boon for animals, in what terms can you actually distinguish animals from that of human, in terms of intelligence?

Cloning is the production of just another copy of the same individual with same character, then how can you say that it will be harmful for human race.

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Ram said: (Feb 11, 2011)  
Cloning is an unnatural thing. We cant change the god creations and it creates more problems for humans. For animals it will be boon. But for humans it is ban. So it s an unwanted thing to us. So we will avoid the growth of cloning.

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Lofty said: (Feb 11, 2011)  
Cloning must be banned because its against human laws. We cannot experiment with God's creation. It includes substantial amount of risk which can further cause destruction in various fields. Scientist must enhance their technologies and researches to find different alternatives to replace human cloning and searching a useful process to recreate mankind.

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Ramakanta Bhutia said: (Feb 10, 2011)  
This is Ramakanta. Cloning must be banned. First of all creating a person or anybody by ourselves is against natures law. How can we g through such a degree of a[[roach where we are gonna create ourselves in order to just satisfy our mean. This should never be given a scientific approach.

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Aakash said: (Feb 9, 2011)  
I personally don't think cloning is bad because if controlled by right peoples these clones can be used for various works for example if we could send them to border to fight this will save many innocent lives can be saved.

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Thirupathireddypacharla[At]Yahoo.In said: (Feb 9, 2011)  
HI friends.

Cloning is one of the Great Achievement of human beings. It gives confident to humans he also make humans artificially like a God. But Better Bane such Cloning Experiments. It is totally opposite to human law. I think it would become a problem for further. If this technology hacked by the terrorists then it become a big problem for identifying and catching. But I give keep it up to our scientists for further investigation.

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Monalisa said: (Feb 9, 2011)  
I think cloning researches should not be banned because clones can prove to be great tools in medical technology and curing dangerous diseases like cancers. It has got great potential. Risks are their in every field which does'nt mean that we should stop experimenting. Only thing is that it should be carried out carefully and protocols should be out of reach of wrong people. Cloning has got nothing to do with challenging gods creations. It is just one of the good steps taken by scientists to improve human health, environment and other biological parameters.

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Bhanu said: (Feb 8, 2011)  
Hi this is Bhanu. According to my view cloning is a process in which the appearance of the person can be copied but not the habits and abilities. What I mean to say is we can clone the great scientists like Einstein, newton and etc. But we cannot control the mindsets of the cloned persons. That is a cloned Einstein may become a terrorist, rather than becoming a scientist. In this case the pride of original Einstein gets damaged.

I agree with some of them who said that a research without implementation is of no use. So cloning should be banned.

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Lohit Mohapatra said: (Feb 6, 2011)  
Hello everyone,.

I would begin the discussion in not so affirmative tone, science has rocketed and leaped the conventional barriers. There has been Genetically modified plants then why are we restricting it to immovable objects. If a better clone with favourable characteristics can be produced then we should not procrastinate much on the thought. But it should remain under stern vigil of authorities. May be soon we might see a new soldier with improved combat, highly trained in martial arts and et-al activities. Even we might clone some best brains and permanently eradicate genetic disorders like dow's syndrome and others. Finally, equal thoughts should be given on the both the sides.

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Anu said: (Feb 4, 2011)  
I think we should not avoid scientist from producing the clone. It will be one of the advantage in this era. As we are building new systems everyday we are trying to improve are life style, new gadgets, new machines. Someone said that already population is increasing then by building clones further why to increase population. I would like to tell my friend that scientist will not create clone of useless person. So I am damn sure that it will not affect our population. They will only build clone of the people who are or who were very great and will be helpful for the nation. And the main thing is for every single thing there are pros and cons. Thats why we cant say it will affect our life. As one takes things in that way the things gives the result and its totally depend upon us to develop it at what level or extent.

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Ganesh Godase said: (Feb 4, 2011)  
Human cloning is the agianst rule of nature. Human can not manage things as like nature. So things which are natural its better to keep it as it is. There is the undiscovered hidden power in the word which manges all those things, if human can be cloned then no need of male or female to produce childs. They will be useless.

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Kumar said: (Feb 2, 2011)  
Hi friend, according to my point of view human cloning should be band. It having many reason but I will give the priority to this one. Playing with the law of nature is not good for human Bing. If we think scientifically then also we found its not right because if any thing wrong happen with the cloning then negative result will be more dangerous then we can expect. Let us take an example we invented nuclear bomb which having lots of use in practical life but its demerit is put us in fear. So we have to awakward before taking any step toward human cloning.

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Vidya Mayya said: (Jan 30, 2011)  
Even though today, the technology has a great impact because of man's creative, innovative ideas, there is an unseen power beyond which none of the hi-fi tech can go!.

God has given a beautiful life for every creature. So no one has the right to go against it. I agree researches have to be done to expose the mysteries of the world. But those researches should be such that they must not be a threat to a human life, instead should be like a candle.

Human cloning might give rise to a similar human as us. But who knows this new product can become an einstein or even a hitler!It is difficult to predict a normal human's mind in that case how can one predict an outcome of a research! Even scientifically speaking, the outcome of the cloning do not have stamina as the original one.

"CREATION" is a process done by the nature. So I think no one has to interfere in that.

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Rahul said: (Jan 30, 2011)  
In my point of view,cloning of human body should be banned.If we think about the advantage and disadvantage of cloning there are more disadvantage as comparing to the advantage of cloning like -cloning can be used in case of terrorism,increasing population etc.Another thing is that we simply go against the god's creation.So cloning should be banned.

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Vandana Dixit said: (Jan 29, 2011)  
Cloning of human body should not be banned; instead it should be promoted so that technology will rise more but on the other hand it should not be used for malicious works.

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Mihir said: (Jan 29, 2011)  
In my opinion cloning should not be permitted. Nature has created us and we will die according to our life span. But by cloning one's form may not die in the stipulated time that is one may become immortal. As a consequence it will lead to population explosion. Secondly if the cloning technology is acquired by the terrorists like Osama bin laden, Doud Ibrahim, laskar-e toiba group then it will be difficult to stop them from destroying the whole world. The security of any country will be in danger. Hence every country shake hands against cloning and come together to take stern steps against it.

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Tarun said: (Jan 28, 2011)  
Well after listening to all the comments given above I would like to add that science i the one which is opening the mysteries of the nature & there are many instances right since start whenever human play with nature some thing or other disaster has occurred.there is no harm in inventing things or solving mysteries but to work againt th nature is not correct.for ex nowadays along with cloning one thing which everybody looking at is age lift .to stop sign of ageing .This is against the nature .This will have dangerous consequences.and also these technology are a boon but they come to the hands of terrorist or so then they can create destruction

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Mike said: (Jan 28, 2011)  
If God did not want people cloned then why did God allow women to give birth to indentical twins? They are clones, same DNA. God would never give man the knowledge to clone if God did not want science to move forward. Stem cell research will help provide cures and better lives for future generations.

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Rajesh Kumar said: (Jan 28, 2011)  
My opinion is it is a most receptive form of human creature,most of us will think of that it is created by biasing nature laws but it is actually a combination of hardwares like a robot,the difference is robot responds to the instructions by programs in digital signals,cloning creature is a hardware with nucleus can respond by semi-structured organic molecules,though it is hard to structure the organic molecules according to the human instructions.

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Chikk said: (Jan 28, 2011)  
In my view cloning should be banned as it against the balance of nature,which is the sanctimonious thing for sustainance.Being a very vital part of nature its a responsibilty of human not to play with it as it may backfire in near future.Moreover cloning can deepen the gap between rich and poor as its applications will be costly so it should not be encouraged.

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Chikk said: (Jan 28, 2011)  
I strongly beleives that cloning can hamper the nature's balance and maintaining nature's balance should be a sanctimonious thing for humans as it is also a part of it.Playing with the providence can backfire us in future so I am strongly against Cloning.

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Paarijat Bose said: (Jan 27, 2011)  
Cloning is fact of science. Though one may consider cloning to be unethical but we should also keep in mind that with advent of science of cloning even useful organs can be cloned. And this will aid the modern surgical science. No invention is wasteful. The thing we need is properly scrutinized and ethical use of the researches so that this can be used for the betterment of human society. Thus we can conclude that NOT CLONING but the MISUSE OF CLONING IS TO BE BANNED.

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Chandy said: (Jan 26, 2011)  
Hi I am chandan and m in totally support of ban on cloning. Because what happend when anybody commit any crime and he will say that it was not done by him it was done by his clone. Law and governing body what will do. You will not know that the person you are talking to is either a clone or a real person then how will you react. How can you express your feeling. So it should be fully abolished.

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Saurav Agarwal said: (Jan 25, 2011)  
In m opinion Human Cloning should be completely banned. I agree with the lot of people who have said that research is important but it should not be implemented. Well a research without implementation is of no use. Also some of you have mentioned that cloning can help us get some of the greatest scientists back again so that the world could be made a better place but can you all imagine if the same cloning is used for people like Saddam hussain or Osama Bin Laden what drastic effects could it have on the world. At the same time its like messing up with the work of God. If cloning becomes common each and every person would want to have their loved ones back to life which again can have more than dangerous effects.

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Rashmi said: (Jan 22, 2011)  
God creats man.The nature of every man is different.Human cloning should be banned.if we dont ban human cloning ,there will be possible of some mis repres entation.research should not be banned because inovation of new idea is not good but implementation of that idea should be check .

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Ravi said: (Jan 22, 2011)  
According to me research on cloning is not wrong activity.Due to change in technology the research on different activities like this is required and use of these research(cloning) for self business is unethical and also unlawful.

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Malu said: (Jan 22, 2011)  
why clonning should be banned?we human accept all invention of science and tech for our betterment and progress in the same way human clonning is also for some useful purpose.computers and mobile phones are invented only for good and useful purpose but some people make wrong use of the same way clonning is also dangerous if it is implemented by a wrong person but just imagine if it can bring back ur dead friend again then how it can be negative i say that in the sight of development no research is disadvantageous.only the person who make wrong use of it should be punished.

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Vidya said: (Jan 19, 2011)  
Hi i disagree with clonning should be stopped. As for research purpose it should go ahead but the same way we should take care that it could not be implemented in our lives so we would not affected with the adversed effect of this experiment.

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Rahul said: (Jan 18, 2011)  
When you say human cloning, it doesn't mean that you get an exact replica of that human being. And moreover, the result of the clone is a new born baby, rather than a brain-washed full grown with no emotions.
Look at a positive aspect of cloning. It could be used as a way for infertile couples to have children. Cloning and surrogacy could go hand in hand.
Also, it could be used as a way to get rid of any genetic problems that a couple may have. This could especially be of great importance to the people suffering from genetic mutations from the Bhopal Gas Tragedy.

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Ahna said: (Jan 17, 2011)  
It is said that not even a leaf can move without the God's will. Then I ask how did human come to know of cloning if it wasn't already intended by Him?
I would like to say that banning cloning is not a solution. The many medical breakthroughs it has can benefit the human race to a great extent. But it must be regulated and kept under strict guidance.
Like many other inventions cloning too has its drawbacks. For example a simple air conditioner: gives us comfort from high temperatures but on the other hand the CFCs coming out of it deplete the ozone layer,thus affecting human health. Likewise human cloning to has its pros and cons.

Most of you have discussed the effect of human cloning on the society. But consider the plight of that clone. We consider God as our creator. Being created by a scientist would that cone be even considered a human? Would she be acceptable to the society?Would she be given the same status we enjoy? These are the few of the many social drawbacks of cloning.

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Abhi said: (Jan 15, 2011)  
Well to all the supporters of Cloning, I want to pay courteous homage to your blatant cry for Human cloning. But please try and imagine a world(world can mean family, colony, town or state i.e. social circle) full of people of same ideologies all over( this is what cloning will eventually bring). How much droning will it bring in our lives? If everyone will be exact replica of each other(say in terms of intelligence)what will happen to competition that exists which is the driving force for improvement...

before giving any opinion in favor of cloning, Imagine a world full of mahatma gandhi. and then ask yourself about the condition of technology, development, fun, Art, Music, Love, Adventure. U will be muddled after thinking this and hope u will then understand the detriments of Cloning especially human cloning

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Sunil said: (Jan 13, 2011)  
Human cloning is some thing that need to be banned ,i agree it has some benefits but compared to the damages better we stop this thing. we have to give some respect to is surely unethical ,i cant even think about it,a world with human cloning how dangerous is it,who are we disurb the nature ,its a process that has to happend in naturally,

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Mohit said: (Jan 9, 2011)  
Human cloning is not the one which is to be create a man kind but a plastic product where one can use it in a medicle science by providing it with replacable organs of ones because which things are not created by humans r not said even exist in natural being according to nature if human cloning can be done for good then it is important event in a medical history

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Akash said: (Jan 8, 2011)  
Manisha's example of a man coming back to provide support to his family is absurd and laughable. Its not like the movies that you get instant replacement. It takes months and the result is not the exact replica but a new born baby which has bodily features of its parent genes but not the mind. Having said this I would like to say that banning is not the solution. Terrorism is banned but has hit us back. Regulating the cloning process is the need of the hour. If cloning gives us the possibility of making newton then it should be allowed. Banning will give rise to the likes of Hitler. And the question of it being unethical is totally presumptuous as we don't have proof that God created us.

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Souvik said: (Jan 8, 2011)  
I dont think research in cloning should be banned,because research in any field should always be welcome.Rather we can put a bar in implementation.if cloning is used as a business purpose then it must be banned but research in cloning can lead us to a new era of medical science where we can treat a cancer patient successfully by using the research work in this research is not against the law of nature but we have to be conscious in implementation.

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Honey said: (Jan 8, 2011)  
I dont agree witrh amit laha.Childless couples may adopt a baby.But there might occur cloning up of a man like Hitler in its name which will undoubtedly be a threst to human dynasty. Even cloning animals with artificiAl intelligence may lead to their dominance over us.

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Sazid said: (Jan 8, 2011)  
In my opinion Cloning is just help to human and I believe everything have two phase which phase you see it depends on you.And also major breakthrough cloning could help is for people who gotten into car accidents and other accidents, and injured their spinal cord in some way. If they allowed cloning they may be able to grow new nerves in the spinal cord, which means people that are in wheel chairs due to spinal cord injures may be able to get up and walk away due to cloning. Just think of the good that could do for the world. It would change a lot of minds of people who were against cloning.

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Namrata said: (Jan 7, 2011)  
Yes, research on human cloning should be banned. It is totally unethical and will disrupt the way we interact with others. Humans are considered as the most developed social animal but we should not fool ourselves by thinking of us as the creator. we should not interfere with things that we cannot control.
Researching for the sake of development and actually implementing it as two very different issues. Researching is always good but i still strongly feel that human cloning would be unethical.

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Mohamed Nowfil.A said: (Jan 6, 2011)  
This is Nowfil, in my vision,human being cloning is to be strictly banned.if it is developed and became a common thing like other science & technology inventions, value of human life will be reduced and chances of crimes will be increased. now it is impossible to catch osama-bin-laden just because of cloning. so better research on cloning is to be banned first to prevent this danger rather than curing after suffered

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Lokesh Vashishth said: (Jan 5, 2011)  
Firtly cloning is making identical copy of a man. If scientist are making research on the development of cloning technology, it is not an illegal activity. It can be used in various fields in the interest of the world like for making various tests, identifying the treatment of diseases, detecting the criminals or terrorist provided it shouldn't be misused. for this purpose, they should make strict rules and regulations to avoid the misuse of it.

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Should Research on Human Cloning be banned?

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