Should Research on Human Cloning be banned?

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Minu said:   7 years ago
Human cloning should be banned because the world's population has already crossed it's maximum limit, I am sure that human cloning will be a major threat to environmental balance.

Akash Nigam said:   7 years ago
Hi guys,

I am Akash and cloning should not be banned until its gonna break law of nature which never brings a dead thing alive. Other than this cloning in regeneration and fasten up healing process will make help us survive more but in a way it may also bring our end to us fast so we have tick with regeneration of organs. So every person who is physical disables have chance to do something with his life.

Manoj Saini said:   7 years ago
Research on human cloning has two faces. If talk about the law of nature i.e.whatever has taken birth have to face death one day then its fine to say that research on human cloning should be banned. As if human replica is developed by human itself then it will create unbalance in nature and no will want to leave this world. But if we divert our mind towards another face of this coin then we will come say it can have various advantages.

1. Lots of our soldiers lost their lives for us and lots of them lost their body parts in the outrage. So if it becomes possible to reproduce their lost body part then it will be a great gift to them.

2. As it is assumed that human replicas will be free from the diseases which are prevailing in the original body then numerous of lives can be saved which are suffering from deadly diseases such as cancer and aids.

So research on human cloning is great till it is not against the God and having the concept to serving mankind in mind.

Aman said:   7 years ago
Yes. Human cloning should be banned.

Mohit Israni said:   7 years ago
Yes, human cloning should be banned because of several disadvantages like,

1. This research process need huge amount of money and man power.

2. Due to cloning there is exploitation to mankind and others.

3. There are chances that the clone developed be immature or created with defect which can harm both to society as well as to the clone himself.

4. And second if that clone development then what is the guarantee that he can live life without any defects in future and if its death span is early than the one who would have adopted that clone will also get hurt emotionally.

Murali said:   7 years ago
Friends cloning has its own advantages & disadvantages.

Advantage is that our government it self-promotes to preserve the stem cells at the time of birth, So that at any time if a person loses any part of his body it could be replicated, but when this goes into replicating human beings completely it leads to disadvantages, like taking advantages of person who have been born naturally to exploit things of him and even if a replica is done (for a dead) people will not have mindset to accept him as he is, will have a thought of alien-like feel, so things lie on how we use it and see it and also researchers must be done on good basis.

Jobin said:   7 years ago
Dear friends, let me introduce myself, I am Jobin till this we were going through various pros and crons. In my viewpoint cloning should be banned. Death is an unwanted reality we all don't want to face, but one day we have to. It's a cosmic law that one day we have to clear for the new ones if we are trying to counteract this law an imbalance is created. Which will effect as in one or another way so I think it would be better to restrict researchers on cloning.

Shiva said:   7 years ago
Hello, everyone, I think research on such topics should be encouraged.

Cloning refers to creating genetically identical copies. Therapeutic cloning can be used to cure illness or replace any organ with the help of stem cell. However if human clone are created it could raise questions on person identity as clones are genetically similar and there are people who could take disadvantage of this. Thus government should make certain rules for this and cloning should be only done by governments permission.

Dishani said:   8 years ago
According to me research on cloning should not be banned because research on a particular field provides a lot of knowledge on that field. Maybe after certain researches cloning may be proved as a boon.

As everything have ups and downs, cloning too has but just considering its risks researches should not be banned and moreover thinking about religious beliefs it shouldn't be banned as science itself is far from religion.

Anmol Narula said:   8 years ago
Hello everybody.

Today we are here to discuss about the topic cloning and human research on it. I agree with my friends who above said that cloning is a developing field of science and should be encouraged surely. Yes I do agree that cloning should be encouraged but not all types of cloning should be encouraged to be particular cloning of organs should be encouraged surely as because it can save the lives of millions dying by organ failure but sexual cloning ie cloning the identical twin of a person should be allowed under certain conditions only and rules have to be made regarding it. Otherwise it should not be allowed as because it would make society more and more complex.

Conclusion : Cloning should be encouraged but not of all types and rules regarding cloning should surely be made.

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