Should Research on Human Cloning be banned?

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Bony said:   1 decade ago
As per me, research on cloning should not be banned because to do research on a particular thing is not an evil. But to implememt it, is objectionable i.e. after researches scientists should not start cloning creatures.

Shlav said:   1 decade ago
There should not be any sort of ban on cloning. Cloning human beings does not harm any one rather can help world a lot. If all the scients say Newton or Darwin would have been cloned then this world would have been today in new era. Nature too has provided enough evidences that cells are totipotent as well as pluripotent. We human are just using these potential provided by nature.and remember invention requires sacrifice. So it may feel that cloning too have drawbacks..but its just a matter of fact that how much you love technology and up to what extent you can go to get it.

Vino said:   1 decade ago
Human Cloning is to create a identical copy of a person. It is very useful in the growing technology but when it is used against the human by the terrorist then it will become dreadful to the society, so it must be banned but it must be used in some levels to help the developing science.

Karthick said:   1 decade ago
Island is the Hollywood film based on cloning there is some problem like some industry making cloning of the person as they're giving insurance if any part of the client is damage they will provide from the cloning this was shown in the film so we need as only research work not as business.

Siva said:   1 decade ago
According to me cloning has both advantage and disadvantage ,it depends on how we use it.If its used by terrorists then there will be a big disaster for our nation. So scientists can do Research only and it should not be implement for any human. On looking on to the advantage point of view great scientist can be cloned which will be a helpful one for our Nation.

Loknath sahu said:   1 decade ago
Research on clonning should be completely banned. It is just against the nature law.As we already know population is increaing tremendously and consequence the world is facing overburden. In this stage we are unable to provide all necessary needs to all. Now if we go for the human clonning, definitely we are going to kill ourselves.There will be oneday that clone will order us. It would be impossible to stop them. If we are unable to feed ourselves how we can managve them?

Amit laha said:   1 decade ago
I think it should not be banned. Because research gives a lots of experience in a particular field. Many couple do not have baby due to inability of any one of them. In that sense if we use to produce clone I think this couple can lead their remaining life very happily. And in this way we can also get many valuable information about cloning and also apply in many extincting animal to keep their existance.

Madhan Prabhu said:   1 decade ago
Hi, this is Madhan. In my concern, we should ban human cloning. It makes everything against the nature. God only has the rights to give a birth to human. If we use cloning to produce a human their behaviour is fully different from the original. It makes lot of problem in the human nature. In the beginning one goat was cloned, it is name was dolly, most of the nations rises their hands against this experiment. It should make our natural earth becomes architectural. Cloning is a good invention but it should be banned to avoid controversies. Thank you

M Suraj said:   1 decade ago
Hi, this is Suraj, we should oppose cloning, what if some criminal replace a person with his clone and play with his identity. I don't think in any way cloning is helpful. Nature have done every thing in a right way and at right place. Who are we to disturb that cycle.
Also cloning of scientists or other great personalities is a good idea because that degrade our generation.

Manoj said:   1 decade ago
Well I think that cloning should not be banned. Doing research on something is not bad provided if it is done within certain limit. It should be considered only for research purpose not on a commercial basis. Since every invention has its flaws, similarly if this boons gets into some destructive hands, then it might become bane also.

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