Should Research on Human Cloning be banned?

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Vidya mayya said:   1 decade ago
Even though today, the technology has a great impact because of man's creative, innovative ideas, there is an unseen power beyond which none of the hi-fi tech can go!.

God has given a beautiful life for every creature. So no one has the right to go against it. I agree researches have to be done to expose the mysteries of the world. But those researches should be such that they must not be a threat to a human life, instead should be like a candle.

Human cloning might give rise to a similar human as us. But who knows this new product can become an einstein or even a hitler!It is difficult to predict a normal human's mind in that case how can one predict an outcome of a research! Even scientifically speaking, the outcome of the cloning do not have stamina as the original one.

"CREATION" is a process done by the nature. So I think no one has to interfere in that.

Shalini said:   1 decade ago
I feel that research is a way to explore things which are hidden and unrevealed. So according to me research in any field should not be banned or compromised, because a research always open new avenues for humans. Now talking precisely on human cloning researches I feel the same for these. This is also a field which is less explored and talked about. I totally agree to the side effects it holds and the disaster it could produce if used with less care, but my point is that, is there any thing which does not have a negative aspect to it? Has man ever invented a thing which is completely harmless and does not have any negative touch to it? So why is this indignation to cloning research?

Scientist should not stop their research in this field too, as we might not know what new invention could hit our sight while researching on this topic.

Anu said:   1 decade ago
I think we should not avoid scientist from producing the clone. It will be one of the advantage in this era. As we are building new systems everyday we are trying to improve are life style, new gadgets, new machines. Someone said that already population is increasing then by building clones further why to increase population. I would like to tell my friend that scientist will not create clone of useless person. So I am damn sure that it will not affect our population. They will only build clone of the people who are or who were very great and will be helpful for the nation. And the main thing is for every single thing there are pros and cons. Thats why we cant say it will affect our life. As one takes things in that way the things gives the result and its totally depend upon us to develop it at what level or extent.

Abhi said:   1 decade ago
Well to all the supporters of Cloning, I want to pay courteous homage to your blatant cry for Human cloning. But please try and imagine a world(world can mean family, colony, town or state i.e. social circle) full of people of same ideologies all over( this is what cloning will eventually bring). How much droning will it bring in our lives? If everyone will be exact replica of each other(say in terms of intelligence)what will happen to competition that exists which is the driving force for improvement...

before giving any opinion in favor of cloning, Imagine a world full of mahatma gandhi. and then ask yourself about the condition of technology, development, fun, Art, Music, Love, Adventure. U will be muddled after thinking this and hope u will then understand the detriments of Cloning especially human cloning

Shikha said:   1 decade ago
Well I feel every coin has two face, one is advantageous and the other is disadvantageous. In the case of cloning is the same. Looking into its advantages, if cloning is restricted to therapeutic cloning, it will be a great boon of science. It will help the medical field in the serious diseases like cancer or AIDS. But if it will exceed its limit to reproductive cloning, the it will hamper the national growth.

Taking the consciousness of India's population, which is itself too much, in such case if there will be such kind of cloning two people with same identity will be really a difficult task. On the other hand two people with same identity may harm either of them in case like crime or else. So I personally feel that cloning should not be extended upto the limit of creation of a human being of similar identity.

Ruchi said:   1 decade ago
Yes, cloning should be banned.

I think we have no need to bring Newton and Einstein back but want to have such minds. And people who can make researches on cloning have newtons mind already.

The 2nd thing is that we all know its advantages and disadvantages. But today bad people are more active and almost everybody is corrupt. They do not miss a single chance to misuse new inventions. Very few of us are here who will be aware of the technology and use it for mankind because we all are busy in our life and people who work for it have to always work slowly following all government rules but bad people never miss to use scientist's effort in every possible bad way at any second because they don't need any rule to do it. Thus through such researches we just help the evils to emerge out and effect the mankind.

Amit said:   6 years ago
Hello friends,

First of all, we need to understand what does human cloning means. It means the creation of a genetically identical copy of a human. I think the research on human cloning should be carried out because if can help persons with a deadly disease like cancer by removing their cancer cells. It can also help people with disabilities to get back their body parts. Soldiers who fought for us, if losses any part of the body during a fight then that can be reproduced.

But it has to be carried out very carefully if the clone produced is harmful to your society has to be killed. Human cloning can also lead to death if the cloning is not successful. So research should be done until it is 100% sure that the experiment will be successful. So, human cloning is useful until the serving of mankind is done.

Anmol Narula said:   8 years ago
Hello everybody.

Today we are here to discuss about the topic cloning and human research on it. I agree with my friends who above said that cloning is a developing field of science and should be encouraged surely. Yes I do agree that cloning should be encouraged but not all types of cloning should be encouraged to be particular cloning of organs should be encouraged surely as because it can save the lives of millions dying by organ failure but sexual cloning ie cloning the identical twin of a person should be allowed under certain conditions only and rules have to be made regarding it. Otherwise it should not be allowed as because it would make society more and more complex.

Conclusion : Cloning should be encouraged but not of all types and rules regarding cloning should surely be made.

Cob said:   1 decade ago
Has there been any biological research that hasn't imposed any threat on the society or the environment? No. Cloning is just something bigger. Research is necessary but under strict limits and supervision. If Cloning ever comes to existence and clones start to become uncontrolled, it will be a big problem. Biological weapons are already causing so many diseases and are being used inspite of the ban upon them.

Someone said if it were not possible in God's will, it wouldn't have ever been known to man. There are many things which have proved to be disadvantageous to man in almost all the ways. So this logic cant be correct.

So the conclusion is although research is necessary for progress of mankind, cloning is something which in wrong hands will surely be a threat.

Manju said:   1 decade ago
In my point of view the human cloning is not banned. Because it is very helpful for the most people and scientists that it gives more idea about the solution for cancer and AIDS. It solves the gean problem. It give the more idea about research. If we use the human cloning in correct way it gives us more benefits like requirement of jean, DNA, etc. It can't lose more blood so in during baby birth time it very useful to all womens. And we can use the lot of places. For example if a man was interested in cloning and he was involved in cloning it create the another man like him, the new created cloning man have the same knowledge like him. So we can use the newly created cloning man in army for our nation. So human cloning should not be banned.

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