Private Educational Institutions: Good or Bad

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Komal said:   3 months ago
Hello everyone.

Today I'm telling about which are better government school or private school. In my view government school are best according to private school. Goverment school also provide books, dresses, and giving a day of meal everyday and poor people afford this.

Meghana said:   3 months ago
Both government schools and private schools have their own advantages and disadvantages.

In my view, government schools are better because now days they are providing lots of knowledge and skills equal to the private schools and they alsoo providing free books and bags and whatever the children needs. I know the most of the children are came from the rural backward areas they can't afford so much and also they can't even aa one day meal properly but the government schools providing food for the people who are studying in the government school so in my view government schools are better.

Vanshika said:   3 months ago
Hi everyone.

I am Vanshika. I put my points about which education is better private or government.

According to me, both educational institutions are good. Every coin has two sides and both sides have advantages and disadvantages.

So private education is good because nowadays private schools or colleges provide more facilities like better rooms, infrastructure, extracurricular activities, and many positive skills. They are under strict rules and regular so perfectly keep the student.

But disadvantaged also in private institutions. They put a huge amount of fees on students and it's not possible for every student. Poor people can't bear to those fees payment.

Shraddha said:   4 months ago
Hello Everyone,

In my point of view, every field has its own advantages and disadvantages. At some point, the government school in good like low fee payment and distributing a lot of required things like food, school dress, and bicycle etc. But gov. School teachers do not provide a good amount of knowledge to the students and their classroom, washrooms are not in good condition so it is the main disadvantage of the gov. School.

On the other hand, the private school provides knowledgeable content and extracurricular activities like sports, dancing, singing and many more with a good building condition, this is the advantage of the private school but the main disadvantage of these schools is the high fee that everyone can not afford that.

Sk Hossen said:   5 months ago
Hello friends.

I am glad to discuss this topic. I told my own experience that private Colleges are very bad for our education system because the private institution is a business education system. A private education system is a business system that is particularly recognized by a particular business. They admitted many students. The private education system is very bad our country's education system.

Shifa V Anvar said:   7 months ago
Hello all.

I have read your responses which also seem relevant.

According to me, the Government schools provide more autonomy and freedom. For holistic and big-picture thinkers it is necessary to have a space where they can freely ask doubts, frame creative and critical questions and prefer choices.

Forcing students with strict rules to make a perfect atmosphere as in private schools somewhat very difficult for these students.

So having an atmosphere which includes and considers every category of students matters where discipline and individuality are celebrated equally!

SainiSahab said:   8 months ago
Hello friends,

According to my knowledge, society needs both private schools and government schools or colleges. I also completed my schooling at a government school and doing my college at a government college. Talking about the infrastructure of government school and colleges are well. Government school and college teachers have better knowledge with experience of at least 10 to 15 years. But what is happening people need extracurricular activities like dance, karate, singing, sports, etc. All these things are in private colleges and schools with their high fees. It doesn't mean that government colleges don't have these activities in their college.

The motive of government schools and colleges is; that people from low backgrounds can also study and gain knowledge from the best teachers.

At last, I want to say that society needs both government and private schools. Those parents who belong to a higher background sent their children to private school and government school for low background peoples.

Sanjeeta said:   10 months ago
According to me, private schools are good because they provide us with all facilities. They do their level best to provide us with everything that is important for our education.

Raushan Kumar said:   10 months ago
Hello Everyone,

According to me, Private Institutes are good only. Because of the facility and resources we'll get there we can't get in a government institute. It doesn't mean that government institute doesn't have resources and facilities. But the maintenance of the resources is very bad. If you require some extra resources we can easily get into private institutes. But in government institutes, there is no surety. students will get the resource or not. Or if they get a what time they we'll get.

I'm not denying the high fee rate of the private institutes. But those students can efford private institutes are good.

Advantages of Private Educational Institutions:

Quality of Education: Private educational institutions often have a better reputation for academic excellence and offer more challenging and rigorous programs than public institutions.

Smaller Class Sizes: Private institutions often have smaller class sizes, which can provide students with more individualized attention from their instructors.

Flexibility: Private institutions have more flexibility to develop their curriculum, teaching methods, and student services. This can provide students with a more personalized and tailored learning experience.

Better Facilities: Private institutions often have better facilities, resources, and equipment than public institutions, which can enhance the learning experience.

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