Private Educational Institutions: Good or Bad

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Advantages of Private Educational Institutions:

Quality of Education: Private educational institutions often have a better reputation for academic excellence and offer more challenging and rigorous programs than public institutions.

Smaller Class Sizes: Private institutions often have smaller class sizes, which can provide students with more individualized attention from their instructors.

Flexibility: Private institutions have more flexibility to develop their curriculum, teaching methods, and student services. This can provide students with a more personalized and tailored learning experience.

Better Facilities: Private institutions often have better facilities, resources, and equipment than public institutions, which can enhance the learning experience.

Kiran kumar naik said:   5 days ago
According to my knowledge about Private schools good than government schools because there is providing good faculties and they make the students disciplined and follow rules and regulations.

But there is a disadvantage also it means there is a lot of pressure, tuition fee increases rapidly and the cost of materials is more, I can say it means its a business private school.

Scl said:   2 weeks ago
Private schools are better than government schools because they obey the rules and regulations and are more strict but government schools do not do that.

If case government school staffs all obey the rules and regulations it creates new revaluation.

Gupta shreyansh said:   2 months ago
Hello friends,

As per my opinion, society needs both government schools or colleges as well as private institutes too. I had done my schooling at a private school but higher studies at a government college. And I can feel that government to provide better facilities for the development of students as well as the betterment of teachers. I don't know why every time government schools and colleges become targets and topics of discussion in society regarding their poor management. At the college from where I completed my graduation, I got supportive professors and a good education environment.

The object of government is to provide education and promote it in backward area of society so that everyone get education at fare rate. But nowadays people need extra curriculum activities like dance, karate, sports, along with education. And that are offered by private schools with charging higher fees so people feel that private institutions are performing better then government do.

So for those who can't afford high fees of private institutions, for them government school and colleges are like something is better then nothing.

And for those who are blessed with money can enjoy their studies at private institutions. That is why society need both government and private institutions.

Anuj G said:   2 months ago
Hello Everyone,

I put my opinion on government school or colleges.

I am a student of government college of engineering. I observe when students put their problem for any resources requirement, higher authority said that yes yes solve your problem within days ok. After one month ago they lost all memory about resources that mentioned by the students. But I don't know its a college professor problem or our government problem.

Some Government college display facility on college site but actually that facility not in college campus when we will visit the campus.

Its a real situation I faced on my college. I want to say for the government college management team if you not provided then don't show towards people on college site.

Its all are happened in my engineering life I see lot of real life example related to government college.

Teaching and any other is good. I learned lot of from my college government.

Shivdayal prasad said:   10 months ago
Private educational institutions is Good but government educational institutions must try for the best. We can easily distinguish between private or government educational institutions which one is good or bad.

ADARSH said:   2 years ago
Hello Folks.

In this era, education is expensive because it is becoming more expensive day by day.

So here, I am sharing my views on this topic.

1) Education is one of the most important necessities in this time, without education human-like an animal. Education gives you thought processes and enhances your thinking skills, body language, etc.

2) These days private institutions providing every type of facility to students and taking a big amount of money, so this is very much challenging for common people to give this amount.

3) You can get every type of best facilities in a private college, schools and universities like a library, swimming pool, playing ground, best sanitation, etc.

4) Private institute is best for the availability of the best infrastructure and good placement.

5) In govt school, you can't easily get anything there is no facility for the students. Students have to do struggle to get the things.

6) But India is not a developed country. Most of the students are poor so it is very much difficult to take admission in a private organization.

Abhinandan kumar said:   2 years ago
Hi everyone, in my opinion, private schools good compare to government schools because there are many factors:

(1) It provided English medium education and good education.
(2) It provided infrastructure sports.
(3) It provided how to discipline.

But all people are not sent to private school because of the very high salary.

Aarthi Ilangovan said:   2 years ago

According to my point of view, I go with bad i.e. private institution cause Government educational institution provides free Education, transport facility, Laptop to students despite their poverty but in the private educational institution we will be sent out if we don't have money and also education is wealth it's not a marketing product like when you give money I give you education and now private institution has made it.

Hasibullah said:   2 years ago
Hi, l am Hasib, in my opinion around the world governments education is good because their documents are better than private schools and they also have good teachers and good rooms private education just give more money.

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