Private Educational Institutions: Good or Bad

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Samyuktha said:   4 years ago
Hi, this is Samyuktha.

Thanks for giving a chance. In my point of view, private institutions are somewhat good and bad.

The advantages of these institutions are they provide a quality education to the students. They provide communication skills from childhood onwards. They provide all the facilities for the students.

They are under the strict rules and instructions. So they keep the students in a perfect way.

They are having the good faculty members. They are under maintenance and control.

The main disadvantage of these institutions is they are having the more fees payments. So poor people cannot bear those fees payments.

So, I conclude that when these institutions make fees payments suitable for the poor people and these institutions will be more useful for the future generation.

Vikas soni said:   6 years ago
Hello friends,

From my point of view, govt education is better than the private education. We know that there are very problem in the government school like a toilet, fan, good discipline etc. But it's the base of the education in India because in India approx 70% of the population live in villages and they all aren't able to pay private institutes. Government Colleges are very well then the private colleges. They have good faculties, labs, and study plan to improve the knowledge of students.

The degree from government Colleges is more valuable than privates.

The private colleges are very well in terms of providing the degree to any type of students. It doesn't matter that what can do the students with this degree. I think, in higher education private colleges destroy your future. They don't provide good faculties, labs, training etc. While the fees submission is necessary at the time.

Finally, I have concluded that government Education is very well. For this, we have to study with more concentration and have to increase our labor for our better future.

Thank you.

Manoj Kumar said:   5 years ago
In my point of view, govt schools or colleges are better than private institutions.

I know that govt institution can't provide better infrastructure as compared to private.

But it allows the student to think in creative manner as well as spontaneously. I agree that the govt school or college student may lack in their English language. But it is not a big deal for them to learn because of the environment and necessity they will learn by themselves so quickly.

Now, the matter is how will they think and lead the other people who is competitive with them. Private institution student can't think that widely. Their main is score marks or ranks.

Thank you.

Sadakshya Sharma said:   3 years ago
Hello friends,

In my opinion, private educational institutions is a good choice for many as we all know that private educational institutions have better facilities and a better environment than others.

They focus more on the practical knowledge of the students and provide a good future for many.

But as you all know everything has two sides good or bad and if we talk about the other side of the private educational institutions they have disadvantages too like their fees are high and not affordable for many peoples and many institutions only take the money and not provide good knowledge. So it has both advantages and disadvantages.

Manish malav said:   7 years ago
Good evening friends.

According to my point of view, private educational institutions are bad because of high fees. Today it becomes their business. They provides VIP facilities to the students like well furniture, air conditioner classes, wi-fi, hostels, functions etc. But all these facilities are not required for good education. So effect of it puts on poor student's parents. In most of the private schools teachers are not so trained as government teachers because government teachers have passed the competitive exams. Another bad thing in private school, they do not have well dressed for girls. Opposite to private institutions, in government education system teachers have knowledge, well trained. In government schools there is no fees, free food, free books, scholarship. Today in government School laptop, bicycle for girls etc. Are distributed to the top students. One good thing in govt school, they provides well dressed to the students. But today a lot of implementation is required in government schools like punctuality of teachers, proper classes, and well laboratories, library etc. For this, Indian government should be strict against the corruption.

Suchismita said:   6 years ago
In my point of view, govt educational institutions are better than private. Because education means not only the completion of syllabus course but also the extracurricular activities and learning manner, behavior, physically and mentally activities etc. And all these things which can make a student a perfect human being is possible in govt Institute. The students in private school have not good manners.

Sapna said:   4 years ago
Thanks for giving a chance. Both are institution are good. Private schools provide us enough facilities but education depends upon basic knowledege. Truly the govt Schools do not give us enough facilities but there is an experienced teacher are give us basic knowledge which is profitable for us. But the main thing depends upon the student how he and she takes the education if he/she is really focusing for there studies so doesn't matter private and govt School and colleges they make their future own.

ADARSH said:   2 years ago
Hello Folks.

In this era, education is expensive because it is becoming more expensive day by day.

So here, I am sharing my views on this topic.

1) Education is one of the most important necessities in this time, without education human-like an animal. Education gives you thought processes and enhances your thinking skills, body language, etc.

2) These days private institutions providing every type of facility to students and taking a big amount of money, so this is very much challenging for common people to give this amount.

3) You can get every type of best facilities in a private college, schools and universities like a library, swimming pool, playing ground, best sanitation, etc.

4) Private institute is best for the availability of the best infrastructure and good placement.

5) In govt school, you can't easily get anything there is no facility for the students. Students have to do struggle to get the things.

6) But India is not a developed country. Most of the students are poor so it is very much difficult to take admission in a private organization.

Jyj.Lakshman said:   6 years ago
My point of view. Education is not depends gov &private it depends only environment &a good faculty &our parent's. The main important thing is a student should concentrate on studies that's it.

HARIOM said:   7 years ago
Good or bad.

According to my point of view, Private institutions are playing a brilliant role in the study as well as culture programs, sports, curricular activities and many other things.

Now we can see all higher English medium schools are not providing only book knowledge but they are also providing technical knowledge, practical knowledge that is very important for the brain development.

All teachers in a private institute are doing work hard but in the Government Institute, only a small amount of the teachers are playing their role.

They even forget what they should do, They only waiting for their monthly income and enjoy with it.

And many Govt. Schools haven't a good building and a good classroom.

But some of the Govt institutes are brilliant that are doing well like "govt school of kota, dadabari" giving a merit from 12 class every year.

So I am not saying that all govt institute are bad but I am saying that they have the ability to become a very good institute if they want.

And I am sure if every govt institute thinks about my last point that the day will not more far when the dream of Mr. Narendra Modi will become true about A BRILLIANT INDIA.

Thank you for appreciating my points.

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