Private Educational Institutions: Good or Bad

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Jacyard said:   9 years ago
Government schools students go to coaching centre for coaching, if private schools are imparting good education then why the students of private schools go to coaching centre. So it is better than government schools are far better than private schools.

Sumit sinha said:   9 years ago
Hi friends.

According to me government school is better because there all the students can makes bright future only in the govt school. The poor students can study in govt school who can not afford high fees and donation. The govt school takes minimum fees and give high education to the students.

The teacher of govt school they are very well qualify and they have good think that how to teach to the students. The teacher of the govt school pay attention on the students. The govt students get good marks in the examination. The students of govt school do respect of the teachers. There are held many types of programme.

Raj majhi said:   9 years ago
I thing private school is more better than government school. Because of in there government school there is lots of student and teacher are limited so its is difficult to teacher to teach will manner to individual student and also forces to individual. But in private school their are limited student that's why they though well. This is my view.

SHRUTI said:   9 years ago
Hello friends.

I think both government and private school are good and most important thing that gain good marks is totally depend on child if he/she have interest to doing study so they gain good marks even there is no facility to them but they have power to do something.

I don't know it is right and wrong but it is my thinking.

Thank you.

Pradeep Chandel said:   9 years ago
Hello guys,

In point of view quality education is important either we get it from private or govt institutions. But in current days qualities of govt schools decreasing day by day due to lacking of teachers and who teaches in government schools are more lazy than private teacher because private teacher has a fear of loosing his job that's why he always tries to give their best honestly.

Despite of good qualities of private institutions I give preference to government school because it is a platform where every child like poor or rich have a equal chance to grow up and to make their future bright, and government should pay attention to improving the qualities of these institutes.


Sukhdeep Singh said:   9 years ago
Hello friends,

As everyone agrees that educational institutions are meant to be source of guiding students to their aim and give a better social life. But condition is different today. Today, the faculty provided by the government and as well the private institutions is good but the infrastructure provided by government institutes is not at par with private institutions.

But the private institutions are now just epitome of fetching more and more money from students but the study and degree provided has no value in market. On other hand, the governmental institutes are good in providing better livelihood after education as has value in market though it also depends upon students.

The etiquette and moral values are no longer part of the education in these institutes for better placement and livelihood +1 for government institutes.

Haja Maideen A said:   9 years ago
I'm my point of view, government schools are more better than private schools but the teachers are spoiled government schools name. Compare to private schools staffs, the government schools teachers are very lazy, don't care about students. They are working or not working but they are got the salary correct.

Our government is care about government schools. If government is start to care about government schools. Automatically teachers are teach well and care about students. Some students are very poor. Don't money to join private schools. If government is care about government schools, it is very useful for poor students.

Harish dhavle said:   9 years ago
My opinion private schools are better then government school.

We can see Government schools students they have a no manners they always use abuse words anywhere anytime and also in the school and class. Slowly that why government school atmosphere not good main problem of decline.

But private school student student very good. And they are communication with each other very good. Because government school atmosphere very strict and also they are student to that are all activities in the decline. So I want to give a importance to private education.


Raj said:   9 years ago
According to my point of view at the school level education The private schools are better than the government school, Because the infrastructure and teaching staff of private school is better than the government school. Teachers of private school is much more active compared to government schools Teacher. They provide better education and They gives home work to student. Therefore, in most of the Board examination private school provide better result and more no. of merits in the state.

But for graduation or higher education level government institutes are much better than the private institutes. For example IITs, IIMs, AIIMS, NITs, IIITs and medical colleges which is far more better than most of private institutes or colleges. Placement of these colleges is far better than the private colleges.

Thanks to all of you.

Vasanti said:   9 years ago
I think private institutes are better than government institute. Today the competition is very high and every student want to be part of all competition and achieve their goal. Private institute provide the knowledge and also grove the platform for every student. In the governments institute lacking in providing this thinks. So government school student not able to achieve there goal like convent student.

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