Private Educational Institutions: Good or Bad

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Sakha said:   6 years ago
Hello, Friends, this is Sakha. With your opinions shared, I would like to add that private educational institutions are administered by nongovernment bodies and they retain the right to select students for admission and they are fully or partly funded by student's tuition fees and they don't rely on government's taxation. The aim for private educational institutions is profit but not imparting the knowledge necessary for students to behave properly in the society, they only focus on making students score high and top the charts and make their institutions superior to others to gain more profit and recognition. They make wrong use of the limited seat availability in government institutions and charge high tuition fees. Not all private institutions are considered as bad but there are some institutions led by greatly responsible educationalists who faced the problems studying at government institutions, caste-based reservation system and want to impart better knowledge, facilities, and ethics to students. Government institutions put large number of students to fit in a single class due to improper infrastructure or faculty which would be difficult for the faculty to address each student's doubts. Coming to private institutions they provide they provide flexible classes and infrastructure, providing a good environment to students. I conclude the discussion by suggesting that educational institutions should not be discriminated by private or government but should focus on overall development of students and teach them ethics to behave properly in society.

Sukanya Rishishwar said:   4 years ago
Hi everyone, I am agree with you all I want to add some points here government schools in India are not adequate enough to provide education for total no of students of our country. Moreover they dnt have that much resources to fulfill the technological advancement and overall development of the student who can afford better education. In addition to that the government school teachers are not that much proactive in fulfilling their duty they show lethargic attitude towards students and hence degrade the quality of education of the govt institute. Even the children of govt teachers are studying in private institute because they know the standard of education they are providing to students. Moreover it has became a trend for every parents that they dnt want to spend time with their own child to help them in his or her studies so the tuition culture is rising. Every student whether he or she studying in pvt school or govt school need tuition. Tuition after having a school is compulsory and trend for every child. If the private schools are charging huge amount of fee their students should not have need tuition apart from school study. Private education are good as it helps to improve the education level of our country because govt school are not adequate. Bt the fees structure and the tuitions culture does not justify the education given in the private institutes.

Gupta shreyansh said:   4 months ago
Hello friends,

As per my opinion, society needs both government schools or colleges as well as private institutes too. I had done my schooling at a private school but higher studies at a government college. And I can feel that government to provide better facilities for the development of students as well as the betterment of teachers. I don't know why every time government schools and colleges become targets and topics of discussion in society regarding their poor management. At the college from where I completed my graduation, I got supportive professors and a good education environment.

The object of government is to provide education and promote it in backward area of society so that everyone get education at fare rate. But nowadays people need extra curriculum activities like dance, karate, sports, along with education. And that are offered by private schools with charging higher fees so people feel that private institutions are performing better then government do.

So for those who can't afford high fees of private institutions, for them government school and colleges are like something is better then nothing.

And for those who are blessed with money can enjoy their studies at private institutions. That is why society need both government and private institutions.

HARIOM said:   7 years ago
Good or bad.

According to my point of view, Private institutions are playing a brilliant role in the study as well as culture programs, sports, curricular activities and many other things.

Now we can see all higher English medium schools are not providing only book knowledge but they are also providing technical knowledge, practical knowledge that is very important for the brain development.

All teachers in a private institute are doing work hard but in the Government Institute, only a small amount of the teachers are playing their role.

They even forget what they should do, They only waiting for their monthly income and enjoy with it.

And many Govt. Schools haven't a good building and a good classroom.

But some of the Govt institutes are brilliant that are doing well like "govt school of kota, dadabari" giving a merit from 12 class every year.

So I am not saying that all govt institute are bad but I am saying that they have the ability to become a very good institute if they want.

And I am sure if every govt institute thinks about my last point that the day will not more far when the dream of Mr. Narendra Modi will become true about A BRILLIANT INDIA.

Thank you for appreciating my points.

Kim said:   8 years ago
The negative side of education of the government now a day is that that they accommodate more enrolls but they have lesser time to have good quality teaching. The government already implemented two sessions per day due to have an over populated society. However, more students that the teacher wouldn't be able to evaluate them individually due to lack of time and how they will be able to learn more from each topic that they discuss If they have less time to talk about it. On the other hand one of the main reasons why the government implemented this kind of policy is due to puberty.

Based on my observation not all individual students can't easily absorb of what they have tackled that they most especially on major subjects. It really needs time for them to catch-up easily the topic. Yes, it is okay with those smart students but how about those slow learner students? Have they ever thought about it? I guess no, because they just think about how they can accommodate more students just to go to school without wondering if the students could learn more and can learn easily. That is the poorest thing that we encountering in the education of the government right now.

Rahul dubey said:   6 years ago
In my point of view, both government and private institute are good, because in nowadays both have specific importance in the society. But in point of choosing one then government one is far better than private one because the teachers those who are teaching at government school they are well educated and because they have to qualify the many exams to became the govt. School teachers. If the teacher is well educated then the student will be also educated. Because teacher can make the student's future bright and also he can make the future dark of them. And also nowadays all the facilities are available at the govt. School at the low cost. And also if the student's interest is not in study then he or she has chance to choose the sports or music or any other fields with the study which is not possible in private school. Because in private school if you did not scored 60-70%. In exam then you will able to continue your study at that institute, if you scored lower marks then you will not be able to continue your study.

So, govt. School is better than private school in fees, education opportunity for growing in any field or even facilities are also going good.

Manish malav said:   7 years ago
Good evening friends.

According to my point of view, private educational institutions are bad because of high fees. Today it becomes their business. They provides VIP facilities to the students like well furniture, air conditioner classes, wi-fi, hostels, functions etc. But all these facilities are not required for good education. So effect of it puts on poor student's parents. In most of the private schools teachers are not so trained as government teachers because government teachers have passed the competitive exams. Another bad thing in private school, they do not have well dressed for girls. Opposite to private institutions, in government education system teachers have knowledge, well trained. In government schools there is no fees, free food, free books, scholarship. Today in government School laptop, bicycle for girls etc. Are distributed to the top students. One good thing in govt school, they provides well dressed to the students. But today a lot of implementation is required in government schools like punctuality of teachers, proper classes, and well laboratories, library etc. For this, Indian government should be strict against the corruption.

Himanshu Tiwari said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone,

I am discussing the topic is private educational institutions are good or bad in my point of view we all know that every coin has two faces same as private educational institutions firstly, I would express my views on advantages :

1- Private educational institutions are providing better facilities and a good atmosphere.

2- Maintain discipline in the institute.

3- Means of transport facility is also provided by private educational institutions.

4- These types of institutions give chance in extracurricular activities likes in sport, singing, etc.

Now we also discuss the other hand is the disadvantages of private educational institutions.

1-Private institutions are created discrimination between government and private institutions.

2- Private educational institutions do not give chance to adapt oneself in institute because private institutions are charge very high so every people can not afford.

3- Many private institutions spend money on creativity not quality.

So, now, I conclude that if we have the potential to make ourselves better than we can study in any situation.

Thank you.

Hariom Tiwari said:   2 years ago
I am very glad to be the part of the GD.

Hello and Namaste to everyone.

In my opinion, the private school is good for rich students. Because in India Many people live under the poverty line so they are unable to pay the fees of private school. Their children don't get a good education. So they are always poor. So I think private school is made only rich people They especially focus on high fees. Whenever students do suicide due to fees. Because they want to study but they have no money to pay fees.

I think the Government school is only named if school. There is in high salary teacher but they don't like to teach the students. So Every person doesn't want to teach in a Government school. Because they know that Their teachers are not serious in teaching. So, I think there is a main role of Government to do so. Why Every person wants to teach their children in a private school if Education is free in India. This is a thoughtful matter. I am not against in private school but they should think about poor students who want to study but they have no money to pay their high fees.

Sanjay said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone, in my point of view, government education is good. In private schools the infrastructure and facilities are good. From beginning onwards, they are improving the skills of the students in every activity.

In government sector teachers give good knowledge to them. When the private schools entered, then parents attract for the infrastructure of the schools and they want to join their children in those schools. Even a poor person also try to send their children to private schools. Day by day private corporations increase their fee. It becomes a burden on parents. So we are trying to create awareness in parents and the government also provide the motivational and spontaneous events in government schools every week. Because it's our money to give salaries for teachers. We have to utilize our money. We ask what we want and do what we think.

To reduce this private then we reduced the parent's burden also. The main thing is there are so many prestigious persons are there. If they send their children to government schools then automatically everyone sends. Thank you.

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