Private Educational Institutions: Good or Bad

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Hariom Tiwari said:   2 years ago
I am very glad to be the part of the GD.

Hello and Namaste to everyone.

In my opinion, the private school is good for rich students. Because in India Many people live under the poverty line so they are unable to pay the fees of private school. Their children don't get a good education. So they are always poor. So I think private school is made only rich people They especially focus on high fees. Whenever students do suicide due to fees. Because they want to study but they have no money to pay fees.

I think the Government school is only named if school. There is in high salary teacher but they don't like to teach the students. So Every person doesn't want to teach in a Government school. Because they know that Their teachers are not serious in teaching. So, I think there is a main role of Government to do so. Why Every person wants to teach their children in a private school if Education is free in India. This is a thoughtful matter. I am not against in private school but they should think about poor students who want to study but they have no money to pay their high fees.

Himanshu Tiwari said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone,

I am discussing the topic is private educational institutions are good or bad in my point of view we all know that every coin has two faces same as private educational institutions firstly, I would express my views on advantages :

1- Private educational institutions are providing better facilities and a good atmosphere.

2- Maintain discipline in the institute.

3- Means of transport facility is also provided by private educational institutions.

4- These types of institutions give chance in extracurricular activities likes in sport, singing, etc.

Now we also discuss the other hand is the disadvantages of private educational institutions.

1-Private institutions are created discrimination between government and private institutions.

2- Private educational institutions do not give chance to adapt oneself in institute because private institutions are charge very high so every people can not afford.

3- Many private institutions spend money on creativity not quality.

So, now, I conclude that if we have the potential to make ourselves better than we can study in any situation.

Thank you.

Sadakshya Sharma said:   3 years ago
Hello friends,

In my opinion, private educational institutions is a good choice for many as we all know that private educational institutions have better facilities and a better environment than others.

They focus more on the practical knowledge of the students and provide a good future for many.

But as you all know everything has two sides good or bad and if we talk about the other side of the private educational institutions they have disadvantages too like their fees are high and not affordable for many peoples and many institutions only take the money and not provide good knowledge. So it has both advantages and disadvantages.

Suraj Karmakar said:   3 years ago
Hello friends.

In my points of view, both are good. Private as well as government institutions. It depends upon the mentality of the students.

Thank you.

Shobhit Saxena said:   3 years ago
Hi everyone,

As per my Opinion, Private Educational Institutions are good as well as bad in somewhat way.

If we talk about Education then it's the best place to get a good quality of Education. They provide many facilities for students like the library to study and many more.

These institutions have a good discipline as far as I know. They are abiding by strict rules and regulations that's the reason the student or the candidate gets a better understanding of how discipline matters in life to get Sucess.

The only Disadvantage I know about these Institutions as they put a huge amount of fees from the student and it's not possible for everyone to pay such a huge amount.

Saikiran said:   3 years ago
Private education is good but sometimes students feel a lot of stress some times health problems aspects in a student young age but education is important in our depending on student I think private and gov school both are same so any school or college choose your depending behaviour.

Megha Landge said:   4 years ago
I think that the private education is sometimes Good because the student who are seat in class sometimes that student doesn't understand the activity or student not listen carefully which happening in class if student pay attention in school or college that student not need to go any private classes or education but some are also there who are learn very quickly all thing which is not by in other environments because they pay something for that education and also the student which are poor in study so they need to go private education to improve their skills.

Samyuktha said:   4 years ago
Hi, this is Samyuktha.

Thanks for giving a chance. In my point of view, private institutions are somewhat good and bad.

The advantages of these institutions are they provide a quality education to the students. They provide communication skills from childhood onwards. They provide all the facilities for the students.

They are under the strict rules and instructions. So they keep the students in a perfect way.

They are having the good faculty members. They are under maintenance and control.

The main disadvantage of these institutions is they are having the more fees payments. So poor people cannot bear those fees payments.

So, I conclude that when these institutions make fees payments suitable for the poor people and these institutions will be more useful for the future generation.

Dipak nanasaheb gunjal said:   4 years ago
I think the private institution are good because they provide all the facility to student like the sport, aptitude, various training, and there also well-teaching staff are available, and one major thing is the control over the institute are very strictly to increase goodwill, and also if you see the nowadays the private institution very fast growing in India.

As per my opinion, private institution are good for bright future of a student.

Prasanna M said:   4 years ago
According to my point of view, private school are better than government school because private school students can learn advanced skills and acquire knowledge fast and private school students have a command in languages and a very important thing is they can learning the English because now a days English is a language used by all the organization because English is communication language throughout the world private education school is good because private school students show the discipline and give respect to authorities and nowadays around 90% parents are searching a good school for his/her child education because nowadays all are asking about their school names because it matters statues of the family and child.

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