Our Culture is Decaying

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Ammu Nair said:   5 years ago
Hi everyone,

To start with, I wonder how many of us actually spent time understanding the depth of our culture, to even judge if its even decaying or not.

Yes, we do have the freedom to choose and adapt to what is suitable for us, but don't you think we deserve to know the reason or in other words, the science behind every tradition and culture, as we term it?

Each place or state or district in our nation has its own beautiful tradition. Least do we realise the science and benefits of it? Every tradition and culture is designed on the bases of the land, climate/season, crops grown etc. But for the people to strongly believe it. They created stories so we connect to these traditions religiously.

As the youth of current times, we are not told the reasons why or the science behind every ritual or tradition, therefore, we question on why to follow them and refuse to follow them too!

I strongly believe we need to be understood about our land and cultures in more depth so we wholeheartedly choose to follow it than being imposed to follow it.

We are blessed with the most beautiful nation. Let us all together preserve its beauty with a genuine heart.

Thank you.

Arup Kumar saha said:   6 years ago
Hi, everyone.

I agree that our culture is decaying because we neglect our culture and tradition and we are not following it. Now we are adopting the western culture blindly without knowing whether it is good or bad. We have adopted the western culture like live together, open relationship and having sex before marriage which is not good for our society and our children. Adopting these culture is responsible for increasing the crime rate.

If we want to live happily, we have to bring our culture back. We should make awareness program so that people can understand the greatness of our culture and tradition. We should respect and follow our culture. And I am not saying that we should not adopt the western culture, but we should respect their culture and should accept their culture only if that is good for our society.

Sukanya said:   6 years ago
Hi everyone,

I would like to add few points on "Indian culture is decaying". Well, we all have grown up seeing our customs and enjoying our traditions like festivals, marriages and even few superstitions. Our culture is well placed and protected in our blood. However, we get to experience much more of diverse cultures nowadays due to sources like media, social gatherings, international competitions and so on. We need to catch up with the growing India.

There are many more things to see outside our culture which spread positiveness and inspiration among the youth of the society. There is no harm in welcoming few legitimate customs which can enhance our well being, I suppose. Thus, I would say that instead of arguing on protecting our culture and integrity, let us embrace the good things from various cultures while respecting our own heritage.

Thank You.

Rajdeep kumar said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone.

My name is Rajdeep Kumar.

Today we're going to discuss our culture is decaying.

Yes, nowadays Our culture is decaying day by day because of Western influences I don't say Western is not good.

We can see around us many things is changing because of westernization.

1. Like people don't like live in a joints family.

2. We can see mostly children doesn't like to play outdoor games like kho kho kabaddi hickey they prefer video game or indoor games.

3. Youth attract Western clothes like jeans pants etc they are forgetting Indian culture dress.

4. Also, most of the girls doesn't like saree etc they like Western clothes like jeans and small dress.

Conclusion:- in my opinion, nowadays Our culture is decaying day by day because of westernization. I don't say Western culture is not good but our Indian culture is one of the best cultures in the world we should not forget it.

So, I would like to say our Indian culture is the best.

Thank you, everyone.

Jai Hind.

Vij said:   7 years ago
If we want to talk about the culture we must talk about the people. People these days have become more self centred, vain, unsympathetic to others and extremely selfish. The younger generation is only concerned about getting more likes on their next selfie or getting more followers on Facebook. It has become a constant need to project a positive image of oneself on social media. Everyone these days seem to imagine themselves as some kind of a mini celebrity, taking images of mundane things like what they are doing, what they are eating, where they are going, how they feel and posting it on social media. I mean really nobody cares because everyone is busy publishing their own daily lives. These days you visit any major landmark or tourist place you will see hordes of people taking selfies in front of places of interest and uploading these photos on social media. Their only concern seems to be to show other people that they were there and had fun. Meanwhile nobody seems to really care about or enjoy the natural beauty or historical and cultural significance of the place. These days everyone wants to be rich and famous and there is a general feeling that if other people are not talking about you somewhere someplace than you are just not doing it right. You talk with any person and the only thing they want to talk about is themselves, about how good they are, always trying to establish the fact that they are somewhat above you. While walking the streets you see people dressed up in the latest fashion apparel wearing a stern expression on their faces, all the while constantly trying to get other people to look at them, admire them and give them attention. This extreme self obsession, shameless self promotion and selfishness has made people extremely unsympathetic and insensitive to others. Everybody seems to think that they are somewhat better than others in terms of looks, character and personality and that they are exceptional. This inflated perception of oneself has created a situation where nobody really likes anyone anymore because everybody thinks they are better than the rest. This has devastated relationships as people are finding it really hard to maintain friendships, family relationships or even marriages. The human bonding that is the hallmark of a vibrant culture and a healthy society is steadily evaporating. And since people don't really like each other and don't want to come together and work in groups they have less civic engagement and lower political participation than any previous group. There are no healthy public discussions only arguments and labelling. Hence we find the public to be silent about the various issues that are affecting our country, our society, and our family.

Ashi said:   5 years ago
Obviously, our culture is totally decaying nowadays. Nobody follows and respect their own culture. Today all like only Western culture, Western foods and western dresses. This not meant I am against western culture. It's our responsibility to protect our culture and bring it to the next generation. Our culture is a precious thing. It's not a matter if you are protecting our culture or not, but don't spoil it.

Pankaj pandey said:   7 years ago
Our culture is not decaying even we are decaying. Culture is ok in their place but what about mentally about culture its a matter. We don't know about culture because our parents don't know about the festival and culture of India.

I want to give an example of The Bhagavad Gita.

You know that gita is a necessary part of Indian Court. A victim take oath to prouf himself in the front of judge even they don't know about gita sar. Just think that how the victim (thief ; rapist; muderr etc) know about gita even the school teacher don't know very well about gita.

This is a just an example of our ignorance. Culture is good and pure but we are not able to follow the Indian culture.

Shibnath Mukhopadhyay said:   7 years ago
Yes, our culture is decaying day by day. Mainly we are responsible for this decaying. If any of our Indian can adopt something from west, he or she takes pride for it. And in same case, if he had some ancient cultures due to good family background he or she tried hard to hide the fact from others and feel ashamed. In every part of our culture like music, movie, language are decaying. We thought that if one knows good English then he is very educated. Bt if inspite of huge knowledge in other fields only for weakness in English he or she is ignorant of us. This is our ignorance. Many words of English has been adapted from Sanskrit-our most ancient language. The most astonishing thing is that we are talking about how western culture decaying our culture and we are giving or compelled to give our opinion in English language.

Nandhini said:   7 years ago
Yes our culture is being spoiled. But only by us.

We are the one who is adopting western culture. First of all, we should have respect to our culture, then we will not even think about adopting western culture. We think that western culture is better than our culture. But the truth is that, weatern culture is really simple and easy to follow whereas Indians' is bit tough to follow. As we prefer not strain too much for our culture we go for western culture and we also name it modernization, which is really cause by our laziness. As a matter of fact, western people don't celebrate Diwail, Pongal, then why do we have to celebrate valentine's day? As a citizen of Indian we have greatest responsibility to reform our culture.

Payal said:   7 years ago
Yes, I think our culture is decaying and it's not only about the clothes we wear but also many other things. Less than 40 percent youth is aware today about Sanskrit language which is one of the purest languages in world. In food interests, youngsters are more interested in burgers, pizza and coke even after knowing how harmful it is. Children spend most of their childhood with video games. Concept of joint family is vanishing. People prefer to say "bye" and "hello" rather than namaste and touching elder's feet.

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