Our Culture is Decaying

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Sakshi said:   9 years ago
Hey guys I m Sakshi I don't know why we all are just stick to one topic and that is "dressing sense". I mean why?

As time changes our mind change, our view changes similarly our dressing sense change so why debt on this topic.

Pooja said:   9 years ago
Hi friends.

Firstly I want to say that westernization is not modernization. In my point of view our culture is much better than any culture in the world. To follow western countries and to become modern are two different things. To follow western countries, it doesn't mean to follow dress code. It means to follow in all directions like in science and technology, infrastructure, improvement in rural areas etc.

Alok khurana said:   9 years ago
Hai friends,

I agree with this. As when birth officials attacked once in our country they made Indians their slaves and made them forget their own culture. So it also applies here as we our not able to recognize the culture of our county and our society.

Example : Nowadays English speaking is must who ever speaks fluent English is treated as as an educated and high society person but people have forgotten that hard work and education is even required to study Hindi.

Lakshmi said:   9 years ago
Hi friends, in my point of view only some culture are decaying like in our food habit we prefer fast foods rather than our normal food. And also our arts (kalai) like dance, music etc is changed a lot. We won't like to hear/see our cultural dances and dramas.

But some habits are still followed like women's crazy to wear ornaments. From early days to now-a-days women like to wear gold ornaments.

Sharmila said:   9 years ago
Hi friends,

In my point of view, we are adopting the western culture (like their way dressing, food habits, etc). But our way of thinking is not changed till now. All other countries are following our culture but we are not seeing the beauty of our culture. We should save our culture from decaying. By saying the glory and beauty of our culture.

To our children (the younger generation). India is the mixture of different cultures and traditions. What we adopt from western or other countries it should be useful and benefit for the welfare of our country.

I am very proud to be an INDIAN.

Helena said:   9 years ago
Hi everybody, I'm a Nigerian girl, frankly speaking I must say that modernization or civilization is not make our culture especially in African countries, Nigeria to be precise it has inculcate too much of bad attitude into our way of life, in term of dressing, respect for elders, and so on. Its really terrible.

Sana said:   9 years ago

Culture is not something like our dressing sense or our food or anything like that. Culture is our way of relating, connecting to our world and the living things around us. The way we behave, the way we feel about things, the way we react to things. We still do love and respect our parents, our teachers and our elders. There is a lot of passion for dance and music in us.

Muneeb Rashid said:   9 years ago
Hi I am Muneeb.

It has been wisely said that if a country loses his culture the country lost his everything. Our culture is our id, we are known by our culture it is our responsibility to save our culture from being getting decayed.

Nikhil said:   9 years ago
Hi this is Nikhil.

I think that the culture is for the people, people are not for the culture. So the thing which is wrong in our culture, that must be reformed and same thing we are doing with our culture. We are just adopting only those things from the western culture, which is good for us.

Example: Our old culture says that we should not allow our girls to study but that is not good for us so we just reformed it.

Our old culture also says that we should respect our elders and we are doing. Yes, I accept it that the way of respecting has been changed but we are doing.

Swara said:   9 years ago
Indian culture gives us lots of different people, caste, race and everything and also getting to learn lots of different things at ice. Where as in foreign country you won't get to learn many things. There life will be like a machine. The only thing you get to learn is just culture, religion, every one out of there. So learn to love our country.

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